Comical Shots from TV and Film when Paused - The Repausing - Part 2

The Return; The Repausing!

Seeing as part 1 - which never was meant to be a part of anything, people just liked the page - was a hit and was liked. I thought I would make a part 2!

You can see much the same of what you can see in the other part: paused moments that make the actors and actresses look funny when they are not meant to.

I have to say, this idea - or these pictures, which are totally randomly caught - would NOT work with any Jim Carrey films, mainly because it turns the actors and actresses into him!

Jackie - House of Cards

Jackie seems to be enjoying this moment but as I recall she was getting annoyed about something. I know I got annoyed when the phone rang and interrupted my viewing pleasure!

Lisa - Six Feet Under

Lisa ranting about a friend who has just left with her husband. What she is talking about is pretty sexual so, I won't say it here. I think she is somewhat disgusted. Her husband next to her - wonder what he is dreaming about..

Walter - Breaking Bad

I don't think anyone ever looks all that great when brushing their teeth. From a faultless TV show, this is simply comedy and not mockery.

Walt brushes his teeth as the world is soon to be his. Well, Albuquerque.

Nate - Six Feet Under

Okay, this one is not too great. I looked alright at the time though. It has something funny about it though!

Skyler - Breaking Bad

Even though Skyler looks angry, she is in fact happy. I have to say, if - or rather, when - they finally make a movie about Courtney Love's life.. I think I know who is going to get the job as playing her..

Hank - Breaking Bad

Okay, so it seems like I am picking on the folks from Breaking Bad, I am not, it is just the way the pause has been happening.

"Bondsh, Jamesh Bondsh"

Marie - Breaking Bad

Okay, I am picking on the cast of Breaking Bad... No really I am not! It is the pause button and the text I received when pausing this shot.

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