Community TV Show

Cast of Community on NBC
Cast of Community on NBC

What Is Community?

Community is the new half hour comedy on NBC about a group of people who return to Community college for various reasons.

At the center of the group is Jeff (played by Joel McHale) who is forced to return to Greendale community college to get his law degree again after his first was found to be fraudulent. Wanting to get close to one of the students Britta (played by Gillian Jacobs) he puts to together a fake study group to get closer to her even though none of the other students know that it’s a fake group.

Big name starts also feature in the cast including Chevy Chase who plays Pierce (and who I think will be absolutely brilliant in the role).

Community is directed by Joe and Anthony Russo (Arrested Development).

Community starts Fall 2009

Community Cast

  • Jeff - Joel McHale
  • Pierce - Chevy Chase
  • Abed - Danny Pudi
  • Britta - Gillian Jacobs
  • Duncan - John Oliver
  • Troy - Donald Glover
  • Shirley - Yvette Nicole Brown
  • Annie - Alison Brie

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Comments 7 comments

alekhouse profile image

alekhouse 7 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

Thanks for the Review, Traceye. Hadn't heard of this show. Think maybe I'll give it a try. Don't have time to watch a lot or TV, so have to be very discriminant about the shows I DO watch.

Katie 7 years ago

Does anyone know what the song on the preview is?

Erica 7 years ago

Katie - The song is by Matt & Kim, called "Good Ol' Fashioned Nightmare"

Katie 7 years ago


biff Brightly 7 years ago

I watched this last night.

It was so freakin funny. Maybe it was the weed, but I think it was so freakin funny.

Joel was great, Chevy was fat and great.

I loved it.

makemelaugh 7 years ago

I loved the 1st episode!!! It was funnier than I expected, and I had high hopes because I'm a fan of The Soup. The whole cast was very good, and Joel McHale was awesome. Loved the writing, the pace, everything! Can't wait until Thursdays now.

chris 6 years ago

I just watched eposide two and to be honest I have not laughed so hard for many years.

The show is great, i literally had tears running down my face, i was laughing so hard

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