Connecticut Paranormal Cops In The Spirit Of Giving

Paranormal Police in The Spirit of Giving For The Holidays

826 Paranormal / James Myers

Update January 2, 2010

The Holiday season a time for giving and caring of all young and old. .Stepping away from their dangerous patrol work and paranormal investigating, the East Coast Paranormal Police donated portions of the proceeds from their haunted tour they ran in October. . The tour included several haunted locations in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The final stop was a walking tour of the abandoned Poli Palace Theater. The ECPP was founded by Police Officer James Myers. Myers started off in high school 22 years ago taking photos of Urban Decay and Abandoned buildings. His interest lead to further training at Chamberlain School of Design and Paier College of Art in the graphic design field. Myers then joined the police department in 1998., where he started to get assignments searching very historical and abandoned buildings throughout the city. Myers always has his camera handy waiting for that once in a life time shot. People started to make comments about his photographs, stating that there were very unusual images appearing in his pictures. Myers researched the objects and realized he might be treading on the waters of the supernatural. He then started to investigate and research possible haunted locations for World famous ghost hunter Lorraine Warren. As time went on people started to take notice of 826 Paranormal , his trade name. Officers then started to come forward with their personal stories and experiences dealing with the paranormal .After noticing how many police officers where interested in the paranormal , he pulled together some of the best investigators ,and this is how the East Coast Paranormal Police was born.

The group is currently working with people from the A&E network on a possible TV show. Myers stated " We chose the Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc. COPS." This organization supports the families of fallen police officers in times of need. Myers stated " People can not imagine the pressure that is put on police families in it self." " We know every time we leave our families to go to work it might be the last time." Myers added " It is a hard ,but true fact, we never know if we are coming home." Using our fund-raising events with support of the local businesses and the City of Bridgeport ,we have a chance to give support to these families of the fallen officers..

The East Coast Paranormal Police are going to be running the haunted tour 2 times in 2010, The dates have not been chosen yet. The group is looking forward to making Halloween a city wide week long festival to raise money for some of the local charities.


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