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Human behaviors:

I am happy with the responses of people so far regarding a piece of article I chipped into craigslist. I am a regular reader of this social network. Not really do I go there for hunting but to learn about what is going on in our social life. I was reading from women who were advertizing themselves for long term relationship, marriage, and similar engagement. I was shocked by the use of words. I felt that when someone is looking for something good he or she must present himself or herself as a humble person. Unfortunately these individuals seemed to feel that being bold might attract more market than being humble. I felt it is wise enough to make an input perhaps my input could initiate corrective measure. Thirty minutes after I published my article, I was amazed that I started getting responses. The first one made me to laugh loud, the second was not better either but the third was written by a humble woman. Below are my post and a few of the responses. Responses I picked for publishing belong to three categories. The first is a direct attack on the writer, the second is true situation about individual differences of opinion and behavior while the third is an advise intended to redirect me to a better location. Unfortunately the adviser does not know that I was not looking.

Topic: “Where Women go Wrong”

One reason why most women don’t succeed in online catch is their use of words. I start to qualify a woman by the words she uses while advertising herself. Most women seem to be autocratic, arrogant and something more. Well! to men that think like me women of such behavior don’t worth keeping at home hence no long term relationship could work. Besides most of this type of women have divorced several times and claim to be reborn. Can any bad woman change in her life? Hell NOOOOOOOO.
Any woman looking for good must have to talk nicely no matter how the woman must have been offended in the past. If you cannot forget the past what would she gain going for another marriage only to divorce in few years or less. If a woman would not stay humble then she better wait until when she is ready for a good relationship. Perhaps, that time will be at the time of retiring for life when she really needs a person to look at her face and laugh at her like a joker.
Honestly I will ever respond to a woman who does not discriminate. Everyone must understand that some adults need to be retrained to suit one’s lifestyle because everyone was brought up differently. Some people do not know that even when a person is rich, that does not make him to be clean because the person might not possess coordinated mind. My point here is an arrogant woman should better live by herself to remain happy in life or always seek for partner and keep her life miserable. Some women think they are beautiful and so they can talk any how. I bet my audiences all women are beautiful and none is more beautiful than the other. What makes a woman beautiful is her attitude in addition to her facial look. Additional factors are her stature for those who care otherwise her ability to adapt to situations. A flexible woman is very diplomatic and beautiful at all times but being cunning at same time may back fire her. If anyone wants to know more about how men think about women turn in your words.

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First Response:

‘I think you need a psychotic help. No, no you are nut…what the fuck you are talking about’.

Third Response:

Listen I am a nice person. Infact I am looking for a nice guy. Please not everyone is bad and I will be glad to talk with you.

Fourth Response:

Fact is: 90% of Craigslist dating postings

are bots.

True: 5% of the actual sluts on craiglist are old and nasty

Truth: The other 5% of true chicks are slammin' hot and looking

to hook up. But they get so many messages that YOUR

email is likely to vanish in the flood

If you hope to meet genuine sluts, CRAIGSLISt is not

the place ...

No bullshit, just babes. Check TeenageAffairs(dot)com

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