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Group of cosplayers at Metrocon 2011
Group of cosplayers at Metrocon 2011


Welcome to the world of cosplay, relax, get a cup of tea and enjoy the trip. I have asked a few cosplayers i know some questions such as what cosplay is to them and the first cosplay they ever did. Their answers and some pictures are here. This is what they think individually, and you will be able to tell that they are all very dedicated and passionate about cosplay.

Miroku at Shadocon
Miroku at Shadocon


My friend Miroku (thats what he goes by) has this to say about cosplay; "My first cosplay was Miroku from Inuyasha (pictured above). Cosplay is all about having fun and dressing up as your favorite characters." He also makes cosplay props, rave outfits and all sorts of other things. Like most cosplayers you meet, hes also nice and funny.

Sebastian at Megacon
Sebastian at Megacon


Next cosplayer is Matt. Hes been cosplaying for almost 6 years and says his first cosplay was L from Death Note. " Cosplaying to me is at first just a hobby and once you get really into it its like your life and I lve it so much cause i can dress up and be silly any day and now I cosplay like at home for no reason so I say everyone should cosplay once in their life its fun being someone else." Some wise words from a long time cosplayer.

Nel and Halibel at Metrocon
Nel and Halibel at Metrocon

Other Cosplayers

Sarah: First cosplay was Tifa from FF7

Rei: First cosplay attempt was Rukia.

Sara: "Cosplay is definently something you must enjoy in your lifetime. All the people you meet are always so nice and you enjoy every minute of it."

Irashi: "Cosplay to me means a place where we can meet new friends, hang out and dress up as whatever character you like without getting judged and just have fun. Can also go anywhere either on your own or with a group of friends. Just basically a way to express yourself on what you love to do, dressing up and acting the role of the character."

As you can tell, most cosplayers say the same thing, that cosplay is fun.

Lucy at Metrocon 2011
Lucy at Metrocon 2011

Dont be serious

There are people who are out there that are so nit picky about how cosplayers should look. Some of my friends have told me that people tell them they cant cosplay a certain character cause of skin color or eye color. To me thats just ignorant. So what if you are pale and want to cosplay, say Yoruichi from Bleach? I say go for it, who cares what people think. The whole point of cosplay is to have fun and just be the character. Eye color shouldnt matter either. Ive also seen people say to others that they dont have the proper figure or body to cosplay a certain character. Well im sorry but not every girl has huge fake boobs like most anime girls, and not every guy looks girly and bishie.. The people who are so picky about how a cosplay SHOULD look are usually the ones that think they stand above all the others, with their nose held up high, and are hated by others.

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