Crave (2012)

Everyone day dreams now and then. The things each person dreams about are as different as the individuals. Yet I think it’s safe to say that most have at some point in their life dreamed or to be more accurate fantasized about being a hero and saving the day. For a few people, those who live in a heavy crime filled city would more likely day dream about putting a stop to crime and make there city better. Charles de Lauzirika’s first directional effort, Crave follows such a person, unfortunately that person is not much better than the criminals he so despises.

Crave follows lonely and socially awkward crime photographer Aiden (Josh Lawson) who witnesses violent acts on a daily bases. Because of his familiarity with how evil the world can be at time Aiden is constantly fantasizing about doing something about it, helping to make the world a better place. The only thing that is stopping him is his lack of confidence. All that changes though when he meets another tenant in his apartment Virginia (Emma Lung). He soon gets the confidents that he needs and starts something that turns his world upside down.

Crave had a lot of potential to be a good movie. Sure the plot isn’t very original as it’s been done before but I don’t think you can have too many vigilante movies. Instead this turned out to me a very awkward, bleak, and dull film. It brings nothing new to the table and just never turns into anything resembling a decent film. The best thing I can say about it is that Ron Perlman’s few scenes tend to give the movie an added boast in energy since everyone else seems to just be trudging along. The main fault of the movie lies with its main character Aiden and the screenplay.

What's the point?
What's the point?

For the first half of the movie Aiden is pretty much displayed as a coward. His inability to standup for himself makes him unsympathetic. Aiden is not only a coward but a misogynist. This comes out after he has meet Virginia. He’s treatment and utter disrespect for Virginia is reprehensible. This treatment of her is acknowledged in the movie as Virginia confronts Aiden about making her feel used and objectified. The scene is then made incredibly painful by Aiden blunt and reasonable response. Aiden is a character that would have been gone in the first 30 minutes of any other movie but instead he’s the main character in this movie. This makes it very hard to follow along with its story or even care about it.

The screenplay is a mess not only because it’s about an unlikable character but because it pointlessly follows him around doing nothing but acting like an ass. There is not one interested scene in the entire movie, everything is just flat and dull. That’s mainly because the film never knows what it wants to be, a character study of one of the most unlikable characters ever or a violent vigilante movie with one of the most unlikable characters ever.

Charles de Lauzirika first feature length film is unfortunately a mess. I hate to bash any film but I haven’t felt this much disappointment and confusion since Terry Gilliam’s Tideland. Crave is an extraordinarily frustrating film to watch. An unlikeable main character, a weak script that has been done better plenty of times before and a horrendous last act makes Crave a movie worth missing. There is nothing redeemable about Crave not even Perlman’s involvement could save this movie. I would not recommend this to anyone, 1 out of 5


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