Creative Uses for a Corkscrew

Oh that trusty old corkscrew. What useful tool it is for opening your wine bottle. It's a shame this unique looking tool has no other purpose is what many people think. Actually this handy little tool may have other purposes other than opening your wine bottle. There are also a couple of different styles of corkscrews used.

Although most wine drinkers will have their own corkscrew, they may have a simple basic one (which will definitely do the trick); you can choose to give these as gifts along with other wine accessories. A personalized corkscrew is a gift that will be always remembered and appreciated. Nothing will please a wine drinker more than a wine tote with a bottle of their favorite wine and a personalized corkscrew.

Speaking of personalized wine gifts and corkscrews, these make excellent wedding party gifts for wine-themed weddings. Many companies make different styles of corkscrews and will engrave and personalize them with your choice of words or names. In addition to wedding party gifts, corkscrews also make great gifts for anniversaries, birthdays or college graduation. Often wine is given as a gift but the corkscrew is overlooked. Don't let this happen when you give a gift of wine.

Wine gifts are very popular and when we think of wine, we think of corkscrews. There are many different styles of corkscrews available today. As surprising as it may seem, there are different handles and shapes, which make many of them quite unique and perfect as momentums. In fact, there are so many that many people collect them as a hobby.

Corkscrews have been around for so many years that, if you're lucky, you can find some fantastic antique corkscrews. Some of them have such unique designs and handles that they may great decorating items in your home. Whether they're framed on your wall or as part of your collection of wine accessories, they'll be conversation starters by your guests at all your parties.

Another use for corkscrews is as promotional gifts or charity events. When purchased in large quantities, you can get great value prices on these items. They also make great office gifts for the employees. Today more and more people are drinking wine than ever before and will appreciate a great looking corkscrew.

There is a certain kind of corkscrew known as the twin prong cork puller. These are used a lot by butlers in allowing the person to sample the wine without having to worry about damaging the cork. This puller has prongs that are pushed between the neck of the bottle and the cork, enabling you to twist the cork out of the bottle without ruining the cork.

Another type of corkscrew is called a Sommelier knife and is used by waiters. It's kept in a folding body like you see with pocket knives. It has an arm that you can extend and brace against the bottle lip to give you leverage when attempting to take out the cork. The sommelier knife, which is considered the fastest corkscrews, often has a bottle opener and also a small knife blade that's kept in the end of the handle and used for taking off the foil on many wine bottles.

Although the Sommelier knife and the twin prong cork puller are different variations of the corkscrew, there are many others similar to this. There is really no such thing as "all corkscrews are the same" as almost everyone has its own unique features. If you're a wine expert, or consider yourself one, you may want to consider a collection of corkscrews for your home bar. They'll be a great conversation piece.


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