Cybertron - The Transformers' Earth


Cybertron - the Robot Earth

Millions and millions of years ago, the mythological god Primus, in an ages-ld battle with his opposite and evil brother, Unicron, relinquished his robot form in favor of a huge, metallic planet, on which to spawn a race of giant robotic offspring. These beings, created by his hand, became the Transformers; and Primus locked away the most powerful energy source in the known universe deep within his cavernous hide, to power the planet and give it life. His evil brother Unicron lost track of him and roams the cosmos as a giant planet-eating behemoth, searching for Primus and the all-powerful AllSpark within his breast.

The War for Cybertron

On the planet Cybertron, Primus' Transformers were endowed with the ability to (like their master and his ancient brother) assume the forms of nearly any three-dimensional object they scanned with their processors, no matter how complex. Usually, they used a portion of the AllSpark's limitless power to transform into vehicles, aerial modes of transport, or sometimes even weapons. The AllSpark was capable not only of giving and sustaining their lives, but also of pretty much winning any battle with sheer physical and energetic force.

And so it came to pass, predictably to any human with a measure of wisdom, that there would of course be a war fought over so powerful an item. After a prolonged period of peace, the sheer power of the AllSpark and the ramifications of single ownership began to burden the mind of one particularly covetous Transformer, who also happened to be co-ruler of all of Cybertron. Megatron had always had a bit of a grey side, though he'd also always been mostly just. But the dreams and desire for the Spark ultimately drove the mighty Transformer mad with lust, and he attempted to possess it solely.

Autobots vs Decepticons

The other ruler of Cybertron was great and noble Optimus, a former gladiator of the Cybertronian city Iacon. Optimus Prime always ruled in the light, and was a beacon of justice and kindness. Of course, he wouldn't allow his brother to usurp the principles for which the mantle of leadership stood, and so war was inevitable. Megatron turned a fraction of the populace to his cause, and they became his Decepticons. Optimus corralled a crew of loyalists, and they became his Autobots. Megatron's Decepticon's cared only for power and control - robotic equivalents of psychopath, if you ask me - and sought sole possession of the AllSpark so that they could conquer the galaxy and enslave sentient life-forms. Optimus' Autobots were dedicated to the preservation of all life.

Both sides fought ferociously, with many Transformers from both sides falling and never again arising. When the dust settled, it only did so to reveal a ravaged, dying Cybertron, with Megatron closing in on the AllSpark, which was in the hands of none other than Optimus Prime. Sensing a probably imminent defeat, Optimus felt he had no choice but to rob his home world of the chance t heal from the terrible conflict, and flung the AllSpark into deep space, out of the reach of the Decepticon. Megatron and his Decepticons would give chase for millennia; Optimus and the Autobots would follow for the same, and their never-ending battle would play through the asteroid belt of our solar system, and the robotic giants would find themselves on Earth, where they continue t struggle, with the very existence of humanity now at stake.

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