DIR-ACT - Musicians & Artists online

Artists can now join DIR-ACT for free.

Where can artists register for free and only pay a fee after they have earned money themselves?

A new concept registered in 163 countries worldwide, for artists from all disciplines to gain more gigs, shows or performances and worldwide publicity. Artists pay 1% of their net wages after they have accepted a booking. No income, no costs.....

A worldwide online platform for artists and bookers. Using DIR-ACT makes it easy, direct and quick for artists to create a profilepage to be seen worldwide.

And for bookers it´s easy to find and book an artist, a contract is send within 48 hours when the artist accepts the request.

DIR-ACT offers five different categories Music, Dance, Show, Word and Art, with in each categorie a lot of sub categories.

It´s is a smart search-engine and an automated reservation system in one: direct, quick and transparent.

On a daily base artists are looking for publicity and more gigs and every day people are looking for artists to perform on their event. With the online platform of DIR-ACT both groups come together. Whether it concerns a band for a festival, a clown for a children's party, a trumpeter for a ceremony or a dance group to support a singer.


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