DIRECTV Vs Dish Network Satellite TV: The Great Debate Rages On

The Satellite TV Provider Comparison

When choosing between satellite television providers there is a consistent argument, DIRECTV vs Dish Network Satellite TV. The argument is often inconclusive due to the fact that they are so similar. They have similar programming and offer many of the exact same channel options. However, the two companies also have many differences.

Both companies have a basic package. Dish Network offers a rather basic package that does contain many of the popular channels that most people enjoy. Their basic package is less expensive than DIRECTV; however it does not include over forty channels like Bravo, Animal Planet, FX, and MSNBC.

Both companies offer sports packages, however, for the major sports fan, DIRECTV may be the way to go. They have a better sports package than Dish Network. Both companies carry the NFL package, the MLB package, and the NBA League Pass. DIRECTV also offers the NCAA tournament package.

Also, DIRECTV offers more channels in High Definition than its rival. Although Dish Network does offer High Definition programming, it does not compare to the programming offered by DIRECTV. Having a high definition picture is an enjoyable experience when watching live sports broadcasts, some news channels, and programs on The Discovery Channel. This is why most people who are interested in HD choose DIRECTV over Dish Network. Most of the sports programming that DIRECTV offers is available in HD as well.

Another difference in the two companies is their local channel offerings. Dish Network now offers more local channels as part of their programming packages than DIRECTV. Many viewers appreciate being able to get all of their local stations when they opt for satellite television over their local cable provider. Local channels are important to many viewers because they like to be kept abreast of what is going on in their neighborhoods and communities.

As Digital Video Recordings (DVR) are becoming more popular, both companies now carry this service. DVRs are available with any programming package through both companies. This means that a person can record their favorite shows, movies, or sporting events and watch them at a later time. The main difference in the DVR service for both companies is storage capacity. It has been said that DIRECTV has more storage room for programs; however, Dish Network is quickly catching up. Both companies now offer the capability of setting the DVR to record programs using your computer or cell phone.

Choosing between these two similar companies is hard for most people. That is why the DIRECTV vs Dish Network Satellite TV debate still rages on. It may be a hard decision but by comparing programming, pricing, and installation, the decision can be made easier.

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Danielle 6 years ago

I will never have DIRECTV again. I just wanted to share my experiences so no one else will never experience what I went through. I had DIRECTV for a while, then I started working at DISH and decided to try out their service and I can tell you right now, I'm never going back. I learned many things about DIRECTV since working at DISH. DIRECTV has received an "F" by the Better Business Bureau with over 40,000 complaints from customers for false and misleading advertisements and if you are a new customer, you will need to mail in rebates to get the price they advertise which can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to process. You will pay about 16% more for their DVR service and 8x's more for their sports package and you will not get certain channels in HD such as E!, ID Discovery, Style or G4 and as far as premiums go, you won't be able to watch HBO Family, Comedy or Signature in HD. DIRECTV doesn't even offer HD Free for Life on their lowest package which is "CHOICE", instead they force you to pay $10/mo for the HD included in that package.


Anonymous Mouse 5 years ago

TO Danielle:

I am sure your company loves that you advertise hating DIRECTV since you are a Dish employee. You have misquoted a lot of information above. Rebates are no longer a mail in process because of the headaches they cause, Dish does not include 40 channels in their basic package that DIRECTV includes, Both companies receive a similar amount of complaints and less than a lot of companies that have a rebate or new customer pricing, the DVR pricing is $6 compared to $7 ooooh big difference, escpecially when DIRECTV has Whole Home DVR Service that blows Dishes Dual Room DVR out of the water! Finally, before you throw meaningless facts out there that slander DIRECTV, remember, you chose inferior service when you switched, you work for an inferior company and when it comes to entertainment, you pay a cheaper price because you get cheaper service, programming. Most likely you need Dish because you have a trailer and can't afford the best.

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