David Carradine

Murder, Suicide, Crime,Cover-Up, Conspiracy

Poor David Carradine who was just getting his career back and going strong. He was murdered or is it a suicide which is doubtful now. Or was did he have some strange sexual habits such as auto-asphyxiation?

The Thai police are saying he was found in a hotel closet in his room with rope around his neck and a separate rope around his genitals.

They are doing a autopsy.

It is strange that he would commit suicide, because he was not unhappy and he only had two more days of filming his new movie.

     It was not suicide, but he could of accidently killed himself, but it is still possible that there was foul play.   Only time will tell for sure.

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Adam B 7 years ago

They think he killed himself due to erotic esphixiation where you choke yourself and jerk off. The lead singer of INXS died that way. Even if it is how he died, it wasn't a suicide in my opinion because it would have been an accident.

bfishgold profile image

bfishgold 7 years ago Author

That is how he died and no it was not suicide.

bluarc 7 years ago

Adam B

That's quite a statement you make, considering that the man was found hanging by the clothing rod in a closet. I'd don't think you could perform the feat you discribe in your twenties let alone at the age of seventy two.

How do you explain being hung up on the clothes rod rope tied around the neck both wrist tied some way above the head, and a seperate rope tied around the genitals.

You say he did this himself? Look up the word ignorant! and read the definition.

You don't cut the mustard as a CSI look for new work!

bfishgold profile image

bfishgold 7 years ago Author

You should do your own research before you comment on mine. His ex-wives claim he did this at home in front of them.

It does sound suspicious that is why the family called in the FBI.

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