All Days of the Week in Song Titles

How I love songs of the 60s to 80s! I was born in early 70s and I still play these songs until now and how they made my memories drift back during my childhood years up to adolescent years.

I still have my large collection of cds now-- most are albums during these eras. Among my favorites are the classic rock, folk rock and country, and progressive rock such as Pink Floyd, The Jefferson Airplane, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, U2, Lynnyrd Skynnyrd, and many more.

In this hub, I list one example of song that has the name of days in the week.

If you want to know what's my favorite protest songs during Vietnam War era, you might be interested to read this hub, My Top 10 Favorite Anti-War Songs.

Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2

"Sunday Bloody Sunday" is the opening track from U2's 1983 album, War. It is is noted for its militaristic drumbeat, harsh guitar, and melodic harmonies. One of U2's most overtly political songs, its lyrics describes incident in Derry, Northern Ireland, on 30 January 1972 in which 26 civil rights protesters were shot by members of the first Battalion of the British Parachute Regiment led by Lieutenant-Colonel Derek Wilford and his second-in-command Captain Mike Jackson, who had joint responsibility for the operation, during a Northern Ireland Civil Rights.

It was generally well-received by critics on the album's release.

Monday Monday - The Mamas and the Papas

On May 7, 1966, it hit #1, where it remained for three weeks. According to the Billboard Book of Number One Hits, this is the song recorded by a fully sexually integrated group to go to #1.

On March 2, 1967, The Mamas and the Papas won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal for this song.

Ruby Tuesday - The Rolling Stones

This is a song recorded by the Rolling Stones in 1966, and released in January 1967. It was a #1 hit in the US and #3 in the UK.

It's about Keith Richard's first girlfriend Linda Keith. who was a model, and was addicted to drugs, and the song is about how she never knew what she wanted...

Wednesday Morning, 3 AM - Simon and Garfunkel

This is the debut album by folk duo Simon & Garfunkel , released October 19, 1964. It was produced by Tom Wilson.

Thursday's Child - David Bowie

This is a song written by David Bowie and Reeves Gabrels for the album "Hours" in 1999. It was originally written for the computer game Omikron - The Nomad Soul. It was released as a single two weeks previous to the albums release.

Friday I'm in Love - The Cure

This is written and performed by The Cure. It is the second single taken from the album Wish (1992). It is among the band's most well-known songs.

"Friday I'm in Love" was nominated for a Grammy Award and won the award for European Viewer's Choice for Best Music Video at the 1992 MTV Music Video Awards. The song was written to be a slower number than its upbeat final rendition. When played live, the song is played in its original intended key as opposed to the one heard on the record.

Saturday Night Special - Lynyrd Skynyrd

This is a song by Lynyrd Skynyrd. It is the opening track of their album "Nuthin's Fancy." This song addresses the issue of gun control. Its lyrics refer to the cheap hand guns popularly associated with the term, and associates them with impulsive violence.

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Husky1970 5 years ago

Great songs for every day of the week. I tried to come up with what you might list and did get a few. Enjoyed this hub. Voted up.

Seth Barnet 5 years ago

monday monday was a great song too but I dont know I just dony like Mondays kinda I dony know just wanna shoot the whole day down ok I will stop now ;)

Seth Barnet 5 years ago

Great signature song by the stones however U hrar Tuesday is gone with the windLOL

beth811 profile image

beth811 6 years ago from Philippines Author

Thanks, zzron, your comment is much appreciated.

zzron profile image

zzron 6 years ago from Houston, TX.

Very cool videos:)

beth811 profile image

beth811 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Thanks for the comment, Ambition. Actually, I opened a thread on this in forum and I was glad I received many responses. So I thought to myself, "How about making a hub on this?" So, here it is!

Ambition398 profile image

Ambition398 7 years ago

Interesting hub on a subject I've never though about! Very cool :)

beth811 profile image

beth811 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Thanks for dropping by, lead. Don't worry, I will be writing more hubs on songs.

lead69 7 years ago

very interesting. more titles please!!!!!!!!!

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