Dead Naked Meat

MMM Meat

Got to love good food.
Got to love good food.

11,000 People Die Every Year

Staphylococcus Aureus: (52% are proven drug resistant) bacteria has been found in almost half of 136 random samples of 80 brands of beef, turkey, chicken, and pork. These samples were taken from 26 different stores in five different major cities including L. A., Flagstaff, and Washington D.C.

Being a researcher I fear very little when it comes to eating meat. I know that cooking anything up to and keeping steady at 145o F for 20 minutes will adequately make meat safe to eat. Any professional chef or caterer will agree serving rubber chicken was not always by choice. Not long ago poultry was mandated to be over cooked to 185o to be assumed sterilized. As we all now know, America's food supply is getting unhealthy. For most of us this is not a surprise. Even if you didn't grow up with a garden, farm, or even a pet. You know about Karma, or it's better recognized American name "The Golden Rule".

Grandma's cooking tasted best. Many polled would say the same. This is because of a few major differences to our food. Grandma had real food that might have been grown by her own hand. Or, she might have gotten it from a friendly neighbor in exchange for canning services. food grown to its peak, then cooked to eat. It seems to simple to ever be changed. Today the food supply is picked early to make the travel around the globe to wait on a shelf. Industrialized farming has forced too many farmers to completely loose all respect for the life they are growing. Just like any system, even your computer, garbage in will produce garbage out. It is fact, with no reverence for the life cultivated destined to be eaten; the quality of our food, health, and life are equally impacted negatively.

Shhh, Just Bend Over and Keep Taking It.

The industry is well aware of the malnutritious hole they have dug. That is why they have large lobbies to buy politicians keeping good Americans in the dark of how bad it is. The giants of our food supply know we want healthy nutrition. In the way they have bastardized farming, they claim healthy food is being produced through chemical integration. Bio-Diversity creates naturally healthy circles of life. Monoculture creates less nutritious plants that are more prone to disease and pests. That is good if you are a chemical company that sells pesticide. That is right less nutrition and more toxins, mmmm. That is not the best they can do for there share holders, they can now genetically engineer the crops to grow toxins within them. And they are treated to only grow with their chemicals spread over them. More costly to farmers, less return on crops, huge amounts of pollution, killing thousands per year; but they are making big money. They are spending much of that money to keep all good Americans from ever seeing proper labeling. Sure we have limited labeling now. But when was the last time your child came home and said, "Aspartame has proven to kill, why is it legal to put in our foods?" Just a generation ago basic life skills that were mandatory in school included changing a tire and sewing. How do we teach the next generation to combat thousands of lobbies. Lobbies that claim disease ridden animals forced to grow unnaturally with steroids living in their own feces are good food. Oh don't worry about those silly little diseases, we'll just throw the same old antibiotics at every living thing. And that brings us to our Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stating, "11,000 people die every year from super bugs" Super bugs created by the over use of antibiotics. Needed by having animals growing in their own filth. It is easy to calculate that the next step in the falling dominoes will be good Americans. If we still had a red scare, we could blame them with a conspiracy theory. But, with globalization when good Americans start dieing we are doomed to spread the disease to the rest of the planet. The next pandemic is not the bird flu, it is our infectious food supply.

Give Me Nutrition or Give Me Death

Naked Anger

Pissed Off ?

What really pissed me off about this report was my local newscast. Not only were they a day late and a dollar short but, they were so lacks a daisy about it they used it as a tease. A tease at the beginning of the next nights broadcast instead of a news bulletin informing good Americans of real news. Instead the bulk of the "news" program was dominated by "child bit by dog". Really, what a shocker. I would be amazed if the AP didn't go national with that information. Why is the news dominated with a bunch of puss's?  Why is it we have to rely on documentaries to find some real NEWS? Unfortunately even a documentary can be biased politically or intellectually by the creators (or the money behind the production).

We are Omnivore here us Roar.

I am still amazed by all life. From the smallest to the tallest. And, being an equalist will consume any life with good taste and nutrition. To define your diet as a kind one is an illusion. Those that refuse to, "eat anything with a face" are disrespecting all life. First by calling life with a face "anything". Second, by projecting human ego upon "anything with a face", defining anything without a face as less valued life form and morally edible. Thus, as we are what we eat, vegans are less valuable by there own definition.

Thank You for taking the time to read my ramblings. Hope with this article I have informed, pissed off, and entertained you. If knowledge is power, then power to the people. Big thanks to all whistle blowers.

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Aley Martin profile image

Aley Martin 5 years ago from Sumner, Washington,USA

I have not eaten "cows" since 1990. After reading about the horrific way they are killed and the adrenelin they excrete when they know they are "next" to be killed....I could not warp my lips around another cow. They are intelligent, they are valuable and we need not eat them for any reason.

RickyDLV profile image

RickyDLV 5 years ago from USA and occasionally other countries. Author

Thank You Aley,

I agree most industrial cattle farming is completely lacking of respect and appreciation for the life they are growing. But luckily there are still grass fed wholesome farmers that understand the quality of life starts with the quality of our food. I love meat and try to balance them all throughout my menus red, poultry, fish, and pork. This doesn't mean I am a veggie-phobe, and will even eat traditionally prepared tofu. If it is delicious and nutritious. Are you a fellow member of the Food Nation Army? What a pathetic statement of our nation's care of children when we precess, chemically treat, and drain our schools of nutrition. And to learn about it a visitor from another nation heads the cause to treat our children with some ethical value with proper nutrition.

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