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Demi Lovato

 Demi Lovato is a very talented young lady, she is not only a singer song writer but an actress as well. She has not been around for to long but she is making her name as well as voice known with some big hit songs, Don't forget & La La Land being two of our favorites. She even made a movie with the Jonas Brothers called, Camp Rock. She also just completed a movie called, Princess Protection Program . She even has a new show called, Sonny With A Chance. She can play the guitar and the piano. Who knows what she will be doing next. For now I know a 4 year old little boy who just adores her to no end. This coloring page is dedicated to all her little, big, young or old fans around the world I hope you enjoy it.

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7. Enjoy your new picture

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Demi has many talents

Demi has many accomplishment among them acting, song writing as well as singing Demi also plays the Guitar & piano. For someone as young as Demi she has endless amounts of talent. Having dropped out of the tour with the Jonas Brothers to take care of herself we pray she is stronger than ever now & can keep her ultra successful career on track. It can not be easy having more talent than most people could dream of but along with that comes a lot of responsibility as well. Demi is working on her third Album which is said to be ready for release some time in the Spring 2011. In 2012 Demi Added the X Factor to her resume & has since released another Album which will drop in May of 2013 titled "Demi". We wish Demi all the best blessings in life & can't wait to see what's next.

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TGonzalez2 profile image

TGonzalez2 7 years ago

Nice website. How did you get your page like this? Please help me i'm having the hardest time!!

Envoy profile image

Envoy 7 years ago from USA Author

I made them on my pc if you have any photos you want me to make into a coloring page let me know & I will make it for you. Thanks :)

demi 7 years ago

hi everyone xxx

Envoy profile image

Envoy 7 years ago from USA Author

:) Hi

Demi Lovato 7 years ago

Hey guys!!! Just in my dressing room hanging with my BFF Selena Gomez. Hope I see all of you guys at one of my conserts!

Brier 6 years ago

i will sometime

fatima 6 years ago


Envoy profile image

Envoy 6 years ago from USA Author

Dear Gabi,

I appreciate your comment but I can not publish a comment that gives out your phone number over the internet as this is very dangerous. Please in the future ask your Mom or Dad to help you contact people.

Have a great day.

Thanks & stay safe :)

gabriella 6 years ago

hi demi u rock i am your fan number one. if i were selena i be very very very excited to have a friend like you that is famous elike me ha ha that sounds funny. with love gabby

Envoy profile image

Envoy 6 years ago from USA Author

lol have a great day Gabby :)

Rameen 6 years ago

Demi is the best!!!!!!!!

Envoy profile image

Envoy 6 years ago from USA Author

Have a great day! :)

mak 5 years ago

luv demi and selena they roch my world with love mak xoxoxoxoxoxo

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