Despicable Me Movie

This is a very cute and funny movie that I enjoyed watching with my kids. The main Character, Gru is your typical tough guy super-villain until he is seen as a father figure by three orphans. Armed with his shrink ray and always funny freeze ray gun, Gru is looking to get back to the top of the evil super villain ladder.

Not to be out done by Vector, who just stole the Great pyramid, Gru has plans for the ultimate heist. Steal the moon.

Many laughs are had when Gru runs into the orphans and protects them the only way he knows how.

This movie is bound to make the grumpiest of people smile at one of the many adorable and funny moments

DVD Release Date

Shortly you will be able to capture all the great antics of Gru and the Minions. On December 14, 2010 Despicable Me will be available for rental, DVD and Blu-ray purchase. This is a great gift idea for both kids and adults.

This is a long awaited release as its began playing in theatres in July 2010. To the shock of many the dvd release was pushed forward just in time for the Xmas shopping season.

The movie is being released in several different formats.

  1. Single disc DVD
  2. Two disc DVD (includes extras)
  3. Three disc pack (Blu-ray, DVD, Digital copy)
  4. Four disc pack (3D Blur-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, Digital copy)

What format are you planning to purchase Despicable Me in?

  • DVD
  • Blu-ray
  • Digital
  • Not planning to purchase at all
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