Despicable Me Vector

Vector Chillin on the Couch

Vector is the arch nemesis of main character, Gru. Vector is also a super villain who pulls off crimes to compete for the number one spot in criminals. In the beginning of the movie, the pyramids of Egypt are stolen, causing a wave of panic in the world. It is later revealed that the crime was pulled off by Vector, making him the top ranked criminal around.

Vector, originally named Victor, is son of the manager of Bank of Evil, Mr. Perkins. He claims to have changed his name to the mathematical term because he commits crime with both direction and magnitude.

It is soon clear that Vector enjoys all of his success because of having a very influential father, because he himself appears to be very stupid and immature.

Vector wears an orange warm-up suit, which Agnes mistakes for pajamas. He also wears big dorky glasses. Vector has a rather skinny body with a round belly. He has a short buzz cut and appears to be a silly person.

Vector’s inventions are far inferior to Gru’s. Gru has the freeze ray and the disintegrator whereas Vector only has silly piranha launcher and squid launcher. Vector is also seen playing with the shrink ray and shrinking things in his bathroom, for instance he shrinks the toilet and then mocks it.

Vector has a very hi-tech and secure lair. It is a big white place with every form of security one can think of, complete with a shark under the living room floor. Vector also has a jet which is bigger and better than Gru’s. Overall Vector is portrayed a rich guy enjoying all the luxury his father has provided for him, whereas Gru, despite having better inventions, doesn’t have enough resources to execute his plans.

Vector is written as an annoying nerd who thinks he is cool. He messes things up constantly, has a big appetite for cookies and is generally very careless. Funny things happen to him all the time and he is usually on the receiving end. Once Gru freezes his head, another time we see a toilet regurgitate on him. He gets run over by the moon, he gets electrocuted on wires and gets bitten on the nose by the piranha.

At the very end of the movie Vector takes the moon, but doesn’t know that the shrink ray is temporary. Hence the moon returns to its normal size while on vectors spaceship, blasting it apart and then rising into orbit and taking Vector with it.

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