Beware of the devil....

Whether you love M. Night Shymalan's movies or you hate them, you got to give credit to the man that sticks to his guns and doesn't give a rat's a** about what critics say. No, if the constant jokes and ridicule by people about his damn compulsive twist ending lust hasn't affected him by now, then chances are he's never going to change that. No, that's just who he is, and that's always going to be his style. Heck, the closest movie he's made that didn't have a damn plot twist was "Last Airbender" and even that one you can argue had a twist in it, with "3-D" effects that were barely noticeable. Gee, what a freaking twist! However, it seems he doesn't care what you and I think about his lust for plot twists, as he's going to do it anyway. Sure, you can call the man an idiot for not trying to be more versatile in his method of story telling, but people still see his movies anyway no matter how horrendously bad they are. Anyone recall a little movie called...."The Happening?"

Therefore, who's the bigger fool? Shymalan for not changing his ways? Or the people that continue to see his movies no matter how poorly written they are? Anyway, I apologize to anyone that I offended during my little rant, but I just had to get that off my chest. As you could probably tell by now, "Devil" like all of M. Night's films, does have a twist ending. I won't say what it is, as I would hate to spoil it. However, as one character in this film puts it, "the Devil does everything for a reason, and the people that are unfortunate to witness such travesties are seeing it for a purpose." Try to remember that when you watch this movie, as it plays a key role later on.

The film takes place on another typically normal day like no other. The sun is shining, and the streets are full of life in the big city. Five random strangers get on a elevator inside an office building, but there's a problem. One of them isn't who they claim to be and wants to drag the other four poor souls into the bowels of hell. Who could this figure be that wants to frighten and drag three strangers into hell? Some demented psycho? Or perhaps something more? Perhaps a spiritual entity that walks among us each day, but we rarely ever realize it. This entity goes by so many names, but he's often referred to as the Devil. A powerful fallen angel that preys upon the damned souls according to various religious scriptures. As the bible eloquently states:

"Be sober, be vigilante; because your adversary the Devil walks about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour."

Peter 5:8

Like all films of this ilk that deal with religion in a modern contemporary world, you naturally have characters that are bit skeptical about the whole idealogy of God and the Devil. While introducing a character, named Ramirez (Jacob Vargas), that believes in Christianity very strongly, and quotes various passages from the bible. Naturally, Ramirez's opinion gets blown off as pure religious nonsense but like all films dealing with religion, the rest of the characters slowly...start to believe too. Although I know this is supposed to deal with religious idealogy and we all know eventually the rest of the characters will start to believe too, but what really bugs me is the timing of it all. I mean I can understand Shymalan needed a character like Ramirez just to introduce the religious idealogy into the mix, but he automatically assumes the Devil is in that elevator far too quickly before any rational sane religious person would. If your going to have him bring up the religious factor then at least make it plausible. Don't just have him look at one questionable distorted image, then have him just say..."it's the devil!" Seriously, Shymalan could've at least waited a bit before having his Ramirez character bring up the Devil, like say thirty minutes into the movie versus the first ten minutes. That's all I'm saying.

However, as bad as this film was, it was a lot better than I expected it to be. Unlike his last mystery/thriller films, Shymalan does seem to go back to the basics of what made him popular to begin with, when he made movies like "Sixth Sense" and "Unbreakable." Where instead of writing piss poor dialogue like in his last films "Lady in the Water" and "The Happening", with unplausible and absurd story lines, Shymalan actually allows for the scenes to slowly develop with hints of subtle foreshadowing to create tension. Very reminiscent of his earlier work, and probably would've been more well received had he made this film before "Sixth Sense." Then again, that's the problem. Everyone already knows about this man's insane lust for plot twists so much, that now anyone that's familiar with his work can see it coming from a mile away. Seriously, once Ramirez mentions how the Devil does everything for a reason and how the detective doesn't believe in god, after the death of his family due to a car accident, it's not hard to figure out. Nor is it hard to figure out that the least likely person you suspect would turn out to be the Devil.

As I stated before, M. Night Shymalan doesn't care what you and I think of his work. In fact, he'd probably say this to all his skeptics, "You all don't like my f***ing plot twist endings, but I don't care. I'm going to keep making them anyway!" Which is admirable for a guy to keep making movies the way he loves to, but this is probably why he'll never make a great critically acclaimed movie again.

"Devil" is a decent mystery/thriller film for what it is, but I wouldn't expect too much out of it if you're already familiar with Night's previous work. That's why I give this film a two out of four. A lot better than expected, but.....not great either.

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IntimatEvolution profile image

IntimatEvolution 6 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

Have you seen the preview for the newest Anthony Hopkins film, where he is a priest who becomes posses by the devil. OMG! It looks so scary. These kind of movies scare me to death. A part of me is somewhat afraid to view movies like these because I'm afraid they serve as a porthole to a darker side. I mean, one never knows how someone becomes posses.

Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 6 years ago Author

Yeah, I've seen the trailers for that already. In fact, I think I wrote a blurb about it in my upcoming film previews of next year or should i say this year actually, as it looks interesting to me and scary too. Yeah, you could be right about your fears, as i know a friend of mine once told me that just talking about the supernatural demonic possession is enough to put you in danger of being possessed. That's why in certain films like "Halloween", Rob Zombie was careful not to use any actual symbols or incantations that would upset any spiritual entities. Of course, I'm not sure if just talking about something like that is true enough to put you in danger of being possessed. however, it wouldn't surprise if me if that was the case.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by intimatevolution, as its always a pleasure seeing you.

CarltheCritic1291 profile image

CarltheCritic1291 5 years ago

I just happen to stumble upon this review, and I don't think I have ever agreed with anyone ever about anything more in my entire life than I do now. This is dead on accurate to how I felt when I saw the film a while ago. Great hub, Voted Up and Useful

Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 5 years ago Author

lol. Thanks Carl. I guess it's true what they say about how great minds often think alike. lol. J/k. Anyways, I'm glad you liked the review, and thanks again for stopping by. :)

Nickalooch profile image

Nickalooch 5 years ago from Columbia, MD

just recently saw this movie. your dead on about the director lol. its commendable, but yet we keep seeing his movies.

i thought this was better then the happening, lady in the water though. speakin of the whole possession thing you were talking bout earlier in the comments...that is why i get goosebumps when talking about Paranormal Activity lol. the idea of it terrifies me. but i also think possession has something to do with a lack of faith, or along those lines

Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 5 years ago Author

Well, you could be right about that. I personally think that possessions can only happen to people that are weak minded. But then again, I could be wrong on that. I know that my friend that I was referring to earlier, she claims she's actually dealt with possessed people before. In fact, she even used to have hubs written about those experiences, but she's no longer writing for this site. It's kind of a shame; otherwise, i'd give you a link to check out her work.

To be honest, I know exactly how you feel though when it comes to just talking about that franchise. Whenever I had to review the last two "Paranormal Activity" films, I always had to write my reviews during the a public library full of people. sure, I could've written them at home on my pc at night, but just writing the reviews gave me goosebumps. In fact, I already know that once I see the new movie, I probably won't sleep for days. Maybe even weeks knowing me. lol.

Nickalooch profile image

Nickalooch 5 years ago from Columbia, MD

what kills me is that when the new movie comes out i know ill see it when it comes out, and i know i wont sleep for quite possibly that week. it puts you in like a heightened kind of paranoia lol. the worst of it is that'll be around mid-terms for me for school

Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 5 years ago Author

lol. Yeah, same here. I already registered in some more college classes for this coming semester, and I have to say I know this movie won't help me get much sleep. lol. All I can say is that unlike the last time, I'm going to make damn sure I'm not the only person in the theater. I know when I watched the last movie in an empty theater by myself, I was scared out of my mind half the time, as i constantly had to check over my shoulder while it was playing. lol.

Nickalooch profile image

Nickalooch 5 years ago from Columbia, MD

i saw the 2nd with like 6 of my friends. two of them came to my house since i live right across the street from the theater and they didnt leave until they saw the sunlight. I feel the more people you are with, then the more paranoid you might be lol. but ive never seen in by myself.

Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 5 years ago Author

lol. Well, seeing it by yourself is no picnic either, as your mind kind of plays tricks on you to where you'll think you hear things in the theater that aren't really there. Plus, it didn't help that some of the theater people would walk in every once in a while to see if I was going to freak out seeing it alone, so I had to pretend throughout the movie that I wasn't scared, but I really was. lol.

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