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It is estimated that there are now upwards of 40 million individuals now living in the United States that speak Spanish as their primary language. This demand requires that companies cater to this ever growing demographic. DIRECTV is one such company that has been able to grow their Spanish speaking customer base with innovative foreign language packages.

The DIRECTV Mas programming package has been the main draw for Spanish speaking customers here in the States. While Dish Network gained ground with the Spanish speaking community initially with the Dish Latino package, Direct TV Mas has been the top choice for Spanish speaking satellite TV customers in recent years.

Most of these packages also include English channels as well. This gives you the most entertainment for your hard earned dollar, and also offers something for everyone in the family.

Direct TV Mas Packages

So what does Direct TV Mas offer as Spanish language packages?

Direct TV Mas offers four different Spanish language packages. All of the Direct TV Mas packages have more than 45 Spanish stations, so in actuality, the only difference is in how many English channels you receive when subscribing.

The first Spanish Direct TV package is the Basico bundle. The Basico package offers 25 English channels along with about 45 channels in Spanish. The Basico package is very affordable, just $19.99 per month for the first 12
months of satellite TV service.

More Spanish Channels

Next up is the Direct TV Mas Familiar package. The English counterpart to this package is the Direct TV Choice package. While there aren't any promotions currently on this package, it is still fairly affordable at $45.99 per month. This package includes 45+ Spanish channels, and over 100 English channels.

The next package offered by Direct TV Mas is the Familiar Ultra package. Similar to the Direct TV Choice Xtra package on the English side, this bundle is $34.99 for the first year. After one year, the package price moves up to $54.99 per month. Over 145 English channels are included, counting
the video and music stations. In addition more than 45 Spanish channels are in this package.

Finally, the top level package available with Direct TV Mas is the Lo Maximo offering. This is similar to the Direct TV Premier package, with nearly 300 channels overall. Included are more than 30 commercial free movie channels, as well as the 45 Spanish channels available in the other Direct TV Mas packages.

HD and DVR Options

Direct TV Mas customers can of course subscribe to HD service as well. HD access through Direct TV is currently an additional. $9.99 per month.

Direct TV Mas is also compatable with the Direct TV DVR. Current promotions offer the HD DVR for free with new qualifying service. Generally, to receive an HD DVR, new Direct TV Mas customers have to agree to a 2 year contract. Check with Direct TV directly for full details.

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carl 7 years ago

Nice review on Direct TV mas. I hooked my parents up with this a couple months ago and they love it!

Monica 5 years ago

DirecTV's Mas is pretty cool but DirecTV doesn't have an all-Spanish package like DISH Network. I work for DISH so I'm familiar with their packages and DirecTV's basic Latino package costs more than two of DISH Network's Latino packages combined. That's a little much if you ask me; I will always stay with DISH.

martinnetsims 4 years ago

hi there kevin if your still knoking around i think this is there link

and details,give them a call ,say netsimsy put you on

martellawintek 4 years ago

hi there kevin it took me ages to find it here is the site

and details , just give them a call ,say marta told you to ring him

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