Discoverers Movie Lesson Plan

Brief Outling of Movie

This DVD is a good movie to use to teach about science discoveries of the past. The movie has three sections. Each section starts with a renenactment of a discovery in the past. It then renacts a discovery that is more recent that builds upon the historic discovery. The DVD also includes an idea for a science project about topographical maps that relates to the first section of the movie.

Section 1: Ferdinand Magellan/And Beyond

Section 2: Searching for Ourselves Maria Sauruola/And Beyond

Section 3: Grasping the Universe Isaac Newton/And Beyond

Questions to Answer As Students Watch Movie

Section 1

What animal is being described by Magellan when he says "strange birds that cannot fly, but swim like fish?" Penguins (Magellanic to be specific)

What planet was the Magellan spacecraft approaching? Venus

What does the spacecraft use to create images of the planet? radar

What does the girl discover? caveman drawings

Bison have not been in Spain for at least ________ years. (10,000)

How do they communicate with the dolphins? hand signals

A prism ______ light. (bends)

What causes the Northern Lights? magnetic particles from the sun colliding with the atmosphere

What does "standing on the shoulders of giants" mean? building on the discoveries of generations before

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Dotty 7 years ago

Does anyone have lesson plans for the movie UP? I appreciate your help.....

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