Discovering Spoilers In Advance

Sixth Sense Trailer

I have a problem! Actually I probably have a few problems but this one in particular has ruined my enjoyment of film or TV watching.

As much as I love going to the cinema or enjoying a decent show on the small screen, I do have an annoying habit of reading up on what I'm about to see with a view of getting a taster of what's to come. If I'm shelling out my hard earned £7 (not to mention the cost of driving to our nearest multi-screen) then I will read up in advance to see whether reviews are favourable or not and on two notable occasions, I've been my own worst enemy when spoilers have been revealed.

Think back to 1999 and the Bruce Willis masterpiece The Sixth Sense. Excellent reviews and a storyline which appealed to me and my wife. Sadly, I read up a bit too much and stumbled across not so much a review but a complete plot break down including the wow-factor of the twist ending. Admittedly we still went to see the film and only afterwards did I mention about my discovery to my wife so as not to ruin her enjoyment. Okay, I still enjoyed the film and still enjoy it now, but would have certainly enjoyed it more had I not have been silly enough to just read a little too much into it.

Cynics will, quite rightly, argue that it was totally my own fault. No-one forces me to read reviews and maybe I should have stopped reading that particular one when it became apparent that it was a plot dissection but there you go, it was a lesson hard learned and actually rarely repeated until earlier this year in 2010 - but this time, not totally my fault. I think.

Dexter Season 4 Preview - No Spoilers!

Like many others, I'm on Facebook and have been for a while. Like others, I become a `fan` of various shows, people, celebs, groups etc in order to exchange opinions and ideas. One such show was Dexter, the rather fantastic US based show about a forensic analyst who doubles as a serial killer. Having watched since Series One and read all of Jeff Lindsay novels on which the show is based, I became a Facebook Fan but naively didn't realise that the US are around a year and a series, ahead of the UK and one of the first things I saw on my News Feed was a clip of the somewhat shocking cliffhanger ending to Series Four - when we'd actually only had the first couple of episodes broadcast! Whilst I didn't watch the clip at the time, the title gave enough away and having now seen it properly on TV, again I would have been gobsmacked had I viewed it `live` without knowing how it finished. Needless to say I am no longer a Dexter fan on Facebook. Still love the show though.

To be fair, for the gripes above, I've seen many plot twists on screen which have left me stunned and feel all the better for not knowing in advance but it's still wrangles with me a bit that I didn't quite enjoy Sixth Sense or Dexter quite as much as I should have. But, as I said, no-one to blame but myself.


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