Disney Pixar Up

Disney Pixar's Up Movie

Disney Pixar's Up movie was released on May 29th 2009 and received both critical acclaim and box office success. This is Disney Pixar's 10th movie and it looks as though this one may be their very best.

The movie tells the story of 78 year old Carl Fredricksen voiced by Ed Asner. Carl is 78 years old and is the archetypical grumpy old man. He and his late wife Ellie had always dreamed of a life of adventure but somehow things just always got in the way. Threatened with eviction and a move to an assisted living home he decides to attach 10,000 balloons to his home and fy away to South America.

Critics have been very positive about Disney Pixar's Up. If you can't wait to see the movie at the theaters then check out these photos,trailers and info to see just why this may very well be Disney Pixar's best ever movie.

Disney Pixar Up DVD

Disney Pixar Up Trailer

There are some beautifully illustrated books available for Disney Pixar's Up movie. Here is a small selection which are suitable for young readers.

Disney Pixar's Up Movie
Disney Pixar's Up Movie

The Making of Disney Pixar Up

Disney Pixar's Up is the first movie which they have created using 3D technology. The 3D effects are used to enhance the story telling and visual impact of the movie. 3D so rarely works and can be distracting but of course Disney Pixar takes the technology for this movie to a whole different level. Wall-s was stunning in it's visual images but Up takes this to an even higher level.

The director John Docter and 11 animators made 3 day journey to the remote Monte Raraima in Venezuala for inspiration. They also visited Matawi Tepui, climbed to Angel Falls and spent time in Brazil so that they could capture the look and feel of Carl's great adventure.

The Amazing Art of Disney Pixar's Up Movie

Russel is Carl's worst nightmare in the Up movie!
Russel is Carl's worst nightmare in the Up movie!

Disney Pixar Up Characters

Carl wants to take his journey alone but of course things don't quite go as planned. Enter 8 year old Russell the Wilderness Explorer who just wants to earn his Assisting the Elderly badge to complete his collection. But Russell unwittingly gets caught up in Carl's adventure and floats away on his adventure. They are joined by Kevin a huge prehistoric bird who is actually a girl, and Dug a dog whose collar translates his thoughts into speech for him.

The Making of Disney Pixar Up

Disney Pixar Merchandise

The people at Disney Pixar actually do not feel that the Up movie is going to be a great hit for merchandise sales. But there are some really great Up merchandise tie ins out there, particularly the books which you can buy, and you may also be interested in the limited edition Disney PINs which you can pick up on eBay.

Carl Escapes From Reality in Disney Pixar's Up

Is this Disney Pixar's Best Movie

Many of the reviews are already suggesting that the feeling is that Up is Disney Pixar's finest movie. Since 1995 with the release of Pixar's Toy Story movie the animation power house have entertained and amazed us. From May 29th you can see for yourself if Up will be the best movie of the year.

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