Disney Princess Rapunzel: Tangled

Meet Princess Rapunzel

It seems like we were just introduced to Princess Tiana, but Disney already has a new princess added to the mix. Princess Rapunzel is the main character in the 3D CG animated Tangled, which opened on November 24th 2010.

Rapunzel, voiced by Mandy Moore, is an 18 year old girl who's spent her entire life locked up in a tower. She's got plenty of spunk, and 70 feet of magical hair.

Trailer for Tangled

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Rated: PG

Run Time: 100 minutes


Meet Princess Rapunzel in Person

Rapunzel will be greeting guests at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

At Disneyland, guests are able to meet Rapunzel (and her dashing love interest Flynn Rider) and pose among 70 feet of her luxurious golden tresses. The new meet & greet area is in the location that previously housed Gepetto's Sweet Shop.

In the Magic Kingdom, guests are able to interact with Rapunzel & Flynn in a “play and greet. The Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder experience replaced Storytime with Belle at Fairytale Garden.

Tangled Books

The Art of Tangled
The Art of Tangled

Hardcover: 160 pages

Includes concept art and interviews with the artists, animators, and production team.


Princess Rapunzel Dolls

Disney Tangled Sing and Glow Rapunzel Doll
Disney Tangled Sing and Glow Rapunzel Doll

Her hair lights up, and she sings "I see the Light". Includes brush and tiara. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Disney Tangled Rapunzel Plush Toy -- 21
Disney Tangled Rapunzel Plush Toy -- 21

Soft, huggable, plush doll with attached dress.

Disney Tangled Rapunzel Doll -- 12''
Disney Tangled Rapunzel Doll -- 12''

Rapunzel's hair is 17" long. Includes hair brush, Pascal the chameleon, and a paint brush.


Rapunzel's Horse Maximus

Disney Tangled Featuring Rapunzel Maximus Horse
Disney Tangled Featuring Rapunzel Maximus Horse

For the 12" Rapunzel doll.

Includes hairbrush, and 4 "wear-and-share hair clips.

Recommended for ages 3 and up.


Tangled Tower Playset

Disney Tangled Featuring Rapunzel Fairytale Tower
Disney Tangled Featuring Rapunzel Fairytale Tower

Set includes tower, furniture pieces, accessories, Pascal, and a clip-on hair extension for Rapunzel.


Disney's Rapunzel Costume Collection

Tangled Rapunzel Costume

Sparkling purple details decorate the shimmering organza top skirt of this authentic Disney Rapunzel Costume with magical style. The glittering satin bodice features a lace-up ribbon and a jeweled Rapunzel cameo.

Disney Princess Rapunzel Shoes for Girls $16.95
Glittering purple flats with lace detailing, metallic gold piping, and a Rapunzel cameo.

Rapunzel Tiara for Girls $12.95
A golden metal headband with combs, pink and purple jewels, and glittering Rapunzel cameo.

Rapunzel Light Up Wand $12.95
Battery operated golden metal wand encrusted with jewels, a Rapunzel cameo, and a purple organza bow.

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What do you think of Princess Rapunzel? 9 comments

sarah 4 years ago

My favourite disney princess has to be Rapunzel.................

maria.smarto 5 years ago

i luv this movie alot.n i hv seen this movie so many times.

EverythingMouse profile image

EverythingMouse 5 years ago

I really enjoyed this movie and of course it is now in my DVD collection. Great Hub!

Christene profile image

Christene 5 years ago from Massachusetts Author

bronagh it's coming out on DVD at the end of the month. March 29.

bronagh 5 years ago

OMG the most beautiful princess of all. Flynn is so good at singing. Mother gothal is so funny. I wish that the film is out in DVD.

free movies 6 years ago

I want to watch this movie, soon....

it's interesting movie....and interesting hub.

thanks for your review.

grace 6 years ago

omg i love and want this movie

Sehnonimo profile image

Sehnonimo 6 years ago from San Bruno, CA

You now, when this first came out, I didn't know what to think about it. It seemed they were trying too hard to make it seem like a Swashbuckling Story that the little boys will love! But it's a Disney movie...and I'm going to see it...because that's how I am =)

I didn't know they had a second trailer out! Hope the movie is good!

evvy_09 profile image

evvy_09 6 years ago from Athens, AL

Her fairytale is pretty old. I'm surprised Disney is just now adding her.

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