Distant Lovers

Mountians of CA.
Mountians of CA.

My Distant Lover

I can't wait to see you;

As I leaped cocoa mountains

Crossed valleys to get to you

I also said' Hello

to the Moon at 5am as I passed him by;

The Lakes seemed as a tear drop

The Mountains were at their peaks

The Valleys so shallow

The Clouds made me comfortable at

times it  seemed

as if I was swimming toward you.

But the only thing that was on my

mind was getting to you my Distant Lover;

I look forward to entering your arms

in my return

Turning the distance into closeness

once again.

(c)2010( Sharon Smith)


Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye;(April 2,1993- April 1,1984) was a American singer-songwriter and instrumentalist.

Marvin Gaye said this so well.In a ablum he wrote in the year of 1973

Ablum's Name was,( LET'S GET IT ON) there you will find a song called DISTANT LOVER  this is a great song like all the others he wrote and proformed.

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SwiftlyClean 5 years ago from Texas Author

Hello htodd and thanks for your visit and comment.


Sharon Smith

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htodd 5 years ago from United States

Great hub,Thanks

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