Django Unchained (2012)

For years Quentin Tarantino has been talking about making a western set in a pre-Civil War era. His intent was to make a movie about slavery but as a genre film. His years of planning have finally brought us his finished movie, Django Unchained.

The movie follows a free slave named Django (Jamie Foxx) as he and Dr. Schultz (Christoph Whltz) the man who freed him go about collecting bounties. Dr. Schultz soon discovers that Django plans on finding his wife who has been sold to Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio) and offers to help save her.

Tarantino has once again managed to craft another movie with great acting, detailed directing and of course a great script. Foxx does a great job as the lead character as does DiCaprio playing the vicious and at times ridicules Calvin Candie. However the real stand out is the amazing Whltz whose charisma and wit moved the movie along and brought about at stable balance in everything. Tarantino has always had an eye for detail and I love the little cameos that he puts in such as Franco Neros (the Original Django) yet I always felt as Tarantino himself should not be in his own movies, it’s just too much of a distraction. As with any Tarantino movie, Django Is filled to the brim with crisp and sharp dialogue and features an overall strong script. It’s the tone of the script that’s the only problem to this relatively great movie.

Tarantino has never been one to make a serious movie and that doesn’t change with Django. The problem with this is that he’s dealing with a subject matter that is not shown in mainstream media at all now days and this feels like a missed opportunity. One moment the movie is very gritty, grim and realistic and the next it’s comical and fun. I could just never get into it. The movie never knew what it wanted to be, serious, funny or just fun. I am not easily offended and wasn’t offended by this movie, in fact I enjoyed it quite a bit but I honestly believe that if this was made by anyone other than Tarantino it would have been lauded as racist and the director would most likely never make another movie.

Django Unchained is a great movie that takes viewers on a wild ride back into America’s shameful past in a bloody manner. The movie is more fun than serious and at the end of the day that’s okay, it’s only a movie and it is Tarantino after all. At the heart of it all Django is a great movie that just so happens to have a backdrop in the old south and manages to keep it self-fresh overall I recommend this to any Tarantino fan, 3 ½ out of 5.

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