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Drum and Bass Step

Here I am at hub 70, a long way I know, so I wanted to make it something interesting for old school readers who have been with me since day one, for example, I imagine 'Will Say Plenty', 'H.C Porter', 'Lyricsingray', 'Ann' or maybe 'Myownworld' will find this amusing. I was thinking of writing about a new trafficking skill I learnt but I thought I would make this one non-commercial because something inspired me today and this is what I prefer to discuss if I have the choice.

I was browsing for Drum and Bass music to listen to on YouTube earlier today when I came across a video of a group of Russian teenagers dancing in the street but Drum and Bass music originates from the UK where I live and I had never seen the dancing side 'take off' to this extent.


Szmess Originator of DnB Step Dance

After researching further into the 'craze' spreading across East Europe, I came across a website called 'Step-pedia' which explained the beginnings of the art-form, along with dancing lessons and explanations for various moves. It was explained here that a dancer named 'Szmess' was the father of the present day DnB dance and I can't argue that his moves are second to none, since he was born in Hungary it is said that is the home of the dance.

Just a secret between me and my readers, I had a little go at it when nobody was around and it takes energy! I can't criticize these guys, I think it is original, funny and isn't it better for youngsters to be participating in something energetic rather than stuck in playing video games? or eating junk-food on the couch, maybe we should be promoting this sort of subculture more.

The 4 basic moves that you will see a lot of people dancing are firstly the X-Outing, The X-Step, Front to Back and the Leg-Lift.

The X-Outing involves jumping forward with your right leg touching the floor with the front of your shoe, then jump backwards landing on you heel and extending your left leg back in the air and flinging it to the right. Repeat with other leg.

The X-Step involves twisting your right leg with an inwards motion and then jumping and landing on your heels, repeat but then with your left leg facing inwards.

The front to back and leg leg-lift are pretty self explanatory once you have seen some of the videos I have included and you always should try to add your own little moves and combinations.  There are other new moves coming out as we speak I imagine, one such move you can look-up on YouTube is called the X-Technick.

All illustrations by Richieb799
All illustrations by Richieb799

 I looked around on the Internet for photos labeled for 'reuse' but was unable to find any, I really think this style of street dance could evolve and therefore I tried to create some 'iconic artwork' to represent it. I believe it is in a completely different league to break dancing for example, because it doesn't involve any spinning, touching the ground or particular hand movements as yet, although arm movements could be the next step for the dancing to develop slightly.

Russian Polina

Above we witness Polina who is a Moscow born DnB fan who loves to just dance! From what I know she is part of the 'Nepolina' team, which her boyfriend Nepster also belongs to, however she has all her individual moves, you can see she is using the X-Step here and I like the way she twists her one leg behind the other around halfway through the video.

I have included one last video to end the article with because I wanted to talk about how others have been accused of mimicking rather than including their own signature moves. It all started when Szmess began and the first Russian to arrive 'Kakoc' uploaded a video which included very similar moves to Szmess, there are even comparison videos now floating around. Here is Kakoc just for you to make your own opinion, he is in all black, however I think TZa in the white t-shirt is coming with his own style.

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Ann Nonymous profile image

Ann Nonymous 6 years ago from Virginia

Hey Richie! I have never heard or seen of this before. It looks intriguing! Thanks for sharing it with us in such a great hub. Also congratulations on your 70th hub. keep up the great work!

sophs 6 years ago

Haha, I love this hub it's awesome! I didn't know there were actual dance moves to DnB! :o All I have now is a picture stuck in my head of you trying to do it aha! I think you should make your own video and put it on here! lol. Grea hub Richie, rated up :)

prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 6 years ago from US

wow, I love dancing richie, YES, Maita

raybanwayfarer profile image

raybanwayfarer 6 years ago

Yep, I hate to say it but I reckon the dance is pretty cool... and hard to do actually!

Nice hub.


PS. Congrats on 70th.

suny51 6 years ago

Hi friend-remember me? you know every one loves dancing here,though I am not good at that I must say.bye...

Tarek-FM 6 years ago

Gr8 stuff,thx 4 posting!! been looking for more info on this but its not really taken off in the uk!!

Wish there was a group in london!!

monstor 5 years ago

Started checking out the DnB dance style last year before going see Pendulum (was too crowsed to move, so oh well), but found the Russian and Eastern European kid's videos. I was fascinated by the style and started learning it. I'm 41 and still keep working on it. It does take lots of energy, but it is so fun! Thanks for the brief history on it.

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