Doing it With Adam Lambert - Are You?

Have you heard? Everybody's doing it with Adam Lambert!

You don’t’ have to be a Glambert to appreciate Adam Lambert’s latest sexy rock star move and want to do it with him. You don’t even have to like his music. Non-Glamberts around the world are doing it with Adam Lambert these days. They can’t resist his latest come-on. Because this rock star thinks it’s sexy to spread the love. He thinks it’s sexy to care. And he believes there’s enough of you out there that think it’s sexy too. Because a billion people around the globe don’t have a simple thing that most of us take for granted – clean water. Definitely. Not. Sexy.

As reported last week in my article, “Adam Lambert Pulls an Oprah”, on Jan. 14th Adam quietly put out the call for his fans to do it with him, to give this simple gift of clean water to those in need. To stop the spread of disease and death caused by the lack of access to one essential and abundant resource, clean water. He set a goal to raise $29,000 for charity:water, hoping to reach it in two weeks. It was a done deal in six hours. Glambert power noted, in true optimistic Glambert fashion, Adam upped his goal to $290,000. And one week later, he has raised over $90,000. That amount of money will provide clean water for 4,500 people. Sexy as hell!

With one week left to meet his goal, Adam can raise the remaining $203,000 if you do it with him, if you think caring is sexy too. Most are giving in amounts containing the number 29. You can give $.29, $29, $1.29, $290, any amount brings Adam closer to his goal and more suffering people closer to having clean water. Oh, and don't forget to ask at work if your company will match any donation you make. Your boss might want to do it with Adam too.

Doing it with Adam Lambert definitely has its rewards. Many can tell you from personal experience that giving to charity:water feels real sexy. The resulting rush experienced from helping others in need of something essential for life and good health is practically orgasmic!

So get out your credit card, your checkbook, your piggy bank, and do it with Adam Lambert, you sexy thang!!!! Satisfaction is guaranteed!

And just think! You'll be able to tell your grand kids that you did it with a Grammy nominated rock star!

Adam's charity:water campaign ends on April 18th. All who donate $100 or more will receive a signed photo of Adam until his $290,000 goal is reached.

Bookmark the link to this page and check back in here often to follow Adam's progress to see if he reaches his $290,000 goal by his birthday, Jan. 29th. I will be posting periodic updates of the amount raised as donations bring Adam closer to this goal. If he doesn't reach it by 1/29, the campaign ends on 4/18, and in all probability, he WILL raise over $290,000 for charity:water and provide clean accessible water for over 14,000 people!


1/23/11 5PM ET: $95,176 !

1/23/11 11:30PM ET $101,227 !

1/24/11 8:45PM ET $106,529 !

1/25/11 10:25PM ET $110,509 !

1/26/11 4:00PM ET $115,793 !

1/28/11 1:30AM ET $119,187 !

1/29/11 1/13/11 2:30PM ET $180,486 and site crashed !

5:50PM ET: Site backup. Total = $195,042 ! $100,000 in 6 days!

1/30/11 1:00AM ET: After 3 charity:water site crashes $242,232 !

1/30/11 3:00PM ET: $254,500 !

1/31/11 $261,587 !

2/5/11 $272,185 !

2/7/11 $275,039 !

2/8/11 $280,444 !

2/9/11 $285,210 !

2/10/11 4:00PM ET: Adam Lambert has reached his charity:water campaign goal of $290,000. Good going Adam and fans!

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Comments 13 comments

Karena 6 years ago

Ah, Katie!

Another masterpiece, and so much fun!!!

'Doing it with Adam' is an experience we will savour forever!

Thank you for another amazing article.

Karena xo

MoovieBassets 6 years ago

Katie, you are a friggin' genius! Love it!

adam fan 6 years ago

Thanks for helping Adam with his charity!! Go Adam Unfbert

Jason 6 years ago

Your right, I'm a new fan who wants to "do" it with Adam Lambert! Hell, I think I am going to check out his music now too!!! Great cause, good for him!!

Mandi 6 years ago

i did it with adam lambert, it felt great u should do it too. Oh adam unfbert.hehe

Whisper 6 years ago

Great article!

chrissie00 6 years ago

Way to go Katie!I sure did it with Adam...(*sigh*if only...) ;-)))

asiladam 6 years ago

Great article, Katie!!! Feel bad for those not doing it w/ Adam yet.

Judy 6 years ago

Katie,you're amazing ! Great article !

manhatten145 profile image

manhatten145 6 years ago

Been doin it with ADAM! ONLY on the hush hush, way to go Adam Lambert you sexy thing!:)

sizzling 6 years ago

Katie, you are amazing, creative, fun, and very smart! Yup, I did it with Adam. Very sexy...(blush...)

Debbie 6 years ago

Jason....check out his music you won't be disappointed.

Debbie222 6 years ago

Hi Katie,

Another great article regarding Adam Lambert. Keep up the good work !! :)

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