Doobie Brothers Concert Review 1980

A Real Rock Show !

The first song I ever heard by the Doobie Brothers was China Grove. Seeing how it was about 1979 when I heard it, I was blown away. All the sudden this groups songs was being played all over FM radio. As I became aware of them, their rock-funk fusion was something so dynamic, something that no other moderate size band was doing at the time. How did they have the ability to appeal to me and my guy friends-as well as their girlfriends ? I was able to find out the answer as on Friday June 18 1980 when I saw them in concert at the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford, Connecticut.

Playing to the sold out arena, I considered this the classic version of the band. Bandmembers at that time included Patrick Simmons, John McFee, Willie Weeks, Keith Knudsen, Chet McCracken, Bobby LaKind and Cornelius Bumpus. Also it included everybodys girlfriends favorite Michael McDonald.

As best as I can remember, among songs played that evening included; Listen To The Music, Rockin Down The Highway, Jesus Is Just Alright, China Grove and Takin It To The Streets. Two songs that really got the crowd going included Black Water and What A Fool Believes, during which I heard teenage girls scream like I never heard before when Michael McDonald was singing.

However this was no teeny bopper bring your parents with you concert. This show, and the 2 other times I saw them within the next 15 months was a pure rock-jazz-funk fusion fest that made you happy you were there. Also-it just blew my mind that Patrick Simmons would jump off stage into the crowd while still playing his wireless guitar. Thank was big technology for the early 1980's. Nobody talked about disco or hair bands yet, at least not my friends. We all just enjoy the kick-butt show we were lucky enough to had seen. Great way to start the ‘80's !

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