Double Meaning Products I Spotted While Shopping

Some interesting cereal

Not too sure what is in this stuff - I didn't really want to pick it up and check the ingredients!

Some more, interesting cereal

Not too sure what is in this but, they are clearly trying a clever marketing ploy. I am sure Jesus would love this marketing style - exploiting peoples beliefs to make some $

Is it possible the cleanse heavy metal for ones ears?

I saw this one and had to laugh a little. I guess it is my brain looking for double meanings - morning, noon, and night!

I have a few friends which would not take it based on the name and their taste in rock music... \m/

So Say Brother Nathan

Most people who would like this I suspect do not have much money.. but it made me laugh!

The funny thing was

While I was there two ambulance drivers showed up - ambulance parked outside. I thought they were there to help someone - turns out they were getting food!

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