yesteryear swapnasundari Hema malini

Hema Malini amazing face,great shape body

mature hema
mature hema
wet body
wet body
sexy figure
sexy figure
fine shaped body
fine shaped body

swapnasundari hema malini

  I have grown up with seeing hema malini in bollywood film.I first saw her in movie Bandish with Rajesh khanna.her expression in song "mere hosh le lo deewana banao" made me deewana of her.then I saw kudarat movie where rare hot scene given by hema with rajkumar.just watch this two vidio I have attached in this hub.

  Hema malini is real dream girl having amazing attractive face with nicely shape body,Just see the images attached and you will agree with she is member of parliament and showing her social awareness

hema malini rain song

hema malini rare scene

HEMA MALINI,real GOLD beauty

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Rahul 7 years ago

Great collection!

shasita 6 years ago

i like hema mamaline

risve 6 years ago

i like hema malina.she is a very sexy

amit 5 years ago

Please mention the movie name from which photo is selected

Mehmood 5 years ago

Hema is old but very hot and bold. Old is gold

Ramesh 5 years ago

Well i would like to see her first hindi movie Sapno ka Saudagar and Bandish as well

Could you please in database of youtube


sagar 3 years ago

please post the movie name from which these photos were taken

Rashim 3 years ago

Ente ponnu charakke ninte mulaym pokkulum vayarum ellam orikkal njan pannum............I love chakkareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

rajeev 3 years ago

Sundariyenal ethu thane ithu vare.Indiayude rani namude rani.Njangal malayalikalude sheelama 70 nod adukunu entha soundharyam kandu noku.Eniku samshayamundu evaril aranu sundhariyenu .Hema chechi sary mati modern dres edanam.Chechiyku ashamsakal

sushil 2 years ago

I like hema malini stunning structure

pramod vyas 2 years ago


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