A History of Dubstep and Songs Worth Listening To

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Parts Of A Dubstep Song


"As in classic UK garage music, dubstep historically has been compromised of a few sections. The second section...the bass drop...is what made dubstep so popular in the first place..."

  1. The intro
  2. The bass drop
  3. The main riff (or mid-section)
  4. The outro

What Is Dubstep?

Let's think electricity for a second. If you can hear the sound in your head, you're on the right track. Dubstep is like electricity, but instead, the electrical sound is your sub-bass "wubbing" in your speakers somewhere around 90Hz. That's a low sound, that's why it's called sub-bass.

Ammunition Records coined the term "dubstep" to describe the music around 2002. A club called "Forward>>" was dedicated to playing the genre of music featuring distortion effects, sub-bass and virtually all those "electrical" sounding noises.

After getting attention from BBC Dubstep became a world-wide phenomenon incorporating synthesizers, keyboards, turntables, drums, and a "Filthy dub" of instruments imaginable. Almost anything can be made into Dubstep. Almost.

Dubstep is...

“tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals.” -AllMusic

Dubstep Fans...

Tu further attempt an understanding of what inspired Dubstep, we can turn our attention to the video below. Ladies and gentlemen, Dubstep Guns.

  • Intro: 0:26 - 0:59
  • Bass Drop: 1:00 - 1:13, 1:28 - 1:40, 1:58 - 2:20

And now, some Dubstep...

The collection of songs is very limited compared to what is out there now. Scroll to the bottom for a good link on where to discover a lot more.

Klaypex is known for a more prevalent electronic integration into their songs. That plus trance, one could argue. Really cool idea for the "Rain" video. Bass drop at 0:57

"Lights" has this similar techno-trance feel with a bass drop at 0:56.

A longer dubstep mix by DJ Mindfield. Chill-Out Dubstep.

Modestep is a bass heavy band from London (surprise). Their debut is "Feel Good" and this song, "To The Stars" was number 9 on the UK Dance charts. Somehow space and dubstep seem to complement each other well in this video.

Mimosa is known for incorporating techno into their dubstep. As opposed to most Skrillex songs, Mimosa's dubstep has a more definite beat and rhythm.

We can't have a dubstep article without mentioning Skrillex. "Bangarang" is a good song with a definite bass drop at 0:27. In fact, if you listen closely this song even tells you when the bass drops happen. Listen for the quick "bass drop" at 0:26. Skrillex songs are particularly known for their dramatic bass drops.

In "Reptile" the drop is at 0:35

These "Breakbeat Banditos" got together after they talked and discovered their similar tastes in music. Definitely a more drumstep sound in this song. Bass drop at 0:35.

One of UKFDubstep's first songs on Youtube. The popular dubstep channel got their start 3 years ago when they uploaded their first song Black Sun Empire - Hyper Sun, which featured heavy emphasis on the actual dubstep.

In Nero - Act Like You Know the bass drop is dragged on but starts at 1:23

Fractals by Seven Lions has an epic bass drop at 1:45 and another at 3:13, give it a listen.

Seven Lions - Fractals

What's on UKF?

Klaypex: "Ready To Go" Album

This collection of songs is very limited compared to what is out there now. A good place to start is on Youtube, by checking out UKF Dubstep's channel. (UK Funky...bad name, good music). They bring together a multitude of bands that compose dubstep and it's a good way to discover bands you like.


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Perspycacious profile image

Perspycacious 2 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

Now I know how Dubstep became a Hub Step, interesting disection.

joedolphin88 profile image

joedolphin88 2 years ago from north miami FL

Not a dubstep fan but as a man of music theory I respect your points and how you've put in some very detailed information to the style at which the music plays. You've created some appreciation for the art form for me.

Mike Robbers profile image

Mike Robbers 4 years ago from London

Great presentation londonlady :)

and merry christmas!

Londonlady profile image

Londonlady 4 years ago Author

I'm glad to hear that, agvulpes. I love discovering new music too. :)

agvulpes profile image

agvulpes 4 years ago from Australia

Thank you for the education I had no idea that this type of music is called Dubstep. I enjoyed listening and watching the videos :)

Londonlady profile image

Londonlady 4 years ago Author

Oh, definitely! That's a really good remake of the original. Thanks for the link and comment :)

Insane Mundane profile image

Insane Mundane 4 years ago from Earth

You can't have a Hub about the DubStep without this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXO-jKksQkM&fea...


Londonlady profile image

Londonlady 4 years ago Author

Thanks Learn Things Web, I'm glad you found it useful.

Learn Things Web profile image

Learn Things Web 4 years ago from California

I just came across the term Dubstep a few days ago and I was wondering what it was. It's great to be able to listen to these examples.

Break of Dawn profile image

Break of Dawn 4 years ago

Great to find a hub about Dubstep. I enjoy this music, not all, but most. I find it to be relaxing and great music to write to. I love the Dubstep Violin performance by Lindsey Stirling. Have you heard of her? It's absolutely beautiful. Thank you for a great read and some great music.

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