DUBSTEP ARTISTS - Who's The Best Dubstep Artists?

Benga - One of the most popular Dubstep Artists Today
Benga - One of the most popular Dubstep Artists Today

Top 10 Dubstep Artists

There are so many great dubstep artists to choose from now. Which is really a testimony of how popular dubstep music has become. However, my list of top 10 Dubstep Artists would have to:

  1. Burial
  2. Skream
  3. Benga
  4. Joker
  5. Rusko
  6. Excision
  7. SPL
  8. Pinch
  9. N Type
  10. Matt U

Check Out This Dubstep Classic

Biggest Dubstep Songs

Dubstep has loads of genres and each genre has loads of "hits" but sometimes a tune will be so large it will be a hit across the whole spectrum. Here are a few of them:

  • Benga & Coki - Night
  • Skream - Midnight Request Line
  • Joker - Tron
  • Burial - Archangel
  • Excision & Datsik - Swagga
  • Rusko - Hammertime

Top 5 Dubstep Albums

Suprisingly there hasn't been that many Dubstep Albums over the last few years but my favorites would have to be:

  1. Burial - Untrue
  2. Burial - Burial
  3. Benga - Diary of an Afro Warrior
  4. Pinch - Underwater Dancehall
  5. Skream - Skream!

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sum 1 6 years ago


dub mothaf**kin steppa 6 years ago

i agree wheres the borgore hes dope shit

WobWobWobBah 6 years ago

Yeeea borgore, Cookie Monsta and Flux Pavillion arent up there man! what kinda list is this

tire_store 6 years ago

Datsik should defintly be on this list along with the others suggested

wompwompwomp 6 years ago

umm arent we forgetting the best dub artist of all time??


Miguel 6 years ago

Is ac skater dubstep?

999531 6 years ago

ha, my sister is dating a guy in datsik

huh? 6 years ago

hows your sister dating some one in datsik? Datsik is one guy aka Troy B....

dauntlessdnb profile image

dauntlessdnb 6 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author


ashleysb 6 years ago

boregore guided relaxation is the best

iSmokeKush 6 years ago


MAtt 6 years ago


cookie8888 profile image

cookie8888 6 years ago from Indianapolis, IN

Big fan of Burial...I'm deifnitely going to check out some more of these artists. Nice hub

automattic 6 years ago

where the hell is datsik?

TechNikMan 6 years ago

Joker, BareNoize, Skrillex, Sukh Knight, Mt.Eden, Vaski, -N- yea Excision & Datsik. but I really think the list could go on & on & on ya know

DJ Mike Flanagan profile image

DJ Mike Flanagan 6 years ago from Northern California

always tried to classify bassnectar. unsure if i agree.

Dubslut 6 years ago

Skirllex is killing it at the moment, defo a fan of Flux P, J.Rabbit, Joker, Javan Dee, Borgore, Mala, Coki, The list could go on, big up to all producers.

acidDISTORTION 6 years ago

Flux Pavillion, Skrein, and Datsik all need to be added.

Roids 6 years ago

i disagree wit this list! there r much better artist then most of wats up there!

kyle 6 years ago

Def Nero and Basshunter

SayWhat? 6 years ago

I don't mean to be the dude who emphasizes the lack of Bassnectar on that list but seriously? Plus Skream is like ambient trash techno that you would hear on hold or in an elevator.

Acidlabz 6 years ago

Come on, only one person mentioned downlink. He is definitely up there with the others. Yeah and WTF to Skream?

TRoK 6 years ago

Skrillex is the sikkest!!

dauntlessdnb profile image

dauntlessdnb 6 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

True, the face of Dubstep is constantly changing with more and more brilliant artists being discovered every day.

Sure I think Datsik, Reso, Discotheque, Skrillex... can and should be on the list. However, I could have gone on and on...

Keep the names coming. I think its great because it will open our ears and keep us informed!

SKrillexxxxxxxx 6 years ago


dubkiller 6 years ago

1st off

Rusko hasn't made a good track in god knows how long.

Skream is OK


And Reso is god tier

skrillex is ok, i like him, but i can practically hear the loops he throws on every track.

but the tops are seriously this






also, basshunter is not even dubstep.

AlanSwenson profile image

AlanSwenson 6 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

Also, that Skeam album is called Skream! you forgot the ! and the track is midnight request line, you forgot the midnight.

dubqueen 6 years ago

skrillex, tek-one, rusco, excision, datsik. < 3

deoh 6 years ago

dubstep is sick listen to datsik and tek-one

cODEineCITY 6 years ago

there are so many amazing dubstep artists, i don't really think there can be a #1. many artists have many popular songs, it's hard to choose whose at the top

dubsteppin 6 years ago


just575 profile image

just575 6 years ago from Oxford

What about Appleblim and Peverelist? Bristol's finest.

zellodine 6 years ago

does no one like Caspa or Dub Rex?

Dubitdown 6 years ago

Really the true person is 6Blocc

Hyperazn 6 years ago

You people aren't understanding this list. This list is this persons interpretation of the best dub artists out, not who is the newest or most popular, you people need to be a little more open minded and soak up the appreciation for the music this guy is trying to show. If you disagree with his list go to a forum and make your own damn list. Stop complaining, appreciate. I personally agree this list is missing some greats, but is still a bangin list of artists.

Alexxx 6 years ago

There is no "best" artist.

But if there was to be the most "creative" artist it would be Borgore.

He's just brilliant.

ericmothafuckingg 6 years ago

yoooooo its all about bassline smith and drumsound

daNIGUHtoast 6 years ago

Boregore is F'n horrible. The noise my poop makes when it hits the toilet water sounds better than his music -_-

Steve 6 years ago

Where is the Liquid Stranger on here? Skrillex has had some awesome stuff recently. (but it helps when you've got the backing of Deadmau5) J. Rabbit, Joker, Riskotheque, Doctor P, the list goes on...

Sean 6 years ago

Skrillex is best dubstep artist ever

basshead 6 years ago

16bit.. skrillex.. Bassnectar.. Excision.. Calyx.. the list goes on..

Alastair 6 years ago

thanks to everyone who posted, I looked everyone up I didn't know of and, found a lot of good music! calyx/b-complex/netsky does anyone know of any other artists in the same style (drum n bass ? I know its not really dubstep but they are awesome! and if you could name a few of your absolute favorite dubstep songs :) I'd really appreciate it!!! thanks

fitz 6 years ago

yo i gotta say for ME (notice the emphasis on me lol) i love borgore just honestly because he doesn't give a fuck. excision and datsik will always be sick,i like downlink, shekel should be up there though in my opinion, idk i like the pure filth that shekel puts out, the kind that makes you want to slaughter a random family with a rusty wood saw and paint a picture with the blood splatter ;) dubba jonny has a few good tracks, you should check out his ukf tutorial on dubstep and then the vip, but my favorite version is A Brief Tutorial On Vip Production (Vip) its pretty sick, j. rabbit deffineatly has a lot of good mixes. crazy talk is definitely one of my favorites by j. rabbit. flux pavilion has pretty good tracks as well, and diesel is pretty sick, defineatly ove burial, joker is the shit, bassnectar is great too, and i could go on and on like some others have said but here's a list of my favorite (leaving out a lot) songs/mixes (not in order)

excision- shambhala 2010

reploid- downlink

swagga- excision (just a classic)

southpaw- datsik

this is not our planet- shekel

smokin blunts makin cream- shekel

you cant spell slaughter without laughter- shekel

slaughter (vip)- shekel (i like shekel so wat dgaf)

(way too many)- borgore (i like just about everything from borgore so yeah)

all in- dubba jonny

A Brief Tutorial On Vip Production (Vip)- dubba jonny

crazy talk- j.rabbit

too much sexy- j.rabbit

somewhere around barstow- j.rabbit- dnb/dubstep (one of my all time favs)

i cant stop-flux pavilion

man this list would be soo long if i said them all it would go on for days aha, but i hope u get something from that and that i didn't just waste your time reading this

sorry if i kinda went off on an idk wat to call it but there ya go :)

fitz 6 years ago


i meant to type definitely love burial lol

and sorry for my rant but that's just how i am,

i also have a group on facebook that is just a dubstep group and u can join and post watever dubstep u heard that u like or watever and i always post shit and u can post and find out about shows and shit idk, its not that big yet but its getting there

here if ur interseted http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_15387192...

well heres wat i have to say about dubstep

dubtep to me is life, it is the noise keeping me alive, it is my best friend and my true love, the thing i can always rely on, so thank you for your post of your favorite artist. SBL.

Rabbit 6 years ago


wig 6 years ago

1. Skream

2. Nero

3. Burial

4. Chase & Status

5. Excision/Datsik

6. Breakage

7. Benga

8. Flux Pavilion

9. Caspa

10. Rusko

Respect to the dubstep innovators, those who created the genre and continue to innovate. I'm hating all this commercial shit these days. Real dubstep lovers don't listen to trash like borgore, I can handle filth alright, just not tracks that barely constitute music. All these new artists try to better each other by creating the 'flithiest', most screwed up tracks. True dubheads listen to quality dubstep, the sort of dubstep that built from devotion to the genre, not just jumping on the filth bandwagon. Listen to the above artists if you want to hear real, quality dubstep.

tyler 6 years ago

BAR 9!! also druley and chasing shadows. the list cant go on too long cause half the dubstep artists are afraid to get FILTHY

fitz 6 years ago

@ wig - well i must say that i like borgore. i understand why you wouldn't though, as i used to not like him at all, i thought the same of him as you do but what i like about him is that he has his own style, and he sticks to it and he can make really good just straight dubstep too. i think overall that we have different tastes in dubstep, i do like the filthy shit but i can also usually tell when people just try too hard to make it filthy, and it usually sounds stupid. and borgore, if you really listen to the dubstep aspect of his music he can fuck shit up without even trying. however i really dislike rusko i don't know he just has too many different sounds.

but i respect your opinion and realize that when it comes to what you like you are never wrong. im just putting in my 2 cents :)

r1chee 6 years ago

and don't forget MIMOSA he is a up and comer great music though

Jonathon  6 years ago

So I saw Borgore live and from that night on if he isn't on any great dubstep list the list is automatically BS. Also, Bass Head by Bassnectar one of the best songs ever

Matty D 6 years ago

BASSNECTARD IS NOT A DUBSTEP DJ! Ok, i do like bassnectar a little but Lorin himself says all the time he is not a dubstep dj. I don't claim to know a lot about the subject but i know that. Do some research. Bitches!

liZ 6 years ago


errrsorry 5 years ago

what's with the ephasis on commercial dubstep here? hellfire machina maybe, or the others.

but to go on this list, definatly:

Skrillex, The Widdler, Datsik, DZ

LSDtripB 5 years ago

listen n weep bitches this is >THE< tune.

RED STALKER 5 years ago

My TOP 10!

1 - Rusko

2 - Caspa

3 - Benga

4 - 16 BIT

5 - BAR9

6 - Doctor P

7 - Datsik

8 - Downlink

9 - Chrispy

10 - Flux Pavilion

chritstina 5 years ago

yall want to hear some real dumbstep or house? yo check out DJ PLUR hes not big but hes one of the best i know!

J-Dog 5 years ago

How about Slugabed, Nitgrit, Modestep, Starkey, cookie monsta'..? Hmm.??

JJ 5 years ago

A few of you know what's up, props to you because of it... This list is bogus, anyone who makes a "top dubstep artist list" without Bassnectar in or at the top of the list, doesn't know crap about dubstep... If it wasn't for him - none of these other artist would be jack. He's the godfather. Seriously... and then to put Skream on the list is ridiculous. they are NOT dubstep (may have a few dubstep like songs, but really, now...)

fours20 5 years ago


YingXSKRILLEX~! 5 years ago


papasight 5 years ago

If you know about the roots of Dubstep and the artists who have

Formed the genre then what fault can be found with his list.

Sorry, but Bassnectar does not have a place on the list if

Seen in this light. Skream was there from the beginning. Burial is

an amazing and innovative producer. Plastician in my opinion should

be on this list. Do your research. True original Dubstep is just that-

dub-step. Innovation is great but that's why they don't even call Rusko

Dubstep anymore....because it's not. As it moves into the mainstream

It will become something that most of today's 'whatever is popular'

Kids will eat up, while the rest of the true lovers of Dubstep will keep

bumpin sounds like the DMZ. Peace.

kyle 5 years ago

1. Cookie Monsta

2. Skrillex

3. Chrispy

4. Skream

5. Rusko

6. Bassnectar

7. Caspa

8. Downlink

9. DMZ

10. Datsik

adjk12 5 years ago

I'm with Steve, where is Liquid Stranger? His new album is epic.

Love this page though, maybe the posters list is wrong (or his using the word "best" is wrong), but all the other artists people are listing helped me get some new artists I hadn't heard of (since I'm new to dubstep) like skrillex and downlink. This was my whole point in looking at this page in the first place.

I saw Chrispy mentioned a few times, if you haven't heard his predator EP mix, I recommend heading to youtube and checking it out.

dauntlessdnb profile image

dauntlessdnb 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

This page was written awhile ago so some of the Dubstep artists may have come and gone. However, I'm loving ALL the new DUBSTEP ARTISTS that people are putting up.


byrdie 5 years ago

the list is pretty good, im complaining about is these comments about bassnectar, its not dubstep, its a show, lorin stated its a project that he entitled bassnectar to be an entertainment dj, come on you guys, have you not noticed who exactly is showing up to his shows... these "bassheads" are a bunch of frat and sororities claiming their "love" for dubstep when in all actualityits not, sorry guys but its the truth, but to give lorin credit he puts on one hell of a show

Myles 5 years ago

Zeds Dead...

Realz 5 years ago

Jj , your are a f&@$ing idiot. What a dumbass. You know absolutely jack about Dubstep. Shut the he'll up. What a moron. Go write in the idiots forum and maybe they will buy your bullshit.

arran.b 5 years ago

lol, u people obviously don't know a lot about dubstep, uve missed out the best try these...

.Digital Mystikz







.Africa hitech

.Rustie, Not dubstep but good, Hudson mohawke, ikonika,scuba,cotti,Randomer, Ginz...

Nic 5 years ago

Docter P, Skrillex, Nero and Flux Pavillion are LEGIT

townsend 5 years ago

your all tripin the best dubstep artist is zeds dead and why is isn't up here is beyond me.

townsend 5 years ago

jj u r an idiot if anything skream is on of the oldest dub step artist out there and everything they ever made as far as i know is dub step it's just sounds a little different because it's older like check out dubwarz by caspa it's dub step but quite similar

rabbithole 5 years ago


dub machina 5 years ago

why choose btw the bests? combine them and make a ba track http://9220fl1iucbnkym3vyvj-02zec.hop.clickbank.ne...

mizzcharmz 5 years ago

skrillex ranks high for me.... but see i listened to a lot of these artists listed as "top 10" and they all are sooooo tame, its just sad, i want music that blows my face off... not that makes me throw up

oh, and im sorry to the person who thinks bassnector is dubstep.... they are NOT... not that i am saying that they are not good, because they are excellent

kat xx 5 years ago

SKRILLEZ !!!!!!!!!!!!

chris kern 5 years ago

dr p. flux pavilion the widdler borgore tha list goes on.

tim 5 years ago

Nero hands down

Some dude 5 years ago

Where's Ajapai?

DJ Pain 5 years ago

I am a DJ since the 80s doing hip hop and now just starting to listen to Dubstep. This stuff is tight as hell. I mixed a couple trax with some Hardstyle/Techno on my last CD and I am now hooked. I plan on playing around with this stuff, but the hardcore dubstep goes well with hardstyle. I have so much to learn about this. So far I like Datsik & Excision, Caspa & Rusko a lot and a few other artist like Plasticman, etc. I really think it depends on what type of style you like. I like that hard outta space sounds.

DJ Pain 5 years ago

Chrispy is tight too!!!

DJ Pain 5 years ago

Don't forget about Cookie Monsta.... CRAZY!!!!

DJ Swilch 5 years ago

Top Ten For Me:

Digital Mystikz (Mala & Coki)






Magnetic Man (Benga, Skream & Artwork)

The Widdler


Tek One

DJ Swilch 5 years ago

Top Ten Tracks For Me:

Guido - Korg Back

Burial - Archangel

Coki - Bass

6Blocc - Never Scared

Emalkay - When I Look At You

Finally - Kings Of Tomorrow (JOR-ONE/ELKAT Remix)

KUNG - White

Joker - Psychedelic Runway

Benga & Coki - Night

Kid Cudi - Day N Nite (The Widdler's Remix)

DJ Swilch 5 years ago

There are sooo many more essential tracks though than those ten. You can't narrow it down to ten really

Ganja 5 years ago

Mt Eden is so underrated. His self titled album contains track after track of well composed dubstep melodies, bass and vocals.

Favs: - Bat for lashes (Dubstep perfection)

- Beautiful lies (soothing with an undercurrent of dub)

John 5 years ago

for all of you who are true dubstep fans you have to give props to skrillex for making some of the best drops we've heard in a while and he has two albums and has been out for less than a year so its a little early to be putting him up there as top 10 but is certinatly on his way there

NinjaPlease 5 years ago

Someone's forgetting Skrillex.

rosieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 5 years ago

where is NERO!?!?! he is sikk! and i agree DatsiK should be in this too. and FluxPavillion.

3 BIG names right there!

MCVT 5 years ago

There are several great Dubstep bands from France including High Tone and Brain Damage - heavy and experimental....

Bronwyn 5 years ago


Wamperz xx 5 years ago

Skrillex is where it's @@@@@ fools.

Dubstep-Loveer 5 years ago

Anyone heard of Emalkay? Bloody brilliant.

JewBallz712 5 years ago

Borgore, Flux Pav, Pantyraid, Propa Tingz, etc........ c`mon yes yes some of those artists are ok, but if you like the grimiest of the grime get up on that harder shit

Jewbs712 5 years ago

Also I agree, skream is lame sauce.Bassnectar, datsik, excision, etc.... fuck whoever made that top ten list is a punkass who's got no idea what's up and needs to get FIRED, or at least stroke out from being a dubtard

DJ Swilch 5 years ago

Sorry guys but Skrillex is soo bad, he doesn't have any sub bass in his tracks (it's all midrange bass that sounds like bass on your phones and laptop speakers) and it isn't always about the filth. Yea benga and skream can be a little overrated sometimes but magnetic man are sooo sick, and no one can deny that. Go back to the roots of dubstep people: deeper, darker, dubbier stuff. That's the good shit, digital mystikz n stuff

Eugene 5 years ago

I just love a song by Nero - Innocence

Xploit 5 years ago

My favs are Datsik, Skrillex, Downlink, Excision, Bar 9, Reso, Diesel, Skism and Doctor P

Kasper 5 years ago

My personal favorites are: zeds dead, mt eden, skrillex and joker

arya 5 years ago

check out symbiz sound from germany. best song is who cares.

Garrett Mickley profile image

Garrett Mickley 5 years ago from Jupiter, Florida

Doctor P is my favorite right now, but everything else you have on the list is sick.

But LOL @ all the Skrillex fanboys.




SKRILLEX HAS LIKE what? 5 Dubstep songs?

His House and Dnb(yes he does do those stfu little kids)

are good but he is not good enough

JZG 5 years ago

Why are people naming Brostep/Fagstep artists?

This is Dubstep Artists.

Excision and Ajapai are the Two Exceptions but they arent on the list

Sonny, 5 years ago

Why the hell does everyone Forget the one and ONLY,

---> CASPA

NOPE!! 5 years ago

OKAY NO WTF?!!?!!!

Bassnectar is good, but that's all dub-fakers ever talk about is damn bassnectar. the real shit is





Chase and Status



Doctor P ({hes aiight)

i mean cmon i could go on all day but don't call Bassnectar the ONLY known dub., like wtf?

???... 5 years ago

I agree on a certain level but some should be replaced by Skrillex, Flux pavillion, Mt Eden (Maybe), Chase & Status, Modestep which i have not heard anybody say a word about and definatly Nero.

These artists for me, are the most know dubstep artists out there and for those saying skrillex shouldn't be put on the list because the amount of songs, Quality not Quantity.

Some well known and breath taking dubstep tracks:

Nero-promises (Skrillex remix)


Flux pavilion-Bass cannon

Chase & status-Blind faith

And so on...

darnitman 5 years ago

we need GoingQuantum!

mewtwo 5 years ago

Where the eff is J.Rabbit! Go listen , all his shit is top A class, Doctor is a legend as well.

mewtwo 5 years ago

Where the eff is J.Rabbit! Go listen , all his shit is top A class, Doctor is a legend as well.

vini 5 years ago


genetix 5 years ago

Squid attack!

Jacob 5 years ago

My top 10

1: DatsiK

2: Bassnectar

3: Excision

4: Flux pavilion

5: Skrillex

6: torqux


DJ Skizzshok 5 years ago

Just bought a new dubstep cd at the mall by Omar Santana & Evan Gamble Lewis? Whoa!!! INSANE Why have I never even heard of them before!? ADD THEM TO THE LIST!

CO-IEXXiiST 5 years ago


Blah blah blah 5 years ago

Benny Benassi?! O.o

sex drugs and DUBSTEP 5 years ago

where is amphobia?

Jamie Rednap 5 years ago

'Orthodox Junkies' are gonna be a big name soon. a proper live dubstep band. Not one of those pussy dubstep bands that have turned the genre completely lame and pop. Loadsa different sounds too

Chase 5 years ago

ZEDS DEAD!?Doctor P!? Flux Pavilion!?Skrillex!?

wawawa waaaa 5 years ago


>:) 5 years ago

I agree with JZG. Everyone here is naming all the brostep artist. Doctor P is shit. Half of Skrillex's stuff isn't even dubstep. Lol, and people saying Skream is shit, when him Benga, Mala & Coki where some of the first producers of it. But then again half of the people are probably 12 years olds that think dubstep is all abouthow filthy it is

shippidge 5 years ago

i like datsik, skrillex, flux pavillion, bassnectar, and shekel

doctor p isn't all that good

omfgwtfrofloli 5 years ago

Holy crap, ppl still post comments here... e.o

rufus 5 years ago

what ab BARE??

194732 5 years ago

What??!?! Skrillex doesn't deserve to be mentioned here, his stuff is good but it's just not dubstep. It should be:

5 - Benga

4 - Coki

3 - Skream

2 - Pinch

1 - Loefah

In my opinion :)

kelsssssss 5 years ago


bryt 5 years ago

flux pavilion hard

Nipz 5 years ago

Hate to break it to u guys but skrillex aint dubstep.

Show Me Yo Nipz 5 years ago

1: SKRILLEX!!!!!!

2-10: irrelevant

irphailz 5 years ago

wow i just found this board randomly and i'm surprised no one has mentioned Noisestrom(Eion O' Brion)

He's kinda small time i guess, but he's one of the best artist i know.

Henru 5 years ago

Guys it's the author's top 10. If you don't agree with it go make your top 10. Oh and Skrillex is shit.

Aaron Prall 5 years ago

PRALLAGUNZ is one of usa's best.. http://soundcloud.com/prallagunz

heidi nicely 5 years ago

flux pavillion, datsik, and SKRILLEX?!

mike 5 years ago

WHAT THE HELL!! wheres skrillex!! he is the best one atm.. u cant compare to his new album 'more monsters and nice sprites' he tops all of them.

now for borgore. hes ok but id have to say that he is not real dubstep he's a piece of shit rapping to techno.. no skillz what so ever..

now that u have heard me out im done..


CALL 911 NOW!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Obvious Troll 5 years ago

Anyone claiming that Skrillex should be on this list is an idiot. He sucks.

-.- 5 years ago

Flux Pavillion is my fav

ryan 5 years ago

skrillex is the best dubstep dj i recone just wait till his new albam comes out and you will all agree with me

Rabastan41 5 years ago

Burial isn't even dubstep, it's bland garage music. The improved list - Skrillex, FuntCase, Rusko, Excision, Downlink, Bassnectar, Trolley Snatcha, Distance, 16bit, Roksonix

alan johnson 5 years ago

King of bass all the way they just started dubstep scene back in 2010 ,had 22 albums been in the charts 5 times this year alone ..www.facebook.com/iamkingbass

john karam 5 years ago


asgrjtykultlfuydytkthrs 5 years ago

skrillex isn't even dubstep.... ahahaha



flux pavilion


doctor P

masongaming.co.uk profile image

masongaming.co.uk 5 years ago from Herts, UK


GotNoName 5 years ago

this is lame! where is bassnectar? Technikal? Skrillex?Dastik?

foshogolo 5 years ago

idek haha i agree with 90% datsik is amazing..bar 9 shuold be somewere in there bengas pretty sik if u acully listen to it..and vaski :)i think






zeds dead



flux pavillion


shine 5 years ago


bassnecter ..

liquid stranger ..

... all i have to say.

Jessica 5 years ago

I have to agree with alan,king of bass is a true dubstep major pioneer but isn't giving the right credit for it..sad the young generation doesn't remember the king of bass.. :(

J450N 5 years ago

Bassnectar, flux pavilion, Pantyraid, and Bar9 for sure

costume gorilla 5 years ago

here's a few REAL Dubstep Artist on my recently played list:

Kryptic Minds



Sukh Knight








Von D







SP:MC & LX One(they have songs individually, too)


cheers, turn the subs up.

Beater 5 years ago

There are so many styles in dub. How can you really come up with a top 10? I'm a big Caspa fan. I like his minimal hip-hop flavor, but that's me. Plastican is another.

kdubs 5 years ago

skrillex aint dubstep

these are the artists that should be there in no particular order:







sukh knight



flux pavillion

doctor p

16 bit



that's all i can think of

snackms 5 years ago


Tomaii 5 years ago

ARKASIA No1!!! Feed Me, Dumbsteppaz, Dodge & Fuski!!!

Stranger 5 years ago


RAW DOG 5 years ago

anytime people are talking about DUBSTEP I have to see some stupid kids talk about skrillex this skrillex that skrillex is god. maybe of BROSTEP but get real, you cant put skrillex in the same genere as benga, skream, and other true dubstep artists. listening to skrillex is like having someone scream in your face for about an hour and a half. if skrillex is your idea of "the god of dubstep" you really don't know anything about the genre and you are probly 16 years old.

RAW DOG 5 years ago

hey snackms not one of the artists you have named is dubstep. good job kid.

NewSteppa 5 years ago

Koan Sound, Funk Blaster, and Meanwhile, in the Future

Jacob again 5 years ago

people who say skrillex is the god of dubstep well your wrong he is SHIT i sometimes listen to him but he is shit he has no bass what so ever in his music about 5/6 of his songs arent even dubstep and people think they are so BIG for listening to him i mean im only 15 dubstep is older then me skream is at the top of my list caspa is awesome distance is a good artist bassnectar isnt dubstep but he is a good music producer dubba jonny is awesome But i hate all these new dubstep producers like SKRILLSHIT and people like that datsik is a good artist and so is excision and downlink doctor p is alright but is shitflux pav ilion is mean (good) but i hate it when people say skream is shit because his drops are small and skrillex is better because he has pussy little drops with no bass what so ever i mean little kids who listen to skrillex this is a message to yous all ,skream was one of the first dubstep artists he helped make the community bigger with caspa and distance and benga NOT SKRILLEX and to be honest skrillex is actually KILLING dubstep and also cookie monsta is another great dubstep artsis =D that's all ihave to say.

adam 5 years ago


Ramtastic1 5 years ago

Jphelpz is going to be the bomb...check him out on Youtube...Dubsstep God!!

Anonymous 5 years ago


2.Dodge and Fuski

3.Porter Robinson



6.Chase and Status

7.Helicoptor Showdown

8.Koan Sound

9.Wolfgang Gartner


yo 5 years ago


stonerman 5 years ago

who ever put this list together blows cause a lot of those djs suck its all about skrillex, porter robinson, zedd zeds dead knife party an lots more rusko sucks so does buril he blows just saying hahahah

Sarsaparilla 5 years ago

This is a very good list.

Burial should be up the top, no doubt.

Benga's great as well.

Got Skream and Rusko there, that's good.


Distance. Where's he?

He's one of the only artists to ever capture what dubstep should be: dark, gritty yet somewhat soothing and ambient.

Tomyomom 5 years ago

Knife party, flux, deadmau5, 501, zedd this are some good ones

Chris 5 years ago

This thread lost all credibility the second Skrillex appeared on it. Skrillex is NOT dubstep. Deadmau5? Really?!?! And Bassnectar? Yes, he's pumped out some sick tracks, yes he's a dope producer, but he's got his hands in everything. Open your fucking ears! When people are listing Skrillex, Bassnectar and Deadmau5 as top dubstep artists, that just tells me they're clueless teenagers who were at last years Lollapalooza or Coachella.

JP 5 years ago

Loving all the Bassnectar and Skrillex fanboys hahahaha, pleasantly surprised to see Borgore being mentioned a lot even if he isn't necessarily the best artist. Still a massive fan though!

DECRYPT 5 years ago

Flux Pavilion has more veiws on one video than most of this combined why is he not on here.

DUBSTEPZ 5 years ago

MT EDEN !!!!!!!!

peter ellis 5 years ago

dubstep93 5 years ago

how can you people say skream should not be on list he was there from the start and plus he was voted best dubstep dj and the dubstep awards

AStro-bass16 profile image

AStro-bass16 5 years ago

n weres doctor p he is pretty damn good datsik,skrillex,at dawn we rage,excision, and flux pavilion there raw as well

NAME 4 years ago








( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) S~K~R~I~L~L~E~X ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

beefy 4 years ago


zoo123 4 years ago

Albums I like: Bassnectar - Divergent Spectrum

Skrillex - Bangarang

Joker - The Vision

Nero - Welcome Reality

and Excision & Poter Robinson for some

captainfox77 4 years ago

why do people keep on saying Skrillex? he isn't only dub-step that's why he isn't on the list -_- he does electro house, fidget house and brostep..... come on people

Captainfox77 4 years ago

a.k.a he isn't dubstep which is what this list is about he does a branch of dubstep and does branches of house

unkown wiseman 4 years ago

Just thinking to myself reading. That if people didn't leave such posts and comments as dauntlessdnb did then we wouldn't have had everyone throw their favorites up. Me personally when I read this skipped his post, and read the comments to find out the most agreed upon artists. Appreciate all the good bands thrown out there. Personal favorite is Cookie Monsta, and really diggin his song Optimus Prime.

Really? 4 years ago

Skrillex is a joke.. people need to expand there mind a little bit further than the ukf youtube channel.

Some one put Bass Cannon by FP and Rough Neck by S as there best dubstep songs. i like them personally but after the 3rd time of listening to them they begin to grate,


Kryptic Minds Talisman

Tunnidge Dark Skies

Coki IT

Coki Carbon Aliens

Dj Shadow Organ Donor (Proximas - Dub Donor Remix)

16 bit President of Europe

4 years ago

skrillex, datsik, flux p, and bassnectar all needed to be added (and mt eden 2)

b00mer527 4 years ago

All I hear is Skrillex, Doctor P, Flux Pavilion, Cookie Monsta, and many other crappy brostep artists that have completely mindwashed people into thinking that they are dubstep. The author of this article has the right idea, and how can you hate their picks, the ones who have CREATED the genre?

By the way, my reccomendation for the list would be Distance.

Kimmiee 4 years ago

I'm amazed as to how many people rate Skrillex so highly, I personally do enjoy some of his music but I wouldn't put him on the list. Deadmau5, whoever said him, is not dubstep whatsoever. I think Adventure club (although they do some chillstep aswell) should be up there and Arion, Gemini, Nero and Jakwob. I do agree with most on the list though :)

jc 4 years ago

best is Amdukias


(but cool stuffs in your list)

cato 4 years ago

Some people say he doesn't count but skrillex and cookie monsta and deadmau5 daftpunk

youtube 4 years ago


yo mama 4 years ago

Skrillex is pretty sick too...

Absynth 4 years ago

I love those people who go off on a rant about how much Skrillex sucks. They then forget to mention who they consider is good dubstep, followed by saying how old they believe Skrillex fans are, conveniently forgetting to mention their own age. Prob the most funny thing is the fact that they think they know shit about dubstep in the first place. Oh and while I'm at it def put Magnetic Man and Zeds Dead on the list.

COhardcore 4 years ago

Check out martyparty.... He's killin it right now!

Hannah:) 4 years ago


Drug Gateway Theory

XxNeoTapxX 4 years ago

Sorry, but skrillex is not DuB-Step I'm not saying he sux but I don't like when ppl say his dub-step! So try to keep it that way-.-

XxNeoTapxX 4 years ago

And I just needed to say that BorGore is the shit!! And I started to listen to this other guy name obsidia and I just started to like hem =^_^=

Anyonmous 4 years ago

I agree with absynth!!! Most of the people that don't like skrillex are in their 40s and don't know anything about dubstep.. Keep listening to your crappy ABBA and stop giving your opinions on modern music which you don't know anything about. And btw I think your all forgetting BLACKBURNER!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 4 years ago


XxNeoTapxX 4 years ago

Keep saying that to yourself but we all know that skrillex music is not dub step in the first place but if that makes you feel better just keep posting comments but is not going to change anything. :D

Unnamed 4 years ago

Skrillex is overrated where's Deadmau5?

Zuemadaff 4 years ago

Umm... I think skrillex is ok. Don't know why ppl r like all over him. He good, but not great. But I like his remixes though. Oh...if you like dubstep listen to asking alexsandria's stepped up and scratched album. Its awsome. I don't have a fav, cause im sort of new to dubstep...............

CendreDeLune 4 years ago

Heyhey guys !

Look My Plalist Here !


My 135 top artists of dubstep, You can add more song if u want !!

Daphne 4 years ago




Zuemada 4 years ago


Bidgeboo 4 years ago

Anyone that thinks Skrillex is Dubstep and the likes of Skream and Benga are not are mental. My top 10:

1. Pinch

2. Skream

3. Benga

4. Burial

5. Jakwob

6. Nero

7. Joker

8. Caspa

9. Friction

10. Chase & Status

Basically all British stuff. I can't stand any of that copycat, in your face, screaming shit that you lot over the pond love to claim is dubstep.

cody k 4 years ago

a lot of these artist your naming are sick but you are forgeting a great one


obviously nero skrillex flux datsik chase and status

to me bassnectar is more of a drum and bass genre with more dubstep synths

FREEwilly 4 years ago

Get it into your thick heads, Skrillex is NOT dubstep.

john 4 years ago

Best New sound in Dubstep is french Producer Amdukias.Some reggae influence and crazy stuffs...

Betterthanyourname 4 years ago

ZEDS DEAD!!!!!what's up with all yhe skrillex dick riding?skrillex is too choppy, all over the place.it has no flow no rythym.its just quick cuts.zeds dead is often forgotten but they are no doubt head n shoulders above ANY other producer.besides skrillex has double AIDS.

Sizzrup 4 years ago

I first fell in love with the results of:





Mt. Eden

The Widdler


Flux Pavillion

...and have since expanded into the following:






Zeds Dead


and most recently: BLACKMILL.

I love it all from FILTHY to AMBIENT!!!

DUBSTEPRULES69 4 years ago


Samakka 4 years ago

Skrillex? How can he be the god of dubstep? Was he born in Croydon or Bristol? Also is he not Electro-House?

My Top 10

1. Skream

2. Pinch

3. Mensah

4. Benga

5. Kode9

6. Mala

7. Coki

8. Burial

9. Distance

10. V.I.V.E.K

auz 4 years ago

Skrillex all the way! !!

bebert 4 years ago






Mt. Eden

The Widdler


Flux Pavillion

...and have since expanded into the following:






Zeds Dead


trentok 4 years ago

HOW HAS NOBODY EVEN HEARD OF TOMBA!!!!!!?????????? yes, I've read through most of these and there are a lot of good suggestions, but look up Tomba. he will blow your mind and actually uses more than just blurp! sounds (borgore & shekel *ahem* ). these are my favorite dubtep/electronic/ dance (because of mainstream "dubstep" artists like skrillex & bassnectar the genres are blurring) songs:

choke on coke - tomba

choke on coke VIP - tomba

RAW - tomba

a brief tutorial on VIP production- dubba jonny

Mumbai (kanedubstep remix) - divkid

dirty disko - zomboy

pump it up - zomboy

kinder surprise - borgore

five point palm exploding heart technique (tomba remix) - devnik

android p0rn - kraddy

crazy talk original mix - j.rabbit

ohhh nooo - excision

voodoo - bassnectar

hebrew hammer VIP - tomba (Srry like half this list is tomba lol)

Africa VIP - Caspa & rusko

E.T. (KATFYR remix) - Katy Perry

Release The Swarm - Bratkilla

bubblin' in the cut - boreta

flex (borgore's dubstep mix) - borgore

UMAD? - xKore

I.D.G.A.F.O.S. [this isn't really dubstep, but I have to add it] - Dillon Francis

inspector gadget (dubstep remix) - chrispy

kablam (kanedubstep remix) - divkid

lines in wax (ft foreign beggars) - flux pavilion

master debater - twist & torqux

Tetris - doctor p

the island part II (dusk) - pendulum

high rez - phutureprimitive

the spell - feed me

these will either blow your mind (choke on coke or release the swarm) or make you want to dance (mumbai or pump it up).


yomama666 4 years ago

dmz leofah kode 9 n burial ftw. i cant actually believe there are people saying that skrillex is the god of dubstep.............

Jambom 4 years ago

I see all these artists and yes i agree most are brilliant i love them but i am always dissapointed because i have never seen Kraddy mentioned. His song "Android Porn" is by far my all time favorite song. It has the best beats ever, best bass ever and some supa sick drops

dude 4 years ago

for people that say that skrillex is not real dubstep and skream is currently under his label OWSLA

Brian 4 years ago

Skrillex *IS* dubstep but not all his songs are.He says in a A LOT of interviews that he makes electronic,dance, and dubstep (Not just dub). But he SHOULD be on the list for when i'm posting this because that list is old and he blew up big this past year. Other than that:

-12th Planet

-Doctor P


-Knife Party

-Flux P




-A Trak


-Feed Me

-Zeds Dead

-Bare Noize

(Not all are bubstep just naming what I listen to)

Brian 4 years ago


brrapppp 4 years ago

sukh knight , skream , datsik , 16 bit - monsters !!!

Zuemada 4 years ago

Fuck everyone who thinks skrillex is like soooooo awesome. He good, but he ain't great. listen to ASKING ALEXANDRIA'S STEPPED UP AND SCRATCHED album. BOREGORE! BASSNECTOR! NERO! FLUX PAVILION! and CHASE AND STATUS....I have more but that's all I can think of.

Kara 4 years ago

._. people can have their own opinions...

Spencer Smith 4 years ago

You guys gotta peep out this sick producer i heard online by the name of "MostArt The QuakeMaker". I think he is going to blow up soon in the DubStep Scene. Peep em out!

Adam 4 years ago

The Distance, Tes La Rok, Vex'd, Phaeleh, Kryptic Minds!

sean 4 years ago

im a big fan of anybody doing anything different.dub is starting to get stuck in this transformers synth quick cut box and its making the same mistake dnb made by saying if ur not doing it this way its not right.that just makes everyone sound the same.my favorite is zeds dead but i like ginz,mt eden,benga and joker too.

T83 4 years ago

HOLD ON?! Are you guys all American or 16? Anyone putting half the people you guys are talking about on their list has no real clue about dubstep. also Skream is shit now but back in the days 'dutchflowers' 'midnight request line' and 'monsoon' were running tings...non of this shit wobbly b-lines that's being churned out by "so called" dubstep artists. Dubstep has now been commercialised and watered down like most underground music...SAD TIMES!

DMZ, LOEFAH, code 9, burial , breakage, kryptic minds All the way. People influenced by the true origins of DUB.

joey 4 years ago

Flux pavilion


knife party




12th planet

dead mou5


sapphires_rage 4 years ago

Hey! IM 40! I love Skrillex. Flux pavillion and most others. I don't give a rats a$$ what the genre is. IF it sounds good loud then I love it. So don't go knocking the elders!

knewthiswouldhappentodubstep 4 years ago

Dubsteps being killed with these cheesey artists, Boregore, SKRILLEX bla bla, they suck balls, its teenagers and americans commercialising the genre. Benga, skream, coki, hatcha, search and destroy, DMZ, true underground pioneers.

Real Dubstep 4 years ago

Really, Skrillex? Man these little 12 year olds are gay. you all say Skream is shit when guys like him started dubstep. Top ten (no order)

Skream, Benga, Caspa, Kryptic Minds, Distance, Pinch, Hatcha, Plastician, Coki and Breakage.

Really people, Chase and Status, Noisia for starters they are more DnB and UKF that's not an artist.

Real Dubstep 4 years ago

Once again, if you want a track: Kryptic Minds Badman VIP.

And really, you have to be 40 to know original dubstep. Bro I'm 16 and have known Skrillex and disliked his music before all you fan boys knew who he was. Man its sad...

-_- 4 years ago

skrillex and Deadmau5...and a few others =D

Graves 4 years ago

Older Caspa & Rusko tracks (Fabriclive 37 era)




Doctor P





Dubstep is changing fast, and that's all good, I just don't really like it. I prefer the older, laxed out tunes. I don't start getting angry on YouTube about it :) Who cares if you have been listening to dub longer then the next guy, it doesn't mean shit. Anyone is allowed to listen to it, and like whoever they want! I'll stick with my old beats, and let these young ones spin Skrillex all they want. Peace.

iDre 4 years ago

What's the deal with all the Burial, I just listened to his albums and it sounds more ambient than anything else (well, something downtempo at least). Reminds me of older stuff like Aphex Twin, Leftfield, Massive Attack, Sly & Robbie and the like.

But almost nothing in common with Datsik, Excision, Feed Me, J.Rabbit, Kill The Noise, Knife Party, Xilent, Zeds Dead, more what I'm into. Maybe all that is Brostep, but then I say Burial is Borestep. It's too bad because Brostep has such a negative connotation, but today's dubstep is way different than anything Skream would call dubstep. Maybe it needs a new name.

I guess the poster above me just said something similar.

Real Dubstep 4 years ago

@iDre Well since your talking about what it should be called, Skream openly says the Uk side of it should be called UK Bass and that's all he calls it.

mark 4 years ago

Most influencial dubstep artists

1. datsik

2. Amdukias

3. Benga

4. Glebstar

5. skrillex

6. Nero

7. Joker


thatbozo 4 years ago

any one who used the word "dub" in their comment is officially a 5-star idiot. If your going to show a good dubstep artist, being ignorant enough in the genre to use the word dub completely overrules you.

Dub is an offshoot of reggae and sounds nothing like skrillex.

most famous dub artist would be King Tubby look him up and stop using that word out of context

jabob 4 years ago

feed me



jean 4 years ago

Amdukias is my favorite dubstep with reegae vibe

Rob 4 years ago


1. Chrispy-Predator(Cyberoptix Remix)

2. Muse-Knights Of Cydonia(Nostalgia Remix)

3. Doctor P-Tetris

blake 4 years ago

12th planet, skrillex, datsik, amdukias, nero, glebstar, downlink

... 4 years ago

I try to show an appreciation for all artists as they all have their own style giving each of them a very unique sound... But I am utterly shocked at the lack of mention of NERO... How could anyone forgot them?!?!? These guys are pro, amazing, perfection... Of course I wouldn't say they're better than everyone, because like I said different artists sound differently, you can't compare them the same way you can't compare a specific rap song to a specific rock song... But that doesn't mean Nero isn't AMAZING... Honestly, it makes me wonder what's going to happen to the world when Nero isn't even mentioned in the comments section!

bassface 4 years ago

MAN no bassnectar??? where is the NECTAR? i gotta have it!! anything else is just try hard pants without a belt on.

Eon 4 years ago

Skrillex is whack, just wanted to start with that...

But all time favorites: Benga, Mala, Skream, Eskmo, 16Bit, Biome, N Type, Coki, Kozee, Doshy, DZ, Westerley, Saltfeend, Phikticious, Caspa, The Widdler, ARtronik, Malleus, geez, there's just so many

baconcuddles 4 years ago

Datsik's my fav for sure

other great artist are

skream, cookie monsta, borgore, adventure club, chrispy, downlink, mt eden, caspa, skrillex, doctor p, harmonic 313, and also some of the dudes from monster cat media, although no one really cares about monster cat.

Silver 3 years ago

Skism bassnecter datsik and cryptex all amazing artist very well done dubstep artists skism very heavy drops bassnecter heavy bass datsik all around great cryptex great techno type with heavy bass involved

Omar 3 years ago


Omar 3 years ago

Modestep's best songs are:

Sunlight, Feel Good, To the Stars, Another Day, Show me a sign, Bite the hand, Boogie Wonderland, Save the world, Leave my mind, Praying for silence, Slow hand, Burn, Take it all, Evolution Theory (which is the name of their album) and lastly, the best dubstep song in the world ever Exile.

Plus as they use live instruments when they play live, there shows are so lively and energetic making them without a doubt, the best dubstep group or group of any genre, in the world.

toastguy 3 years ago

wheres skrillex, nero, zedd, and there is a bunch more that have should have gone on your list! your stuff is crap! it sounds like..... DUB......DUB.....wuble......wuble..... id love to fight about it

SKRILLEX LOVER 3 years ago

wheres skrillex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????

bassguru 3 years ago

Amdukias is definitely th enew rising king

basskiller 3 years ago

Best is AMDUKIAS and his new album called: This is not dubstep, brostep or wahteverstep

deebears 3 years ago

Adventure Club should be up there for sure

jake 2 years ago

My top artist

1. Monstercat

2. Skrillex

3. Pegboard nerds (self destruct)

4. Datsk (vindicate)

5. Zedd

6. Nero

that's all I can think of

Mrzachary45 2 years ago


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