East Coast Paranormal Police

Press Release

The East Coast Paranormal Police Organization invites you to the first annual Haunted Tour of the great Park City Bridgeport, Connecticut on Friday October 16th , 2009. Members of the ECPP Investigative team will give you a look at locations in the great city that have been deemed as being haunted. They will give you an overview of each location and keep you wondering about everything they say. The members of the East Coast Paranormal Police organization is made up of all police officers and emergency service workers, so they will not only give you the basic history and paranormal background of each location . They will give their personal stories of when these guys come face to face with the paranormal in their professional and personal lives. This haunted tour is not for the faint at heart. If you are weak minded and are afraid of ghosts this tour may not be for you. The buses will leave the Bridgeport Bluefish lot at 8 Pm sharp. The bus tour will consist of 13 of Bridgeport’s most haunted locations. The tour will then stop at the Poli Palace Theater Main Street. The team members will give you the opportunity to experience a guided tour of the very haunted theater that has been abandoned since the early 1970's. Remember to respect the buildings not just for the visible beauty, but to respect the Indian burial ground that the building was built over. Will you hear the ghost of the little girl speak to you, will the ghost of Mobster Dutch Shultz attempt to touch you, or will you see the dark shadow figures wondering through the seats? Just remember that if you get grabbed and you do not see anyone there , you may have just experienced the haunting of the Poli Palace Theater. After experiencing the Haunted theaters , you may get a bonus if you are lucky. The ECPP Team members have many locations of their own that they would love to share with you. Bring your cameras , because you never know what you will capture on film.

The East Coast Paranormal Police Organization will have a welcome table with souvenirs, Haunted Tour shirts ,paranormal photographs, books, dvds, and much more. The ECPP will have a Raffle for the tour members , the top ten winners will win a private tour of the Poli Palace Theater, The Majestic Theater, and the Savoy Hotel.

All tickets will be sold in advanced online through www.826panormal.webs.com Private group reservations are welcomed. All ticket purchases are final. No refunds.

Come experience Bridgeport’s most haunted locations , you may not be able to ever look at Bridgeport the same after this night with the East Coast Paranormal Police.


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