East Coast Paranormal Police Film With The Ghost Adventures TV Show

East Coast Paranormal Police Films With Travel Channel's Ghost Adventure TV Show


The East Coast Paranormal Police On Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures TV Show

June 23rd , 2009 , 826 Paranormal / James Myers was invited to film with the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventure TV Show. Well Known Author of the paranormal Jeff Bellinger contacted the head of the East Coast Paranormal Police about appearing on the Ghost Adventure TV show. Bellinger explained that the cast of the Travel Channel Tv show would be in Bridgeport, Connecticut to investigate the Remington Arms plant. Myers met with the cast Zak Begans, Nick Groff , and Aaron Goodwin on June 23rd. They then searched the 1867 ammunition plant , not for criminals or hidden vagrants, they were looking for the paranormal. The Remington site abandoned since the 1980's has been said to have some extreme paranormal activity. As the group walked through the complex they spoke about the tragic history that may be the reason for the disembodied voices ,and the dark shadows that pass by doorways and windows. Myers then told Zak about the young worker that was involved in the riot between the 80 Portuguese workers and the Remington security force of 20 men. The riot turned violent and the security force was out numbered , so they called in the Bridgeport Police force. This young man was the victim of a security person striking him in the head with a wooden baton . He later died from a fractured skull at Saint Vincent's Hospital. The tragedy came in all forms Myers explained that a 17 year old worker was then electrocuted on the property. Myers then told the cast that in 1942 there was a great explosion that rocked the plant and the near by neighborhood houses. The explosion was said to have been a mishap in the Remington packing facility, when a worker drove a nail into a casing of the ammunition. Seven people died and approximately 80 people were injured . Zak then asked if that was all the reported deaths, Myers said no, there was another explosion . This one not as bad as the 1942 explosion, but one worker was killed. the cast then explored the location, going to the very top of the 400 plus foot shot tower. Myers spoke to the cast about the disembodied voices that have been heard near the shot tower. He then explained that there was dark shadow figures that have been seen by police officers passing by windows and doorways of the Remington plant. Zak asked if that was all with a look of surprise that the history and claims were so rich in the paranormal. Myers stated that the plant has a cemetery in the middle of the property. St. Augustine's Cemetery is right across the street from the shot tower, and there are reports of a Hungarian woman being buried alive in there. The cast of the Ghost Adventure TV show will be locked in over night, they face the dangers of the paranormal along with the location of the plant. Will they find the answers to the previous unanswered question , Is The Remington Arms Plant haunted. Stay tuned and watch the results on the Travel Channel.

Ghost Adventures At Remington Arms Bridgeport , Connecticut

ZAK, Aaron, and Nick the cast of the Travel Channel Ghost Adventures TV Show with ECPP JAmes Myers 826 Paranormal
ZAK, Aaron, and Nick the cast of the Travel Channel Ghost Adventures TV Show with ECPP JAmes Myers 826 Paranormal

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Rose 6 years ago

I grew up in the north end of Bridgeport and everytime I passed by this place it gave me the creeps. U guys should check out the old G E building.

leriam perez 6 years ago

i lov Ghost adventures is the best.

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