How Did Billy Jackson Die In Eastenders?

Billy Jackson
Billy Jackson
Carol finds out about Billie
Carol finds out about Billie
Carol rages at Lauren
Carol rages at Lauren
Carol with the Vicar
Carol with the Vicar
Billie's Dad Alan turns up on the square
Billie's Dad Alan turns up on the square
Carol is comforted by Dad Jim
Carol is comforted by Dad Jim
Bee kicks off at Kim
Bee kicks off at Kim
Whitney thinks about  Billie
Whitney thinks about Billie

Eastenders Gossip

Billy Jackson has recently joined the army but he wont die fighting for his country instead he dies after binge drinking and his sudden death will shock the whole square and devastate the Jackson Family.

Carol having missed Billy while he has been away puts all her effort into to throwing her son a big party for his 22nd birthday but Bianca is concerned Carol is getting too involved and tells her she needs to back off a bit so Carol decides to meet up with Lewis, the soldier she met when Billy signed up for the Army, unfortunately Carol finds out that the love rat is married and so feeling low decides she will concentrate on her son's big birthday bash after all. Billy knows nothing of the party his Mum is planning and has gone on a bender in the south end but feeling sorry for her Mum Bianca goes and drags Billy back to the square, the party goes well with all the residents of the square there to help Billy celebrate his birthday Kim kisses Ricky (ooh-err) and Billy and Lauren get a bit worse for wear after too much to drink.

However the next morning when Bianca finds him lying on the sofa she thinks he is just asleep and it is only when she tries to wake him that she realises to her horror that her little brother is in fact dead. The aftermath of Billy's death will be a tragic time for the Jackson Clan Bianca will never get the picture of her dead brother out of her head, Whitney struggles with the loss of the love of her life and Carol can't cope with the death of her youngest son. Everybody rally's round to help Carol as she becomes more depressed and struggles to cope with day to day life, her Brother Max will be a big support as he has not long lost his own son Bradley, Billy's Dad Alan Jackson will return for the funeral along with his Grandmother Blossom, who are both played by the original actors.

I think it is good that Eastenders are doing this story line as it shows youngsters the dangers of binge drinking. It is sad that Billy is being killed off though as he has not long returned to the square but Good on Eastenders for bringing yet another story line that reflects the social issues we have today.

See Video and Update below.

Billie Jackson Die's Updated

As we know Bianca finds her brother Billie dead on the sofa on Monday nights episode after a night of binge drinking. And after she fails to wake him a devastated Bianca realises he has passed away in the night and calls Mum Carol to tell her what has happened. Carol can't believe what Bianca is telling her and so she rushes back home to find a Doctor there with her Son Billie but no one will let Carol in to the front room and when she finally gets to her son she still can't believe her son is dead as he just looks like he is sleeping peacefully. Eventually Billie's body has to be taken away and distraught Carol has to say her last goodbyes to her deceased Son. Later the Police turn up and question the family on whether there was any drugs or alcohol involved.

It is not long until Carol's grief becomes Anger and she is looking for someone to blame and when her niece Lauren who is the one who provided the spirits starts to laugh nervously to herself Carol lets out all her anger on her and promptly kicks Lauren out of the house that is until until Dad Max steps in and shouts at carol "Lauren didn't kill your son he drank himself to death. Where did he learn to do that Carol? In the army. Why was he in the army? To get away from you He couldn't stand you So if anyone killed him Carol it's you.". An upset Carol leaves the house and then has the sad task of telling Billie's Dad Alan but when the grieving Dad turns up on the square Carol can't face him and hides herself away. Later on Carol visits Dad Jim and when he looks her in the eye and tells Carol that he is always there for her Carol breaks down and finally grieves the loss of her son. meanwhile Lauren admits to sister Abby that she was in fact the last person to see Billie alive.

Later on Billies Sergent drops off Billies personal items and passes on the Army's condolences and soon after while looking through Billie's box of personal belongings Carol stumbles across his laptop where she finds a video clip of Billie and friend Connor singing about their Mothers and at the end of the song Billie says Carol should fall over and die which understandably leaves Carol devastated.

While all this is going on a grieving Bianca finds out that randy neighbour Kim Fox snogged hubby Ricky at Billie's birthday bash Bianca Sees her on the square and vents all her rage on to a shocked Kim but once she has calmed down she realises Ricky's kiss with the neighbour was nothing and decides to have a cup of tea with Kim and try to make amends and when Kim offers Bianca support over the death of her brother the two begin to bond and scrap the tea and opt for a bottle of rum instead but the drinking session infuriates Mum Carol after just losing her son to the dreaded drink. Meanwhile Whitney is also grief stricken at losing the love of life and even more so when she finds a text message from him saying he still loves her.


Billie Jacksons Death

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Laura 6 years ago

aww. i knew that he was going to die but this is so sad. :( do u no when he's gonna die??? :) x

Louise 6 years ago

He dies after the party tonight. Bianca finds him dead on the sofa in the morning on Monday's 11th of October episode, she thinks he's sleeping it off at first.

Gaz 6 years ago

Eastenders have had over 50 character deaths in just the last 10 years, and as a result deaths have absolutely no impact in the soap anymore. Also it has killed the soaps realism and continues to makes the soaps producers look like total head cases. Billy's death may attempt to send a message out regarding binge drinking but it wont work and no one will care due to the fact there are deaths every 10 minutes in Eastenders.

sally 6 years ago

Yawn! another eastenders death. when are bbc going to employ people with ideas instead of letting lazy and retarded kids produce and write the soap???

alfie 6 years ago

Shut up sally this is a good think the amonut of deaths will scare people and show them wot to do and wot not to do!

zoey24 profile image

zoey24 6 years ago from South England Author

Thank you for comments guys, i have just added an update above, and included the video spoiler :)

friend aysha minhas 6 years ago

i miss billie jacson wast beat boy

whitney love billie grilfriend whitney

com to see you geat

love you whitney dean

friend aysha minhas

good boy

friend aysha  6 years ago

people miss billie jackson

billie friend connor

on monday,11th of october

Thank you

friend whitney dean

aysha minhas  6 years ago

happy brithday billie

party family jacksons and branning

the miz 6 years ago

didn't brookside get axed bcos of character death overload? eastenders will go the same way and b gone in ten years time. serves the beeb right for letting retards run the soap.

MR WEST HAM 6 years ago

New lauren is a worser actor than the previous one. i dread to think what the new ben and lucy are like. i bet ben is like twice as tall, about two years older, and hard as nails. eastenders is one f*ucked up programme. 2005 was its last great year. when it does end it will probably be a storyline involving alien invasion or all of the dead characters rising from the grave to finnish it off.

Sam 6 years ago

i like eastenders but yeah too many deaths are ruining it

isha oamr 6 years ago

I can't believe billy is going to die he is the hottest boy in EastEnders I can't believe it its going to be boring with out him he is buffffffff im going to miss him love billxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sarah 6 years ago

Glad he died, he was a crap actor, that's why he didn't last long in hollyoaks either!!!

gideon spume 6 years ago

what a lightweight. Typical shandy-drinking southern pansy.

One would have thought a soldier would be better at drinking booze than that.

TITO 6 years ago


chelsea benn 6 years ago

i loveeeee billyy!!!!!!

kerry 6 years ago

ye but what actualy caused his death. n shut up 2 many deaths everyday ppl die in real life n i fink they shud show stuf like this cuz they offer help after for ppl suferin with same issues

sam 6 years ago

see i think he's been on the drugs like the new one "bubble" etc and i think he's had a bad turn off it

lissy 6 years ago

Any GROWN UP that's watched this will be moved by the storyline ... the media bangs on about drugs being dangerous when all the time the biggest killers are givernment sponsored and abused legally and daily ... carols grief was tangible... the actress was clearly drawing on her own experience of grief.. powerful stuff. well done easties .. again

timmy titch 6 years ago

i wud like to c enders do a big storyline that dont involve death.

sherlock 6 years ago

has the death definitely got nothing to do with Connor?

jo 6 years ago

Billy was so hot why not kill off Ian Beale he is a minger

tee 6 years ago

so sad billie is gone.totally devastated...luv u billie!!!!

Becki 6 years ago

OMG It Was Sooo Sad. Sooo Can't Belive They Got Rid Off Billy, I Was Crying My Eyes Out x

Richie 6 years ago

@JO Because only good looking people deserve to live? Wow, you sound like a lovely person.

This was the first ever Eastenders death where they took the whole issue seriously and really showed the whole event from one persons perspective. I think it was an extreamly powerful episode and one that I have no doubt kept people on the edge of their seats. Billy's mother, Carol was always going to be the one most effected by his death and the hole episoded followed her. Hat's off to the actress, see really brought the reality of the death of a loved one to our screens. I could actually feel what she was experiencing on the phone with the numbing horror of hearing them words, 'he's dead'

I actually felt like someone had died while watching this, a great episode but very disturbing too.

Paul Holden 6 years ago

Has anyone phoned that action line yet?

‘If you’ve been affected with Billy Jackson’s storyline’.

Probably the worst episode of EE ever!

This storyline would have fitted alcoholic (and a month of drugs) Phil Mitchell, than soldier boy Billy Jackson. I think Billy dieing in Afghanistan would have been more realistic.

selisa 6 years ago

eastenders really put a good spin on the story of billie jackson, i thought he was going to die in the army.

Shame that he had to go so soon though. Just as he got back, i can't wait to see Alan,Billies dad again though.

Debra G 6 years ago

did billy jackson's death need to be done? just seems like another pointless opportunity for death in albert square to me. axe the producer and script writers, and then search their houses. wouldn't be surprised if they butchered there own families considering how obsessed they are with death. corrie is way better than crappy, unrealistic, death obsessed eastenders.

Nicky 6 years ago

Just watched this after a night out, binge drinking!, makes me worry about going to sleep! Clearly the message works for the target market, wish I watched it before I went out now! Binge drinking is never a good thing, says me drunk on a Monday! but then again why does society in general think the weekend is a time to go mad. Monday, Saturday whatever at the end of the day you suffer the same. Maybe call the actionline if your still drinking in the morning though! On a more relaxed note, how awful is the new lauren, im guessing shes related to one of the producers or something, otherwise casting got desperate. Be safe!

claire 6 years ago

omg billy is dead poor guy it aint his fault

eastendhitman 6 years ago

yeah its his fault stupid idiot can't handel his drink

Mark 6 years ago

they killed him off because there isn't allowed more than one person with the same name in a soap, how stupid! they shouldn't have casted him in the first place! and for the people who keep saying he can't handle his drink, he infact died because someone planted something in his drink, which poisoned and killed him.

insider 6 years ago

the new lauren is a relative of the exec producer, and the new ben and lucy are said to be two of her best friends from drama school. therefore 3 good actors gone and replaced by a poor new lauren and probably a poor ben and lucy just because of links. disgraceful.

Dani 6 years ago

I Can't Belive Billie Is Dead I Think Its Unfair Of max Saying Why Does He Drink "Cause He Joined The Army" Well My husbands In the Army And I Live the Army Life People Think All Squaddies Just Go Out Drinking, Never Mind Them Going Out And Fighting For Our Country!!!

zoey24 profile image

zoey24 6 years ago from South England Author

lauren (eastendents) 6 years ago

oh, please it's me lauren i entered this website just to say i hade to to what i was condicted to do i know what your thinking oh my god i hate her and so on but i love eastndent and i will do anything to have my my fans back oh and i hope you enjoy Thursay's eastenders LOVE NICK):d....

Dee 6 years ago

will they bring back Ben without his hearing aid as that wied as he meant have lost his hearing because he had meningitis as a young child. I dont watch eastender that often now as its all the same old stories on a roundabout.

Maxi 6 years ago

I agree with Richie (above) This storyline was so well executed, it does feel like a real person has died. I was on the edge of my seat. The reason he was killed this way is because they're trying to highlight binge drinking. I really take my hat off to the producers on this one. Maybe there are too many deaths in EE but this one was done particularly well.

aysha minhas  6 years ago

like you billie jckson

i love you ok


hello billie

whitney love billie

FreeStuff96 6 years ago

that's my video thanks so much

friend aysha  6 years ago

brithday party on the video

that s my video thanks so much

zoey24 profile image

zoey24 6 years ago from South England Author

your welcome :)

WestLondoner 6 years ago

If Eastenders' portrayal of the tragic consequences of binge drinking stop even one person from dying in this same manner, then the show is doing some good. I was moved to tears by Carol's grief. I can imagine any parent watching the show would have felt some grief.

kazza 6 years ago

For all the people saying this is a stupid storyline and he couldn't handle his drink, this happens in real life. A girl I went to school with died at the age of 19, choked on her own vomit after a night of binge drinking, what a tragic and unnecessary waste of life. I think this is a highly important story line, and if it makes people think twice about getting out of their faces on alcohol then all the better.

zoey24 profile image

zoey24 6 years ago from South England Author

Thank you for your comments WestLondoner and Kazza, the story line was very upsetting and i agree that Eastenders was right to cover this story especially with all the pubs and nightclubs making alcohol so cheap at the moment this could so easily happen to somebody close to us. I have recently added some medical and reference books on the dangers of binge drinking.

friend aysha minhas 6 years ago

i miss you

are you ok

how are you ok

hi holle billie jackson

love you billie

aysha  6 years ago

are you ok

hi friends aysha minhas

i miss you billie

i like him

love you

friends your aysha 5 years ago

billie i love you to

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