Eastenders Baby James Funeral

when loveable Kat and Alfie prepare to say goodbye to their son Tommy.
when loveable Kat and Alfie prepare to say goodbye to their son Tommy. | Source
Ronnie asks Alfie if she can attend the funeral but he tells her it will be best for her to stay away,
Ronnie asks Alfie if she can attend the funeral but he tells her it will be best for her to stay away,
Family and friends gather at the church
Family and friends gather at the church
where both Alfie
where both Alfie
and Kat struggle to cope with the day ahead
and Kat struggle to cope with the day ahead
Ronnie makes an appearance from afar to say her own goodbye.
Ronnie makes an appearance from afar to say her own goodbye.
later Kat lashes out at Dad Charlie and blaimes him for the death of her son.
later Kat lashes out at Dad Charlie and blaimes him for the death of her son.
Meanwhile will Roxy discover the truth?
Meanwhile will Roxy discover the truth?

It has been a sad time in Eastenders, with emotions running high both on and off screen.

The week starts with Jack trying to persuade wife Ronnie to give breastfeeding another go, but knowing 'James' is in fact Kat's baby Tommy, she can't bring herself to feed the new baby and ends up making yet another excuse.

Later on Bianca asks Ronnie to bring baby James out onto the square and give the residents a reason to smile again. Ronnie does eventually go out and when she meets Alfie in the cafe she nervously asks him if she can attend the baby's funeral and Alfie agrees.

Meanwhile Kat is over at The Vic crossing guests names of the list for the wake. Kat doesn't want Ronnie attending and she also makes it quite clear to her shocked husband that Father Charlie should keep well away too. Alfie tells Kat that she is being to harsh but determined to make her happy he tells Ronnie that it would be better if she didn't attend. However Ronnie doesn't appear to take any notice of Alfie's advice when we later see her pulling a black dress out of her wardrobe.

Tuesday 11th January

The day of the funeral arrives and Kat is still unable to accept the tragedy, in the morning she hides herself away in bed not able to face saying her final goodbyes. Alfie goes to visit Baby Tommy's resting place alone and later pleads with Kat to get out of bed so they can face the day together. Kat agrees and once ready she leaves The Vic along with her friends and family who are all doing their best to support her.

Meanwhile over at Jack and Ronnie's flat, Jack is getting Baby James ready to go for a walk with himself and Ronnie but is shocked when instead Ronnie decides to lock herself in the bedroom. But when Jack and the baby set out alone on their walk we see Ronnie watching the guests gathering for the funeral on the square, she then puts on her black dress and leaves the flat.

Once at the church, Kat starts to panic and cant bring herself to go inside, but after some comforting words from Alfie she takes a deep breath and enters the church. Once the service has finished, the family and friends follow Kat and Alfie over to the cemetery where the burial is about to take place. While the mourners say their goodbyes a grief stricken Kat breaks down as the reality of it all becomes to much for her to bare. Meanwhile Ronnie is watching it all from the distance and she to breaks down.

Seeing Kat grieving has struck a chord with Ronnie and she returns home picks up the baby and despite Jack demanding to know what she is doing, Ronnie marches over to the pub carrying the baby in her arms leaving viewers wandering just what she is up to??

After the funeral a grieving Kat reverts back to her bedroom where she shuts herself away from the world, but when Dad Charlie takes his daughter in a cup of tea he is met with an angry and frustrated Kat.

Kat is looking for someone to blame and as her Dad left Tommy alone when she trusted him to take care of her baby, Kat feels that he is the one at fault and that he once again let her down. She tells him that she still resents her mother for taking Zoe away from her all those years ago and now she blames him for losing Tommy. Charlie tries to reach out to his daughter but Kat tells him she can't stand the sight of him and with that he leaves.

Charlie is already finding the guilt of what's happened hard to live with, and seeing what he has done to his daughter only confirms his decision to leave and so he packs a suitcase and leaves the house. Meanwhile a tearful Mo rushes over to The Vic to tell Kat and Alfie about Charlie leaving hoping Kat will try to stop him, unfortunately an angry Kat says she is glad he is leaving. Eventually Alfie convinces Kat to go after him and they rush of to the tube station. Kat and Charlie do make up but Charlie still feels it is best to leave the square and tells Kat he is going to stay with Lynne for a bit. He then steps onto the train and waves goodbye to his daughter.

Things become even more strained for Kat and Alfie, when Alfie tries to keep things normal for his Wife but unfortunately Kat is shocked by the way Alfie is acting like nothing has happened and begins to question her marriage. Later Kat seeks comfort in Ronnie and Baby James and confesses to Ronnie that Alfie wasn't Tommy's real father.

The question on every one's lips is When will Kat find out the truth? Apparently Jack and Ronnie become extremely suspicious with Ronnie's behaviour and with Roxy owning the only photo of Ronnie and the real Baby James on her phone will she discover the truth and confront her sister with it? Recently a Eastenders spoiler revealed that Roxy makes a devastating discovery, could it be that her sister has stolen Kat's baby?

If you have been affected by these recent story lines and wish to speak to someone you can call The Foundation for the study of infant Deaths on 0808 802 6868

Alternatively you can click on the link below to go directly to their website

Eastenders Spoilers Jan 2011

Will Roxy Discover The Truth?

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susan evans 6 years ago

I myself suffered a tragedy 9 years ago,my daughter was stillborn and i found it very hard,but watching eastenders and i was thinking if i had a chance to swap my baby for another baby that was alive,i couldn't because i would much rather grieve over the baby i had lost,the image in my mind is so hard to explain,i go on a regular basis to my daughters grave,and i always feel better for it afterwards,but thinking of living a lie ,no,it just wouldn't work,i hope ronnie gets found out and soon,poor kat and alfie,i know ronnie and jack will then be grieving but why put someone through it unnecessary,r.i.p baby james xx

stevie 6 years ago

i think this story line is not fair for the people who babies have died stillborn haw they could bring omething like tht on a soap i dnt no they need to gt the story line ova and dne wid for the people who i have been throw this xx my love

wem 6 years ago

i do believe this is a hardhitting storyline, but isn't every big issue sensitive to someone ?

all the rape storylines... the Lucas storyline... Christian and Syed... cancer storylines, i mean, they're supposed to depict real life. it's supposed to be familiar and close to home because its a supposed to be as real as possible.

that's the way it goes. there are going to be so many mothers who this storyline affects and I know personally its not all mothers who have lost their children that are angry about it. most are just people. its good that they are finally showing the world what its like to lose a child, and the consequences of it, instead of ignoring an issue this big as if it doesn't matter to the world.

Jennie 6 years ago

Roxie will find out eventually but I think Ronnie will be the person to tell everyone, quite possibly she will tell Kat & Alfie or she might reveal it in the Vic or something but I have heard that Ronnie is leaving Eastenders this year in March so my guess is that after everyone has found out that she swapped the babies she will get so much grief that she will just pack a bag and leave- slightly similar to Stacey

gemma dingle 6 years ago

people who say its not fair on people who have experienced it,yes its going to bring them back a lot of feelings from their experience but there have been loads of deaths etc happen on eastenders that people have experience so how is it any different? if you don't like it don't watch it.

Hannah 6 years ago

To be fair it is a sensitive story line and I understand it may affect people in upsetting ways, but at the end of the day this story line had a big build up in the media beforehand. Most people would have been aware of its contents and if they knew it might upset them why watch it? It's suppose to be sensitive as it is trying to portray the soap as real life. I'm not saying this to be harsh, it's just the way I see it.

annabell 6 years ago

i thinks its was a horrible storyline they went to far with it.a baby dying of cot death is one thing but to steal sum one else child is terrible.u jst don't do it.is it any wonder people are shouting at samantha in the street.she should never of agreed to do the storyline.if it was me i would of sayed no.

Malcolm_Cox profile image

Malcolm_Cox 6 years ago from Newcastle, England

This is a horrible way to treat this issue. Eastenders couldn't resist sensationalising this issue.

Lyndsey 6 years ago

It is the most ridicules storyline that the writers have ever written. If ur baby has just died and u r holding him ur arms the last thing in the world u would do is swop him. U would want to hold ur baby take in ever detail of him, remember him and gerivie for him. The last thing u would want is to put ur dead baby down in a strange place and take another that means nothing to u. Nothing can compare to a child u have carried and gave birth to. Eastenders need to open their eyes and get in the real world give kat her baby back stop trying to drag it out to get more viewers I have stopped watching it and I know plenty of of people who have. No one likes the story line so end it it is disgusting.

Jason 6 years ago

abosulutely atrocious disgusted with the story writers, i have 2 children of my own and 1 due in a few weeks and this is awful, ok i get it cot death it happens (sorry for anyone who has experienced this) but as far as stealing someone else's baby well its just plain wrong there is definitely no need to bring the story out this far as to let kat and alfie bury someone else's child. feel sorry for samantha who has to put up with f****** idiots shouting abuse at her in the street its not her fault the story writers have asked such a terrible thing from her. i can understand that this has happened in real life to some people but there is no need to screen it as a story in a much loved and watched soap. i think its time to give ronnie a break the story writers have been really harsh on her over the past few years give her some happy times for goodness sake losing danielle 5 minuites after finding out she is was her daugter then killing off her newborn come on writers sort it out give her something she can hold on too! as for this story line it really needs to stop now it affects too many people in bad ways and makes them remember feelings they most likely don't want to re-live hope after ronnie gave tommy back to kat last night that is the end of it!!!!!

zoey24 profile image

zoey24 6 years ago from South England Author

96% of you think Roxy will discover the truth.

MARY 6 years ago

I hate this story line, i have been upset since it happened,it has affected me a lot,how can anyone want to leave there dead baby with someone else and take someone elses baby. would you not want to hold your baby one last time and cry, would you not want to do the funeral, baby james has been buried as tommy the funeral ceremony was done for tommy not for james, the funeral for this baby was done so wrong, for crying out loud, i know this is just a story but this made me cry, ronnie didn't even give her child a proper funeral and a proper farewell, how can a mother do that. also when she saw her baby was not breathing why didn't she call an ambulance straight away, the baby could have had a chance. this story is horrible, nhs has a lot of information on cot death, it does not need to be filmed like this, cot death breaks a mother and father into pieces, watching something like this brings back sad memories for people who have gone through this, losing a child i so painful, it is wrong to have it filmed like this, PUT AN end TO IT.

zoey24 profile image

zoey24 6 years ago from South England Author

I agree Mary, as a mum myself i was wondering why she didn't phone an ambulance when she first found him, i feel for Kat and Alfie when they are filming their emotional scenes but i also feel for Jack because when he finally does discover the truth he will find it hard grieving for Baby James as he has already been burried as Tommy.

hannah uguhg 6 years ago

so mint i love alfiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

lotteyz loves everyonexxxxxxxx 6 years ago

i think that kat will find out the truth about ronnie taking kats baby danger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Rachel kinsella 6 years ago

i know what happened ronnie has kat baby tommy

i can watch eastenders because i love see kat baby tommy ok ronnie she no respect her himself ronnie baby james dies wish take back to kat baby tommy tommy

i not happy with ronnie i know now i can understand what happened in eastenders my name is Rachel nkinsella i live st road nengh co tippearary love Rachel

Candy 6 years ago

I personally haven't been watching eastenders but many of my friends and family have. I have come online to find out if this story line will be ended in the best possible scenario eg Kat and alfie get there baby back.Although it is suppose to "hit home" and be more realistic i think personally that this is a horrible story line they have ever created.With being a mum myself and one on the way the fear of cot death rings in everyones mind. The sheer desperation and panic of Ronnie that over came her must have been terrible, but now something needs to be done.Kat and alfie need to know the truth that there baby is alive for Kat to begin the bonding process that is needed for her to feel a conection. Yes it my be her baby but with everything that has gone on will this send her a little doo lally.

I do hope they come to there senses soon and realise they need to end this story line quickly.

louise jones 5 years ago

give up with this story line we r bored now

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