Eclipse - The Best Twilight Yet


Really that's all that needs to be said. This new addition to the Twilight franchise is by far my favorite to date. I have to admit I am a tiny bit biased to Eclipse as it is also my favorite book of the series. If you stopped after the first book like I almost did, you just have to keep reading... at least through Eclipse!

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The movie starts off with the "big question". Marriage. To be or not to be. That is the question. Bella comes from a broken home. Her parents marriage only lasted a short time. This has left a bad taste in her mouth about the subject as a whole. This is a looming choice through out the book that only gets more complicated as the book and movie progress. Bella is torn between the worst type of choice possible. A choice between two good things. Here is where we also form our "teams." Are you team Jacob or team Edward. Who will she choose? As she gets closer to Jacob she realizes there are more feelings there than she is willing to admit. If she chooses him things can stay as they are, well except her life would be Cullen-less. (Oh the horror!!!!) Edward is so good. He's from a time period where wholesome morals were upheld and he continues to try to follow them as best he can. (Hooray! Guess what team I'm on!) Both are great options for Bella. This isn't the only conflict though. Victoria, a revenge seeking psycho vampire chick, is ready to avenge her boy by using a new born vampire to create an army of vampires to take out Bella. The wolves and the Cullens have to work together to take care of this huge threat to Bella and the surrounding town folk. Here's my one disappointment about the movie though. I wish they had just kept Rachel as Victoria. I like the actress they picked and she did a fair job, she just doesn't come across as a bad guy to me. This is Victoria's last part in the story, so I think they should have just left her as she was. My opinion.

Another reason why I love this book and movie are all of the back stories you get to hear. How did Jacob's tribe become shape shifters? Why are "the cold ones" their enemies? How did Rosalie and Jasper become vampires? All of these different back stories are told in the characters perspective, and they are all unique and set back in different periods of time. The director did a fabulous job with the addition of these details and keeping the flow of the story going. I love the details. I love the fight scene. The special effects are 100 times better. I love the tension between Edward and Jacob. I just really love this movie. People who "don't get it" won't, but if I were to get into my opinion of people who tear apart other people's artistic/ literary work for fun I might say something nasty, peoples feelings will get hurt, critics everywhere will feel bad about themselves....yeah I'm that powerful. I'm just not going to stink to their level. Anywho...this movie is the BEST one yet. I love it!!! Just go see it y'all.

Which Twilight movie is your favorite this far?

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Kavita Trivedi profile image

Kavita Trivedi 6 years ago from London

Ooh I can't wait to watch this! Watching it this week.

MissE profile image

MissE 6 years ago from Texas Author

Ahhhh!!!! You haven't seen it yet?!?!? GO WOMAN!

Jamie Page 6 years ago

I totally agree with you Missy. I too was disappointed when they had a different Victoria.

It is by far the best one yet! Aahhh! :)

MissE profile image

MissE 6 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks for the comment Jamie!

I can't wait to see it again y'all!!

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