Egg Faces (Please Don't Break My Shell)


Eggs are healthy for us! We all used to have them on our fridge and had been a part of our kitchen either we fried them, boil, or add them to dishes or on any of our favorite foods. I do add eggs on my noodles along with vegetables and I love them on fried rice as well.

But don't belittle the eggs, they may not be greens like the vegetables but we get healthy from eating eggs, thanks to them for having carotenoid such as lutein and zeaxanthin that prevents cataracts, and eggs offers D vitamin, protein, and B vitamins. Along with other health benefits from eating eggs such as helping to keep our brain healthy and our body systems with the choline (which is a vitamin B,) one of the rewards of eating eggs are having a healthy nails and hair.

So better start adding eggs to the diet now. But of all the egg beating, cooking, and eating, how does those eggs feels like? Just for fun, here's some cute egg faces I had found while Facebook-ing and Googling.

Oh my! What a terrible accident. Probably a drunk egg driver hit this commuting egg. Now it got its yolk out. Well, let's just let the police crack the case.


It might have been a terrible fate for this egg to be cooked. Now whoever is going to eat this is getting all the vitamins, and proteins.

No worries, there's gonna be a new baby egg coming to the family. Maybe, just maybe it wasn't its destiny to be born as a...... chicken?

Isn't that sweet?! Is it the best eggxample of 'till death do us part?
Isn't that sweet?! Is it the best eggxample of 'till death do us part? | Source

I think those two at the front are egg-flirting? Time to relax and forget all about the cooking. The lady of the house is going out for dinner with hubby!


Whatever happened in here, I think the mad egg was responsible for all the slipping incidents.

Maybe his girlfriend was stolen from him? Or maybe he doesn't like getting wet? Looks like it had just rained.

Egg students in the Eggademy? Probably today's topic was "Eggscaping The Pan 101."
Egg students in the Eggademy? Probably today's topic was "Eggscaping The Pan 101." | Source

Don't look! Don't look in there! Four of our friends are mixed with milk. And they're gonna be cook with pasta (gulped.)

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aviannovice profile image

aviannovice 4 years ago from Stillwater, OK

That was pretty cute! Nice job! Gave you a funny!

precy anza profile image

precy anza 4 years ago from San Diego Author

Thanks Avian! ^-^' Yes they are cute!

kong56 3 years ago

These look just amazing. Love them!

precy anza profile image

precy anza 3 years ago from San Diego Author

Glad you enjoyed and liked those cute egg photos Kong56 :) And thanks for leaving a comment :)

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