Elizabeth Olsen: New Star Brings Beauty and Grace to the Screen

Elizabeth Lizzie Liz... Earlene?

Perhaps when thinking of actresses and the name Olsen is mentioned, most people will recall the adorable Olsen twins from the popular sitcom of the late 80's and early 90's, Full House. But the hottest star rising in the Olsen family these days is younger sister Elizabeth. Though she appeared in several of the Olsen twins features while she was very young, Elizabeth's film career really began in 2011 with the release of Silent House in which she had the leading role. The film was a moderate success but it was her next film that really sparked her career.

Elizabeth landed the lead role in Martha Marcy May Marlene just two weeks before shooting was to begin and she turned out to be the perfect choice for the part. Playing a young woman who attempts to escape a cult, Young Ms. Olsen won nine awards and received more than another dozen nominations while the movie made the rounds of film festivals. With only two films under her belt, it was already obvious that Elizabeth was bringing tons of talent, grace and beauty to the films she became a part of.

Only the Beginning with the Best Still to Come

In the last couple of years, Elizabeth has racked up an impressive array of films. Peace, Love and Understanding was her third film followed by Red Lights and Liberal Arts. Elizabeth seems to be choosing strong films that are not necessarily aimed at a mass market while she refines her acting chops and develops into a powerhouse actress capable of handling any role. But an upcoming role in Spike Lee's most recent film may be the role that really starts to get Elizabeth some attention.

That film is the highly anticipated remake of the South Korean film Oldboy. Elizabeth will portray a character named Marie and is the primary female character in the movie. The original Korean film is something of a cult classic and fans of the movie are very hopeful that Lee will be able to maintain the excellence of the original film with his adaption. With the talents of Elizabeth Olsen in his arsenal, he will certainly have an easier job to do. Other stars of the film which is scheduled to be released in October of 2013 will include Samuel L. Jackson, Josh Brolin and Sharlto Copley as villain Adrian Pryce.

In the meantime, we will have the pleasure of seeing Elizabeth in future films such as Kill Your Darlings, Very Good Girls and Therese Raquin. In the latter film, Elizabeth will portray a murderess whose husband's ghost returns to haunt her and her lover.

Will Elizabeth Become the Next It Girl?

Elizabeth would probably be expected to be on top of fashion as her older sisters are now well-known in the fashion industry and indeed she is often cited as someone to look to for the latest trends. However, many may be surprised to find she does not always turn to her siblings for the latest fashion advice. Elizabeth has noted in interviews that she has a stylist who dresses her for her public appearances and while she has final say on outfits, those outfits run the gamut of popular designers, She has admitted to an affinity for her sisters' design in her personal day-to-day wear.

Regardless of the designer she wears, Elizabeth has shown a natural eye for splendor and often is the talk of the town when she appears at awards shows and even just out for dinner. She has a tall, graceful figure though she could also be described as quite voluptuous, unlike her sisters Mary Kate and Ashley who have occasionally been criticized for their sometimes overly thin physiques. Is Elizabeth really that great at picking out amazing outfits or does anything simply look amazing on her? Well, I myself am no fashion guru, so I will leave it up to you to decide!

My Conclusion: This Girl Is Hot!

So what does this all mean? Is it just that Elizabeth Olsen is an amazing actress? Or is that she is a fashion icon? Perhaps what matter most is that she is oh sol lovely to look at? I would have to say it an only be summed up like this: The girl is hot in every sense of the word! She is an amazing actress whose career has just begun. She is at the top of the fashion scene riding the waves of what's in and making new trends with what will be. And, of course, she is drop dead gorgeous and guaranteed to make many a young man's heart go aflutter. Maybe a few young ladies, too. Like I said, Elizabeth is smoking hot!

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