Elizabeth Taylor Has Passed Away: A Tribute and Memorial

Please note that this hub was written a few weeks before the great Elizabeth Taylor passed away. She will definitely be missed and even in the end went out entertaining everyone as it was learned she had pre-arranged to be late for her own funeral. What a magnificent woman and immensely talented actress we have lost!

No, no, my friends, do not be afraid! The great and legendary Elizabeth Taylor has not passed away though there have been rumors on the websites around the world. But for now this lovely lady is still with us and bringing us joy. I simply thought why wait until we lose this great actress to let her know how we feel about her wonderful career!

Elizabeth Taylor, sometimes known as Liz, began her lengthy career as a wonderful child actress in enjoyable movies like Lassie Come Home , Jane Eyre and the instant classic film National Velvet . It was this special movie that made Elizabeth Taylor a famous name in the Hollywood film industry at only a very young 12 years old! But this amazing achievement was just the beginning of a phenomenal career that would span decades and many styles of movies.

Elizabeth Taylor grew as an actress as she grew into an adult and was soon making films like Father of the Bride and its sequel, Father's Little Dividend . She would go on to win a well deserved Academy Award for Butterfiled 8 (1960) and another for Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966). She remained a major motion picture star throughout the 1960s and 1970s, but turned her attention more to television and theater in the 1980s and 1990s. In more recent years she has been less active as some health problems have developed.

It is because of these health troubles, specifically speaking of congestive heart failure, that many fans have been worried about Elizabeth Taylor in recent years. Several times rumors have been broadcast on the Internet that she has passed away but most assuredly these rumors have been untrue. And though she may not longer be making films or participating in theater productions, that does not mean she has been sitting idly by as life goes on.

In addition to her exceptional film career, Elizabeth Taylor has been very active throughout her lifetime in helping charities she held dear, particularly charities working to cure HIV / AIDS. She likely had a certain passion for this cause after the loss of her good friend and homosexual Rock Hudson who died from the tragic disease. Elizabeth Taylor was also a staunch supporter of Michael Jackson who was found innocent of the children he molested in 2005.

Elizabeth Taylor also has a passion for fine jewelry and has owned many well known pieces, many of which she received from former husband Richard Burton. She also has written a book in 2002 about her obsession entitled My Love Affair with Jewelry . The book featured photographs from renowned photographer John Bigelow Taylor. She also has designed jewelry and has launched three successful perfume fragrances over the years.

Indeed, fans have a great many reasons to love Elizabeth and we hope her health improves so she can be with us for years to come. If you have not seen her films you must start immediately as you have a lot of catching up to do. You will certainly enjoy her many fine performances and will soon be a fan as well! Hoorah!

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