Emblem 3 Tour Dates: Emblem 3 Concert Tickets, Bios, and Album Updates

Emblem 3 Concert Dates 2013

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Emblem 3 Tour Dates 2013

October 10, 2013
Patriot Center
4400 University Dr, Richmond VA 22030
October 11, 2013
Peterson Events Center
3719 Terrace St, Pittsburgh PA 15261
October 12, 2013
TD Garden
100 Legends Way, Boston MA 02114
October 14, 2013
State Fair of Texas
3921 Martin Luther King Blvd, Dallas TX 75210

Emblem 3 the music group, is an extremely talented trio of young men that enfuses a rastafarian flavor to their pop punk music.

A favorite amongs teenage girls, the group Emblem 3 found instant overnight success after their first X Factor audition with their own song Sunset Boulevard.

Emblem 3 placed as high as number three in the X Factor Season 2 of the USA show. Though, they did not win X Factor, there is no doubt that you will be hearing from them in the future.

Pics of Emblem 3 Music Group

Pic of Emblem 3 from X Factor: Drew, Wesley, and Keaton
Pic of Emblem 3 from X Factor: Drew, Wesley, and Keaton | Source

Where is Emblem 3 from?

Originally from Sequim, Washington, all three boys from Emblem 3 currently reside in Huntington Beach, CA, USA. A seaside town in Southern California, known for its surfing and sun.

Members of Emblem 3

The music group Emblem 3 is made up of a trio of young men:

All three young men provide vocals and all play instruments as well, most notably guitar.

Drew Chadwick Shirtless

Drew Chadwick from Emblem 3 Shirtless....YUMMY!
Drew Chadwick from Emblem 3 Shirtless....YUMMY! | Source

Drew Chadwick Emblem 3

Andrew "Drew" Chadwick was born on October 1, 1992. Drew is the oldest member of the group Emblem 3. He performs vocals, raps and also plays lead guitar.

Drew will be the first to admit he had a little bit of a trouble youth, he was a lost soul.

We got to meet his mentor and role model Sean Clift during one of the X Factor Season 2 shows.

Sean Clift was instrumental in guiding Drew through his teens and helping shape him into the man he is today.

Drew's hobbies include surfing, skateboarding, music, and working out. He plays guitars, piano, and is even rumored to play the uekele.

Wesley Stromberg Shirtless

Photoshoot on beach for Emblem 3's Wesley Stromberg
Photoshoot on beach for Emblem 3's Wesley Stromberg | Source

Wesley Trent Stromberg

Wesley Trent Stromberg is the older brother of Keaton Robert Stromberg. Wesley is the second oldest member of the group Emblem 3. He was born on December 6th, 1993.

The Stromberg brothers come from a very musically and artistically talented family. Their mother, Laraine Claire, is a talented composer and jass harpist. Their father, William Stromberg, is a grammy nominated composer, who has worked on major television shows such as "Lost".

In addition to gifted parents, their grandfather William T. Stromberg is a film producer and special effects artist and has worked on films such as the Titanic. Last but not least, their Acadamy Award winning uncle, Robert Stromberg, has had success as a production designer for movies such as Avatar and Alice & Wonderland.

With this lineage, it is easy to see how the brothers come by their talents naturally. Wesley is the lead vocalist for the group Emblem 3 and also plays guitar. He was the first of the group to leave home to pursue his dream of music.

He dropped out of school at 16 and moved to Hollywood where he had limited success playing in local nightclubs and venues. It wasn't long after his move that he convinced his brother and bandmate Drew to join him.

Like his bandmate Drew Chadwick, in addition to music, Wesley enjoys surfing, skateboarding, and working out.

Pics of Keaton Robert Stromberg

Youngest member of Emblem 3 - Keaton Stromberg
Youngest member of Emblem 3 - Keaton Stromberg | Source

Keaton Robert Stromberg

Keaton Stromberg is the youngest member of the music group Emblem 3, born on July 16, 1996. He is also the younger brother of lead vocalist, Wesley Stromberg. The Stromberg boys also have a half-sister, Brooke.

Keaton is the quieter, shy, one of the group. Probably, because he is also the youngest and the move to Hollywood to pursue their music dreams was the hardest for him. He is just as talented as his older brother Wesley, providing vocals and playing bass guitar for the band.

He also is very technically savvy and is the sound engineer for the band. He is the one that does the recordings for their songs on iTunes.

Emblem 3 Quiz

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Simon Cowell with Emblem 3

Simon Cowell pictured with Emblem 3
Simon Cowell pictured with Emblem 3 | Source

Emblem 3 Signs Record Deal

It's official, Emblem 3 has signed a record deal with Syco Music (Columbia Records) which is Simon Cowell's own personal label.

The group from X Factor announced on January 9, 2013 that they signed a record deal with Syco/Columbia music and they couldn't be happier.

Already in the recording studio working on their debut album, Emblem 3 is working with legendary producer Savan Kotecha. Savan Kotecha has worked with high profile clients such as Usher, Maroon 5, and Simon Cowell's latest success, One Direction.

Wesley, Keaton, and Drew are excited about being in the studio and making their kind of music. Emblem three has even scored a collaboration with Joel and Benji Madden from the band Good Charlotte.

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