Emilie Autumn's Lovely Asylum

If the musical world you live in is haunted by the spirits of Victorian madwomen playing hybrids of classical, rock, hip hop, etc. then you must already be a fan of Emilie Autumn. Her theatrical music show is said to rival the abilities of rock stars like KISS and Alice Cooper with the Gothic edge it has. Emilie plays violin and sings and is backed up by her all-girl band, the Bloody Crumpets. But this is not the Shirelles or the Go-Gos.

Many fans already enjoy this popular girl who is well-known to suffer from bi-polar disorder which causes her to have drastic mood swings and led her to attempt suicide. Fortunately she was not successful and instead is using experiences in mental wards to inspire her artistry. She not only sings and plays instruments but also writes books and poetry, designs and models clothes, and probably more talents we will see at a later date.

She is considered to be a world class violinist by many people having been taught the style of playing classical music from the age of only four. She received extensive training at special schools throughout her younger years and attended university as well but left when she felt environment was too restrictive and she was not allowed to explore the experimental side of her creativity. This departure has not seemed to slow down her success.

In addition to releasing her own musical work, Emilie has worked with well known stars like Courtney Love (Hole) and Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) playing on their compact discs and touring with their musicians to add a special flare to their sounds. She also created costumes for Billy Corgan's music videos. She stays so busy she is making me tired! LOL!

Perhaps this busy lifestyle is what helps her as she tries to deal with the mental health issues that she must face and makes no secret of. We should especially respect and admire her honesty in this as so many friends and family face the same issues and are afraid to speak of it which just make them feel more alone. Her honesty makes her more beautiful than even her unusual yet enchanting music.

Every day that goes by finds that Emilie has grown even more popular. She has not released a new full length since 2007 but did release an extended play that included covers of Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" and Queen's neo-classical "Bohemian Rhapsody". She is working on a new compact disc that will be called Fight Like a Girl.

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zann17 profile image

zann17 4 years ago from Bristol, England

Great read, can I link this hub to mine?

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Quddus 4 years ago Author

I would be honored if you did! Thanks for the comment.

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