End of the world for you

Everyday I wake up to this world full of shit

Wondering if Blair and Bush is going to put and end

to it

Oh shit I'm at the edge of my seat

Man the m.f agony of defeat

got my ass like the-U.N

still trying to keep score


We're looking for weapons of

mass destruction

So that we can create a war(Oops!)


Now who the hell is knocking

on my door "na nan na na"

Oh shit death comes calling once


It's the end of the world

it's the end of the world

For you little boys and girls

you don't have to worry cuz you'll

will never grow old and I know this shit might

sound bold but at the end of Sadam

pipeline there's a pot of gold

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poetlorraine 7 years ago

of course there is a pot of gold, of course there is, there has to be........ there is great hub..... deep thought, good name for you

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