Endless Ocean (Wii) - Walkthrough and Cheats

The Goods of the Game

Endless Ocean is a currently released video game in stores right now exclusively available for the Nintendo WII game system. The game was developed by Arika and released under the title Forever Blue in Japan on August 2nd 2007. It was then released to the European market on November 9th 2007 and the American market as on January 21st 2008 as Endless Ocean.

The general premise of the game is a scuba diving simulator. Most of your time will be in questing for items, looking at underwater sea life and performing odd jobs to earn the rights to swim in additional areas of the local ocean.

The Gabbiano
The Gabbiano

As with many games currently released, Endless Ocean is chocked full of hidden gems and quests to find items. As you reach these additional achievements, you will be given more achievements to reach and more items are given to you to use.

The following is a walkthrough of the game from start to finish. Endless Ocean is an "open ended" style of video game. That means your path is not linear, (a set pathway you must go), and you can go anywhere you want and do anything you want. You are free to play the game as you want to play, however, if you do not follow the storyline, you will be unable to explore new areas, receive additional gear or complete the game.

You start out the game as a marine correspondent. Fancy way to say that you are a scuba diver that gets paid to swim with the fishes! You will choose your characters attributes, hairstyle, hair color, gender, even your suntan! As you complete quests, which come in the form of emails, you will unlock more hairstyles, hair colors, scuba gear and other details for your character.

You have a boat called the Gabbiano that you will use to access different areas around the island of Manoa Lai. Endless Ocean is has many different places to explore like underwater caves, sunken ships and deep waters. Remember though, before you are able to explore additional parts of the ocean, you have to complete certain quests. Some of the tasks you are going to perform to complete the game are as an underwater photographer, tour guide, and dolphin trainer. Feel free to let loose the mini marine biologist inside you.

Like most games, the developer has given you a helper in Catherine. When you are lost or stuck, unable to get anywhere else in the game, you can talk to her. She will help to guide you through whatever task you need to complete to explore more of the game. TIP: If she doesn't want to open up to you, make sure to go and dive for a little, then come back and visit her again, she should be more helpful.

You can interact with the fish
You can interact with the fish
The penguin
The penguin


The controls of the game are relatively simple

  • Dive/return to boat
  • Food
  • Pen
  • Camera
  • Whistle
  • Options - "in game" things like mp3 player, display settings, etc

To teach you the controls, the game starts you off in a shallow lagoon where you learn the swimming positions and get used to moving your character around with the controller. Once you complete these tasks, you are introduced to Catherine. The game allows for diving at night, but since you are just beginning, that part is locked and you will have to use the clock to "rest" the night.

When you wake up you will have received an email from Alfred of the Global Marine Foundation, not Bruce Wayne's butler. This unlocks your map and then teaches you how to access and use your map. I know what you are thinking, who has to be taught how to use a map? Just look at it. It is that simple, for the most part. You just need to be familiar with it and how to navigate it.

Next you will dive into the water where the game teaches you how to focus on fish and interact with them by patting, nudging and feeding them. This mechanic is really important. Some tasks that you need to complete require you to befriend certain creatures like dolphins in order to unlock the next section of the game.

Once you are back on the boat, there is a penguin on deck and you learn how to do the same things you did underwater, just on the deck of the boat. This unlocks the guide to marine life, the ship's wheel and the gate. The guide to marine life shows you what species of fish you have befriended, the wheel takes the boat to further locations and the gate enables multiplayer mode.

You are now free to roam about the water.

Exploring Underwater Ship Graveyard

You will have received another email from Alfred. This gives you a new objective.

Note: Every time you get a new objective, your objectives are going to be displayed as a red cross on the map.

Once you complete the new objective from Alfred, you can go back up to the surface onto your boat. Check your email again and you should have a new email from either Alfred asking you to do more exploring for the foundation, or from Aubrey, telling you that you have clients interested in going on a guided dive.

In fact, all you have to do from here on out is follow the emails you get from Alfred or Aubrey and follow what Catherine tells you to do and you can complete the game as far as the storyline goes. There are certain things that truly must be done when Catherine or Alfred request them or your game will be stuck and you cannot proceed. The best example is with Catherine and the dolphin. When she says to find a dolphin to befriend it and be your diving partner, you really must do so. If you don't it will get to the point of that being the only thing Catherine will say to you and you won't be receiving more emails for clients.

Email and Clients

From time to time you receive emails from Aubrey, a contact point for clients wanting you to take them on guided tours of certain areas, or from Douglas to take pictures of certain fish or areas underwater. While initially you don't have to complete these tasks, after a period of time, you will have no choice as completing these tasks is needed to complete the game or use certain features like the underwater pen.

The game does have a very linear path, despite the open-ended nature of it. To get you accustomed to certain features, the game takes you on small tasks first and then moves onto larger feats such as following whales and searching sunken ships for treasure

Clients are going to play a large part of this game for you. A potential client who wants to go on guided dives will email you through Aubrey. Each email for guided tours will stay in your inbox for a maximum of 7 days. After that, you lose the option to accept the quest. These virtual people don't want to wait forever, even if they can! Don't worry though, even if the quest disappears, it will eventually come back. They are generic quests and not storyline related.

When a client emails you and asks you to take them on a tour, they have specific fish they are looking forward to seeing. The information is found in their email or by just listening to the client. There is a grading system to the guided dive and you are graded on each dive that you take them on.

Grades are as follow:

  • How long you keep them on the dive
  • If you showed them the type of fish that they wanted to see
  • How much information you give them about the creatures you showed them.

Grading is a standard A though E, A being the best grade you can get, E being the client wants to keep you underwater for a while longer.

Night Diving Sequence

Professional Photographer?

Other requests are for you to take underwater pictures of fish for newspapers. The only person that asks you for these fish pictures is Douglas Banner, a freelance journalist who knows your partner Catherine since childhood. When he emails you the subject of the email will tell you what creature he is looking for and what kind of photograph to take.

Here are the types of photos:

  • Close up
  • Small fish
  • Medium fish
  • Large fish
  • School of fish
  • Marine animal

Once you take the picture and complete the job, you will get an email from Douglas telling you how well you did. Given the right circumstances, (still not sure what those are), he then includes a copy of the image you took in the email to show you how well it came out.

TIP: you don't have to be a professional photographer by trade to do these tasks, but a few "real life" pointers will help you. Make sure you have a clear shot of your subject and keep it centered in the photo. Take lots of pictures so you can choose the best one.

TIP: Also note that you have to take these pictures in the open, if you use aquarium fish, your photo wont be used at all. No cheating here!

Cheaters never win...sometimes

Speaking of cheating...Endless Ocean does offer 2, that's right 2, whole cheats. Bit of a spoiler here folks...

Technically you can't consider them cheats, they are truly unlockable features of the game not normally included. The first is that anytime the sun sets in the game, you may go to the deck of the ship, sit down in a chair and watch.

Your reward? The credits!

Next up, once you visit the abyss, you will unlock a new song to listen to. "Benedictus" by Haley Westenra

The game can be completed without all the extra quests (or cheats) in a relatively short time, but then you won't be unlocking all the options available. I hope you enjoy playing Endless Ocean, just don't forget to come up for air once in a while!

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xoxoev6 8 years ago

how do u wear the pearl of llife

josh 8 years ago

go into the cabin, move the wii remote onto the goggles and press A and then u can change what you're wearing. I'm 11 so i'm hoping this helps because you can put things on doing that.

suri 8 years ago

what do you mean the 'pearl of life'? OK look here i need cheats and i'm in the ruins i have all the other hints so give me these its so hard to get cheats for the ruins so come on people!!!!!!!!!

FreeWiiGames 7 years ago

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profile image

CatsRock 7 years ago

I need help in the ruins! Where is the deity idol head? Is the head scary? What happens when I find the whole idol? Who is the voice that puts a curse on me? Who is after me in the game? Where do I find the sunken ships and the pirate ship. I have the pirate compass. Now I just need to find the pirate ship. Are any pirates on it? Are they dead? Are the pirates scary? I NEED THE ANSWERS, AND NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe 7 years ago

I need cheats on where the location of the sunken ship is.

Connie 7 years ago

If it helps anyone the random locations of the pirate ship are E9 E5 and H4. I got very stuck on the Mariage Atoll so if anybody else is here is what you do: Look on your map and find a hidden cave with a fantailed ray in it. you will see that you cant get to the top so go back and go over the cave. you should see a crack with air bubbles coming out. swim over and wath the cutscene.after go back to the cave and swim to the top look for a smaller cave at the top and look at the stone grave thing. look for all the others that look like this.

Connie  7 years ago

I am 10 and in favour of my last comment can someone tell me where to find the Orca and the Beluga Whale. Please post soon and as I have completed the game any questions please ask me

Connie 7 years ago

I have found the Orca now but not the beluga whale! PLEASE help me it would be so great if you did it like now!?

Connie 7 years ago

To find the Three heads just go to I5 in the Marige Atoll ( sorry I spelt it wrong in my first entry) and see a rock with cracks in that look like a mouth nose and eyes. In front of one of them should be the beads of life which you will need if your looking for the Orca.

patrick 7 years ago

help me now i can't get to the ruins i want to see all the fish now I also want to get to see all the environments in the game I am 10 and already using the PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

patrick 7 years ago

The ruins are easier to find at night but in the morning where the straight trench used to be at the end is a reef drop off what a rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anna 7 years ago

Connie what do you mean "wath the cutscene?" i dont get it plz make more sense??????

great phat shark 7 years ago

can you please tell me where the crap a Great White Shark is if anyone knows please post before May,30 if you do post i will tell you how to find the beluga whale............................P.S you have to of found the Sperm whale,Orca whale,Bottlenose Dolohin,Common dolphin,and the Blisso Dolphin and access to the whale hole the Depth is 825 ft to find the beluga whale go to V-18 on the boat map

Abbysal Shark 7 years ago

Can anyone tell me where to find a Humpback whale i know its G-5 but i went all around and searched at G-5 and can't find the stupid Humpback whale i could even hear it but i dont see it the game is like screwed up or im hearing things because i can't find the whale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

taylan 7 years ago

whaere is that stupid sunken ship and that orca place and come on, im just 10

why? 7 years ago

who knows how to get back to the ruins!

why? 7 years ago

to get to the ship, go to E-5. go to the surface and look for a strange looking ship. swim up to it, then go in side it. got that,taylan? hey, i'm only 11.

anda 7 years ago

to get the great white shark you have to first find the shark tooth necklace. search google or something to find out where the exact coordinates on the map are. that's what i did and have found all the unlockables items. i still have yet to find all the randomly placed items. check the webpage i posted out. its very very veryyyyy helpful!

acorn 7 years ago

How do you get the stupid sonar thing to do it's stuff? I can't even get it so that "catherine" thinks it's a good place!!!!!!!! and that is, well, um ANNOYING!

Kim 7 years ago

I'm reali stuck on the ruins. I've found the white mother and everything but i'm stuck on actually getting in to the ruins as it keeps coming up that there is unnatural currents flowing through! I dont' know how to do it!

bah 7 years ago

where is the new kingdom of Mo"ia Atoll?

Amber 7 years ago

You get to the ruins by the e-mail saying stuff about the migratory habits of the Whale shark. Go to the same place and Katherine will tell you to grab the whale shark. If you haven't got the e-mail i suggest you just wait until you do.

Thomas 7 years ago

if someone tells me where to find a blue whale i will give the location of white cave.(L7 on the map).

anabeth 7 years ago

hey i need help finding the beluga whale and orca on endless ocean

Amber 7 years ago

After find the beads of life (in front of the middle stone head in Mo'ii Atoll or whatever ts called) you go to the ship wreck. Then the orca will be waiting for you, and if you befriend it you can have it as a partner. The beluga whale however i have not been able to find yet. I shall keep looking though.

Mickiloo 7 years ago

LOL YOU GUYS ARE HILARIOUS-YELLING AND CRAP LOL anyway to find the Beluga you have to find the old bracelet in the Gallery of souls west of Rock Bluff F4 on the map (that's the hard part) then go back to the boat and talk to Cathrine and go dive in the same general spot...... Okay?!?! See, no need to freak!

PS im only 12!

Mickiloo 7 years ago

To get into the ruins of Mo'ta Atoll (i cant spell) you go to it on the map, right by the button thingy, go to the bottom then go up a little bit but not to much and its like a tunnel but without a roof.... OR just hitch a ride on the Whale Shark LOL

Ps still need help e-mail your questions to me, I might not know the answers.... but I'll find out



JJKA 7 years ago


NiCkJoNaS 7 years ago

I found a cassette tape on the top part of the reef near F4 while looking for the Gallery of Souls. I thought it might be a recording of something, but when I went to the Gabbiano, Kathrine didn't say anything. I have no idea what I am supposed to do now in the game. She said something about sonar probes last time, but that was it. No samples, no diving, and no looking for anything! Help!

austin 7 years ago

the ruins are marked on your map as mo'ia atoll.

cam 7 years ago

i need to train a dolphin

Emma 7 years ago

the lady on the boat by the cabin keeps asking me have you checked the ruins yet and i keep going there and nothing happens so what does she mean what do i do?? and how many books are there is there one or more and last but not least where do you find all the species????? thank you so much!!

x_Emma_x xxx

Rebecca 7 years ago

People who have trouble in moia a toll, you get an email saying check the whale shark's migration rote, it will tell you where to look. When you find the wahale shark grab on to it and will go through a passage with a strong current. You will have found Moia Atoll. Later on the passageway to the ruins should should have no current for some reason, so you can get in without a whale shark. In moia atoll you find a several stones with writing on it, pieces of an idol, pieces of a stone description, and life beads. You also find some new sea creatures.

Amber 7 years ago

Listen, it's not as complicated as everybody makes it out to be. Just search Google (with Endless Ocean walkthrough) it'll explain everything. There are several walkthroughs there, see which one you like. it's not cheating, it's just like reading a manual ;)

mary 7 years ago

To get past the weird current, go through that passage at night, and there wont be a current. I just found the Room of Oracles! Yeah, I was stuck for a really long time, too; I didn't know how to explore the inside of the Ruins.

georgia 7 years ago

how do you put the shark necklace on because it bring's good luck?

savannah 7 years ago

hey, how do u get past the strong currents and the ruins? i am SO confused! plezze help me!!

don 7 years ago

where is the shark and ruins

Jaber 7 years ago

to find the blue whale you need concentration and speed, i already know where is it since 2008, and going back to the ruins you need to find the general spot and go south then you're back, you could also find rare sharks, just go to the deepest place then you just go in there,then you could now find rare sharks,(usually you need the requirements to get into it,cause if you don't, u could not get in.) wanna find the secret lake? cause it s in J9.

MAXY BOY 7 years ago


morgan 7 years ago

hey kim my name is morgan. i am 13 years old. to get to the ruins you have to grap the whale that swims through the passage to the ruins. when u r close to it press a. when it shows its name and everything, just press a and b at the same time.

morgan 7 years ago

hey kim my name is morgan. i am 13 years old. to get to the ruins you have to grap the whale that swims through the passage to the ruins. when u r close to it press a. when it shows its name and everything, just press a and b at the same time.

morgan 7 years ago

u now wats weird? i only had to find two pices of the compass to get the email about the ghost ship. but i cant find it! someone please help!!!!!

jack 7 years ago

hey do any of you know how to get sonar and the pirates compass parts Thanx

P.S.im 13

6543t7 7 years ago

i cant find stupid sperm whale when you han to find four whaleshelp!

Jack 7 years ago

the sperm whale is seen around the abyss(G,7) all year round, hope this helps but I am clueless about the ghost ship all i can find are the weird ships at (E,5) (E,8ish). Jack out.

6543t7 7 years ago


jack 7 years ago

this is really confusing... OH have you tried using the whistle and try to spread your search (when i did it, it was a small distance away.) hang in there and keep looking im trying all i can.

Jack out

jack 7 years ago

I have just realised it is acctually in the abbyss

jack 7 years ago

any body there...6543t7 hello anyone.well this sucks.

jack out

LadyGagaRox 7 years ago

You can find the blue whale at the Great Dropoff. Can anyone tell me where the three heads are in the ruins?? Thanks!

jack 7 years ago

i don't recall any three heads and acctually in the great drop off is the white mother when you find her. hope this helps

jack out.

jack 7 years ago

this game has made me want to become a marine biologist when i leave school.

jack out.

jess14 7 years ago

im really stuck on the three heads thing can anyone help me please ?

girlycow22 7 years ago

Where is the ghost ship????? i cant find it anywhere!!!

Also, I have been to the ruins and i cant find them now?!?! Why is that??


Sophie 7 years ago

I found the shipwreck but i cant get onto it. You just go onto E7 and keep looking out of the water.. after that....IM STUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew 7 years ago

I have been to the pirate ship before. Now I can't find it and I keep going to the same place where I saw it first!

TITAN 7 years ago

how do i make a dolphin my partner??

leeesha 7 years ago

how tha hell do ya get in the ring in the marige attoll thing its driving me insane :@ xxxxxxxxx up up and away

Vicky 7 years ago

ok im in the ruins and i have absolutely no idea what to do can someone please help i found two tablets with stuff written on them but other then that.... nothing like no beads or necklaces or heads so please im going to go insane if i donnt find out email any answers to me please thanks :)

chuck 6 years ago

ive found the three heads but not the jewel of life please help me

chuck 6 years ago

why is the jewel of life not there do you have to unlock it???? pleaz help do you have to have found the white mother

sw33tsz 6 years ago

what do you do after the valka castle

jack 6 years ago

what is the valka castle?any way anyone need help i'll try

Murray 6 years ago

I am in the river and can't find any thing or anyone to help me move the tree. What to do?

jj 6 years ago

how do you get past the lost castle part of endless ocean blue worlds.

tyler 6 years ago

sw33tsz you talk to gg and then he sends you to cortica river

jack 6 years ago

hey everyone I finally got onto the internet so anyone want to hang out my code is 0455 7503 1680 just post your number and we can connect

Chainsaw 6 years ago

My code is 1809-4442-9373

saso 6 years ago

how move the tree

saso 6 years ago

I am in the river and can't find any thing or anyone to help me move the tree. What to do?


foolsgold 6 years ago

IM GETTING ANNOYED WITH KATHERINE TELLING ME TO GO TO THE LABRYNTH SIDE OF THE RUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I DONT KNOW WHERE IT IS AND ITS ANNOYING.........so plzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzzzzzz help me out...im only 11.

Emile` 6 years ago

I dont have endlesss ocean blue world yet, but i have a question bout the 1st endless ocean. r there any sunken ships in regular endless ocean? if so PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ tell me where they r. i really need help. i've already found the ANCIENT mother(people hoo r calling it white mother, u r rong) but i havent discovered everthing. please post on where sum interesting stuff is.

remember, JESUS LUVS U!!!

jack 6 years ago

there are pirate ships they move around i think it was E8 E5 and H7 but you go into the hole in thee side then just explore

Abi 6 years ago

Hey My name is abi, and I'm looking for the cinderella slug, and i can't find it. Someone told me its at the ruins and ships rest. But i need to know the exact place. I looked at the ruins and ships rest. Please help me find that slug.

profile image

mennaboo 6 years ago

i'm domenica, i'm 16; & playing the first gamee of endless oceannnn; but how the hell do i befriend animals? i'm at the antartic part of the songs of dragons part; & i need help suuuuuuper bad. help pleasee?(:

profile image

mennaboo 6 years ago

ohh; btw, my wi-fi code is 6776 5144 0620;

cool dude 6 years ago

chuck i have the orca as a partner and the 3 heads you are talking about, the beads are called life beads and if you enter the ruins keep going strate till you can look behind you and see the faces,look for a shine OK!!! hope this helpsLOL!!!

cool dude 6 years ago

oh and yes you do have to unlock the life beads you have to complate 90% of your map


cool dude 6 years ago

georgia the necklace is in nifes reef in one of the point PS: you will see a shine as if it was shiney!!!

hope this helps

yes me cool dude 6 years ago


kp1498 6 years ago

i juts found out about the mainland aqurium on endless ocean 1! does any one no how to get there or unlock it

profile image

mennaboo 6 years ago

i'm at the amazon part, & i don't get how to move the trees? HELP.

blissoinsearch 6 years ago

I found the orca whale once and when I went back it was gone plus it says it's at the shipwreak all year around what do I do?

PS im also in search in the beluga whale and the blisso dolfin

corey 6 years ago

i found the bisso dolphin in the abbys

xcharleyx 6 years ago

Hi i wonder if any one can help me the girl on the boat keeps telling me to cheak in the ruins and i do and when i do and i find something when i come back to the boat there is this creepy email !! olz help on wot to do !!

PS wot is the white mother and the three heads

Emile` 6 years ago

thank you jack 4 telling me about the ships i will need that. i can't wait til i get the 2nd endless ocean. what are the 3 heads people are talking about? i want to know when i get it.

REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS LUVZ U!!!!!!!

Emile` 6 years ago

I THINK I JUST FOUND A SHIP!!!! EEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm really excited i hope i am in the right place. Jakc? if you are there i could really use some info on the new endless ocean game


Emile` 6 years ago

xcharlyx. the weird e-mail is a "curse" every time u find a piece of the diety idol, u get a weird email. its just trying to scare u for sum reason. the "ghost ship" doesn't want u to have it

REMEMBER!!!!!! JESUS LUVZ U!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emile` 6 years ago

I HAVE MOJOR QUESTION!!!!!!!!! do you have to find all of the diety idol befor u can see the ships? i am really confused b/c i have looked in all the places people are telling me and i can find the ships. i'm getting alit frusterated. please answer my question asap

Remember!!! JESUS LOVEZ U!!!!!!!!!!

xcharleyx 6 years ago

thanks Emile im ten so it scares me a bit lol but now i cant find the ruins lol but realy i thought it was the magu tapu ( i think that's the sharks name) was part of the curse

savannah 6 years ago

well you swim at margie atoll look for the whale shark and grab onto the whale shark it will take you in the atoll

xcharleyx  6 years ago

i know how you do that but i cant find the whale shark i look every were and i end up at the great drop off lol

PS wot is the three heads ??

Emile` 6 years ago

xcharlyX, it scared me to when i first fond it. it was kinda creepy. i just go to the map and direct my diver to the place of mo'ia attol. that works for me every time

Emile` 6 years ago

PEASE SOMEONE REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO U HAVE 2 collecT ALL THE PIECES OF THE DIETY IDOL TO find the ships!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! i really need to no asap

REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS LUVZ U!!!!!!!!!

Emile` 6 years ago

I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FOUND THE GHOST SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited. its all thax to u jack. u told me where it was and now i found it. EEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!! i'm so happy!!!!!!!!!

Emile` 6 years ago

when i said i found the ghost ship. i still need to no where the other ships are

Remember!!!!!!! Jesus LUVZ U!!!!!!!!

THING 6 years ago



xcharleyx 6 years ago

YAY I FOUND THE RUINS... but then my tv went off and i lost it :( waaa AND I WANNA KNOW WHAT IS THE THREE HEADS plz can some one tell me what they are lol

xcharleyx 6 years ago

OMG OMG I FOUND THE WHITE MOTHER SHE IS MASSIVE ... Emile i cant find any more off the statue in the ruins and what happens when you find it all ? Please tell me

Emile` 6 years ago

i haven't found all of it yet so i dont no, but i no where the ghost ship is. all you do is go to the surface befor you go to the ruins, and look around until you see a weird looking thing in the distance

REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS LUVZ U!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will the Thrill 6 years ago

hey people. i havn't found all of the diety idol either. i just need one mor part. i can't seem to find the right leg. i'm Emile`'s brother and she can't help me bacause all she has an arm and one leg. if anyone can help me, pease post soon. this is my first time on hubpages so i don't really no what i'm doing. Emile` told me about it.


Emile` 6 years ago

i heard my bro posted. he needs to know where the diety idol is. like he said, i'm not much help since i don't have very much of it. so if any of you can help me, i will tell him

xcharleyx 6 years ago



Emile` 6 years ago

xcharlyx, just look around in the ruins and you will eventually find all the pieces.

REMEMBER!!!!!!!!! JESUS LUVZ U!!!!!!!!

P.S. xcharlyx, don't say those words. they are not very apropreat

Emile` 6 years ago

i kinda want to know what the 3 heads are too, but i'm not going to cuss about it. if anyone can help me and tell what it is, that would be great.

REMEMBBER!!!!!!!!!! JESUS LUVZ U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan 6 years ago

i can not find the item you need to find to get the white mother can someone help

btw my friend code is 5769-5293-9830

Jonathan 6 years ago

by the way if anyone wants to relax on my wifi place just submit there number on so i can link yours to mine

Emile` 6 years ago

Jonathan, what is Kat telling u 2 do? i have already found the ancient mother so whatever she is telling u to do, i can give u a hint.

REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS LUVZ U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xcharleyx 6 years ago

Ok i look around every were in the ruins and i cant find any thing !!!

p.s Emile i would rather say hell than swear words and im 10 and every kid i know says hell ( and i cursed aba the 3 heads coz i was angrey and exited )

Jonathan 6 years ago

i just got the game two days ago and finaly beat it so whoever kat is she is not telling me to do anything i just am having trouble getting the item you need to get the white mother that's all i need a hint about

Emile` 6 years ago

ok whatever xcharlyx. Jonathan, u no the girl that is standing on the side of the boat gazing at the ocean? just go up to her and talk to her. whatever she says, plzz tell me and i can help

JESUS LUV U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.s. xcharlyx, hell isn't a bad word unless you say it in a bad way. if you are talkin about the place, its not bad. if yer not, it is bad.

xcharleyx 6 years ago

Ok kathirin is not tellin me to do any thing i have found the white mother.But kathirin is just sayin relax and enjoy (i think she says enjoy) BUT SHEAINT TELLIN ME TO DO ANY THING !!!!!!!!!! PLZ HELP

P.S Emile Hell Aint A Bad Word And I Never Said It In A Bad Way Every One Says Hell Like This For Example *Were The Hell Is My Pen* And Like I Said I Was Exited That Im Going To Spain And I Was Angrey Coz I Keep Asking Wot Is The 3 Heads !!!

Emile` 6 years ago

xcharlyx, i say just enjoy that you have found the ancient mother and just swim around and just have fun. and look for treasure. stuff like that. have you found the ghost ship? have you fond the crystal cave? those are things that ,if you haven't already found, you should search for.

REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS LUVZ U!!!!!!!!!

P.S. ok. i get it now

Emile` 6 years ago

I'm with ya xcharlyx. i don't no what the 3 heads are either. i aswell want to no. so i am in need of help like this guy. if anyone nose what the 3 heads are, plzz tell us

REMEMBER!!!!!!!!! JESUS LUVZ U!!!!!!!!!!

Eminem 6 years ago


Eminem 6 years ago

Catsrock you are a f%!@?>* J%&)#@$% go to h@#$

Eminem 6 years ago


Eminem 6 years ago


Emile` 6 years ago

what is your problem, Eminem. you aren't even saying anything about endless ocean! that's kinda........ ok. and plus, its kinda rude to tell people they suck. you can tell them to go die in a hole,but just jokingly. i think ou need to talk about endless ocean or just don't get on here again.

REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS LUVZ U!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xcharleyx 6 years ago

YAY YAY i have endless ocean 2 im on the amzon part and im stuck with the water fall i cant open the gate how do u plz help plz plz PLZZZZZ !!!!!!!!!!!

P.S Eminem wot the heck r u talkin aba

Emile` 6 years ago

LUCKY!!!!!!! i want that one so bad. what is it like? is it more interesting than the 1st one? what do you do? is kat still on the boat? that is so cool that you have it now.

REMEMBER!!!!!! JESUS LUVZ U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. that's what i'm wonderin'

xcharleyx 6 years ago

Emile its awsome u have to get it Kat isn't on tho u have to discover the truth about the song of dragons that brings bad luck !!

P.S there are more creatures !!

Emile` 6 years ago

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!! THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!!!!!!! but, we don't go shopping for video games much :(. but i have also been asking for it ever since i new it was out. i will maybe get it when Christmas comes around. but when i do get it, will you give me some hints if i don't know what to do?

REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS LUVZ U!!!!!!!!

P.S. what kind of creatures?

Will the Thrill 6 years ago

we since Emile` showed me where the ghost ship is, I don't need to know anything else about the game. If I do.................. well then i might get back on again.

xcharleyx 6 years ago

OMG OMG OMG I FINISHED ENDLESS OCEAN 2 !!!!!!!! and the ghost of valka castle is ..... im not sayin wot it is !!!. I still havnt found the pieces of the statue lol

P.S Emile there are lots and lots i think they make some up coz i havent heard some of them !! lol

Emile` 6 years ago

HOW ON EARTH DID YOU ALREADY FINISH IT? is that easy? now i really can't wait to get it. as you can see above, my brother doesn't care for the game as much as i do. Can't wait til i get the game!

REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!! JESUS LUVZ U!!!!!!!!!!!

Emile`  6 years ago

will someonepleas post i'm getting very bored of talking to myself about endless ocean. there are other people out in the world that i would like to get info from or give info to

REMEMBER!!!!!! JESUS LUVZ U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xcharleyx 6 years ago

Hey Emile its not realy that easy it took me a long time

to do the weddle sea bit but you can get a dog in the game but you have to save it and i dont know were it is


P.S i dont belive in jesus or god !!

Coco 6 years ago


Tht is actually ma reall name -x-

xcharleyx 6 years ago

Coco the white mother is a whale she is at the great drop

off but you need to help kat but you have to do something

in the ruins but unforunatlly i have forgot what you have to do in the ruins :( but you will figure it out :D

Emile` 6 years ago

Cocoa, xcharlyx is right about the white mother being a whale, but you just have to wait a while and get through all the steps of the game. eventually, kat will start talking to you about it, then you can start looking for her. if you have anny qustions, ask me or xcharlyx.

REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS LUVZ U!!!!!!!!!

P.s. xcharlyx, its fine you don't belive in God or Jesus, but he loves you anyway & he always will.

yasmin 6 years ago

where is theship wreck

Emile` 6 years ago

the ship wreck. well, first, u go 2 mo'ia attol. go 2 the surface and look around. u will c a ghost ship, or something sticking out of the water. swim towards it. sumtimes, it is out of range. if it is, go back to the boat and move around alittle, but just barely.

REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS LUVZ U!!!!!!!!!!

Emile` 6 years ago

oh, & btw, u have 2 swim inside the ship. or else nothing will happen. i no, its kinda "duh" info.

REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS LUVZ U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacob 6 years ago

What do you do in Margine Atoll.

Emile` 6 years ago

All you really do in Mo'ia Attol is, well, just swim around. look for treasure, and discover things. you can find plenty of things to do. have you found your way inside yet? if you haven't, just when you get there, look ant your map. it will show you how to get in.

REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS LUVZ U!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emile` 6 years ago

guess what my peeps!!! yay! i found the orca! wahoo! i no. awesome rite. i would enjoy it if you were happy for me. THANK YOU!

REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS LUVZ U!!!!!!!!!!!

chloe 6 years ago

Emile: Jesus doesn't love us or bad shit wouldn't happen.

Also thanks 4 the help cause I have been stuck but do you know what you d when you discover how to read the stone tablets cause i found them and read them but nothing happens. Please help x

Emile` 6 years ago

i have no idea what to do about the tablets. i have yet 2 find that out myself. sorry i couldn't help. there mite b dome other stuff i could help u with. any other questions?

p.s. Jesus & God do luv us. its not that he allows bad stuff to happen, its that he'll be alongside us to help us when they do

xcharleyx 6 years ago


P.S ITS MY BIRTHDAY IN 2 WEEKS OMG (oh my gosh) its on the 22 of october when it is wish me happy birth day coz my mates wont be there on me birth day there all goin to france well most of them , IM GOIN TO BE 11

Emile` 6 years ago

oh. poor xcharlyx. that stinks! do u no what happened? well, since u no how 2 beat it, it will take u less time 2 win it again. so just look @ the bight side. i really am sorry bout that.

REMEMBEWR!!!!!!! JESUS LUVZ U!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. happy birthday xcharlyx

khollows 6 years ago

Conditions: You must have

- completed the Caves:

visited twice, found all named rooms, found the main treasure

- completed the Abyss:

visited twice, found all four caves, found a coelacanth

- completed the Ruins:

visited twice and found all six stones

The email mentions rumours of a white dolphin west of Rock Land (Rock Bluff).

Find the Old Bracelet in the Gallery of Souls.

- unlocks Beluga in the 'Prince's Room' of the Ruins

Emile` 6 years ago

khollows, what r u talkin' about? is that what it takes to finnish the first endless ocean? can u give me th cordanance for the gallery of souls? i for got where that was. which place is it? i havent got any emails about a white dolfin. what is the prince of rooms?

REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS LUVZ U!!!!!!!!!!!

Emile` 6 years ago

Never mind about the galllery of souls. i found it, but i didn't find any bracelet. khollows, r u taking me on a wild goose chase? i also went to rock bluff & there was nothing about a white dolfin. i dont no how or where u got these things, but they dont work. i will keep trying, but i dont think they do anything.

REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!! JESUSE LUVZ U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xcharleyx 6 years ago

hey Emile on youtube type in endless ocean 2 u will find walkthroughs and stuff like that and if u find sombody named skullkid3 on it i think he is hilarius (might of spelt it wrong) but yea u can find all what u can do on endless ocean 2

Emile` 6 years ago

Whoa! thax xcharlyx! that will be great!. thanks 4 telling me that. i probably won't do it 'til i get endlesss ocean 2 though, but i will remember what u typed in. Thanks 4 the info!

REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!! JESUS LUVZ U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will the Thrill 6 years ago

i'm really bored so i'm just asking one question. my sister found the orca & she won't tell me where it is. OMEONE TELL ME!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!

Emile` 6 years ago

where is everyone??!?!?!?!?! no one gets on anymore. & no, i'm not counting my brother. i might need some new info on the game. like i have no idea what kat is talking about. she said, "i think the abyss holds more secrets. go to the wall opposite of the gyesurs. it seems supisios to me. well, i've been over there and nothing. some get on 2 help me!! PLEASE!

REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS LUVZ U!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xcharleyx 6 years ago


Emile` 6 years ago

i'm sorry if i'm bugging u, but, XCHARLYX, IT TAKES TIME 4 THINGS TO HAPPEN. that kind of stuff doesn't happen over nite. there is now an organization called Samaritan's Purse that provides clean water, food, and many other things in Africa & other countries. bad things happen because sin entered the world. but God is still at work. we just have to look around.

xcharleyx 6 years ago


Emile` 6 years ago

xcharleyx, it breaks my heart to hear you say that. there is no global warming. we know that because the tempature changes rapidly anyway. africa and other counties are poor because of sin. i already told you that. God has blessed this country. you have no idea how much He loves you. he loves everyone, but some people get what they deserve, and some people don't. can i ask you a question? what in your personal opinion do think it takes to get to heaven and have everlasting life? please answer this question. i want to make sure you can go to sleep easily and knowing where you go when you die. death is certain. life is not.

xcharleyx 6 years ago


Emile` 6 years ago

xcharleyx. how old was the dog? just b/c one bad thing happens doesn't mean God isn't real. i no how sad it is to lose a pet. its happened to me alot of times, but God created everything with a life span. i promise, i will pray for u and your friend. u can belive what u want, but i can belive what i want aswell. can i tell u something? Christianity isn't a religion. its a relationship. can we please put aside our differences and try to be friends? i care about you and that dog, i want you to be sure where you will go when your time comes. i don't have to worry, and you don't have to either. but please. i just wanna know. in your personal opinion, what does it take for someone to get to heaven and have everlasting life?

Emile` 6 years ago

Back to endless ocean. i haven't been on in a while so i don't really no what to really talk about. hmm? well ok! i'm just glad i have other people on this sight 2 converse with.

deviled eggs recipes 6 years ago

My kids have this game and absolutely love it! It's a great game.

Emile` 6 years ago

hello! do your kids have any questions about the game? i mite b able 2 help them.

Emile` 6 years ago

does anyone get on here anymore?

Emile` 6 years ago

i think every1 is just against me. plzz say otherwise if that is not true. anyone

Emile` 6 years ago

look, xcharleyx, i'm sorry if i affended u. i just mite have some questions about the game & i think u can help me with them. & if u have questions, i want 2 possibly help u 2. i'm sorry if i annoyed u.

Emile` 6 years ago

even though i said sorry, it doesn't change what i belive

ben 6 years ago


ben 6 years ago

Emile please help me i need to know what you do in the ruins pllz help me

ben 6 years ago

Is anyone there

Emile` 6 years ago

ok. ben, i'm so glad i can help someone again, sorry, not the point. really all you do in the ruins is discover stuff, just like in the rest of the places in the game. you can also look 4 tresure. there is something called the diety idol, i dont have all the parts yet, but every time you find a piece, when you get back to the boat, you get a horror letter. dont let it scare you. all it does is get you a new hair-do or something like that. you also have to unlock the secret to the stong current that blows you out of where you are. ben, just explore!

Emile` 6 years ago

guess what people!!!! i got endless ocean blue world for Christmas!! yay! i just started it so far i got to fight off a tiger shark! scarey huh. well anyway, i can really excited about it.

frzaaa 6 years ago

where is the ocean graveyard

Emile` 6 years ago

the sunken ships are through a current you can't swim to. you go to mo'ia atoll, look around in the surface, and you will see a creepy looking ship. swim towards it. sometimes it is out of your reach. so go as close as you can to it from you map and dive, surface, and swim, go around the ship 'til you see a big hole swim in it and it will take you to the sunken ships.

clolo9 6 years ago

what's the white mother

trident 6 years ago

hey guys i need help on finding the deity idol pieces and finding a way to move on in the game.will somebody help me i am impatient to know b/c i have tried soooooo many websites and nothing has helped me at all.

trident 6 years ago

and emile u r right about God being real

Emile` 6 years ago

trident, i like you!!!! i haven't found all the pieces yet myself, but have you talked to kat yet? if you haven't talk to her, & after she says anyway, report to me what she says. if you already have talked to her, still, tell me what she said. i have probably already done what she is saying, but i got the new endless ocean, so i havnt done the original in a while. so talk to kat, keep looking around mo'ia attol, & then report to me!!! i am happy to help!!!!

Emile` 6 years ago

clolo9, the white mother is like a huge whale that is white, bigger than a blue whale, and need to find it to beat the game. kat will help you along the way, so if you have questions about what sh is saying, just ask me. i am happy to help!!

clolo9 6 years ago

thanks xxx :)

Emile` 6 years ago

no problem. if you have any more questions, just ask! :)

trident 6 years ago

omg sorry Emile I have been busy and I'll give u a report


I like you too

clolo9 6 years ago

what does it mean when the lady on the boat keeps saying 'relax and enjoy your time however you like' ?? please help me x !! x love clolo XX

jojoboo 6 years ago

im stuck in kelp and kat tells me to get out my tools ?

how do i get out of kelp? i have no tools.

Enile` 6 years ago

clolo9, i have no idea what she means. i think you might be ahead of me and i really think you are done with the game. so just do what she says i guess.

jojboo, this one is actually simple once you figusre it out. got to the tool menu, you no, the thing where you get out your camera, underwater pen, and etc. get the wistle to call the dolphins. the dophins cut you free.

Emile` 6 years ago

oopsies! the "n" in my name is supposed to be a "m"

Riley 6 years ago

Kat tells me i should look in the abyss for the fossil wall. Im not sure where that's at. If you can help in any way i would be sooo happy! Thanks :)

Emile` 6 years ago

Riley, the fossils in the abyss are on one of the far walls. go as far as you can in one direction, & go up the wall, if there is nothing there, go up the other wall. i can't remember if its on the opposite sides from the guyzers (sorry, forgot how to spell that) or not. so just check both.

Guest 5 years ago

I know how to get both the Beluga and Orca. For the orca:

1. Cover at least 90% of the map.

2. Go to the ruins and where there is what looks like 3 heads (far to the very east) there will be some life beads. Now is the hard bit.

3. Go to the boat. You need to find the ghost ship.

HINT: The Ghost Ship is mainly at the most southern part of the map.

4. When you go into the shipwreck, push 1 to open the map.

5. You need to go to the part of the SHIPWRECK map at the bottom left. Go up the plane wing. Right near the top you should find the orca

For the Beluga:

1. Check every place in: The Ruins (and read all the inscriptions while your at it), Abyss and the aqua cave.

2. Go to the gallery of souls (Just north of Deep Valley).

3. You must find the bracelet.

4. Go back to the ruins.

5. Go to the inscription that was said had a serpent on it (or something like that). You should see the Beluga if you dfollowed these instructions correctly.

Please note that you can have both as partners. To get them as patners, learn 2 things about them. This will take more than 1 dive with them.

trident 5 years ago

hey emile!!!

I found the last deity idol piece today!!

Look around the edges of the atoll and

espesilly by two large flat rocks.look in between them.

What can I do now?Where/when do you find the beads of life?


PS I like you a lot too Emile!!

Emile` 5 years ago

great trident!!since i got endless ocean blue world, i haven't been on much endless ocean recently, so i haven't really been looking out for that kind of stuff. but its great you wound it. what did u get from the creepy messages (those used to scare me)?

Emile` 5 years ago

btw, i have no idea what the beads of life are. sorry, cant help you there.

trident 5 years ago

ok that's fine about the beads.i forgot where i heard them.

the creepy messages:

the 1st one:that person said stuff like this is bad,"he's" watching us.stuff like that.

2nd:that guy said,this is bad,the end is coming,then he starts to pause a lot and says he is watching us,more pauses,then he says,"he is here!help me plea-"and i cut off

it is really scaring me,but nothing bad has happened latly.

trident 5 years ago

hey i found the gem of life and i have an orca!im moving fast in the game so i can answer a lot of Qs.im on

this compass quest,and ill hint you up with that later.

Emile` 5 years ago

cool! where are the gems of life? i might be able to get back into the game

trident 5 years ago

Hey Emile,

sorry to say,first you have to find the WHOLE deity idol.

then dive a lot,and then you get a letter (you may have to

wait a while) talking about a resting place in the atoll

in front of a middle head.if you don't know where the Three

Heads are,swim around the edge ,near the Hall,and they should be there.in front there will be a sparkle,and you know the rest.

I found the whole compass thing and it might have something to do with the gem of life.I have wondered if you have found some pieces of it.There was a latin

poem on the back.Katherine read,

on seas we live

on seas we die

the tide does swell

as years go by

the whale isle calls

and so we roam

three stars we have

to guide us home

Im going to let you find out the rest emile

once you find the gem,you get the orca

for future refrence,look over the double propelered

fighter plane in the ships rest.

Emile` 5 years ago

wow! thx trident! that will probably help me once i am done with all this homework. :P it really sinks how much i have these days. i havn't played much of anything, so i will use thes guide lines as a reference!

trident 5 years ago

Hey emile!

I feel bad that you have all that homework.

I finally decided to take a break from swimming.

Well, the real reason I'm not playing is because I

traded my False Killer Whale [found in the white room

in the Mermaid's tunnel] for the real Killer Whale

[found at Ship's Rest].Speaking of, have you found

Ship's Rest yet?

While I'm on the subject, there are three coordinates

on the compass, which mean only this,

E5,the 1st coordinate , is where the pirate ship is

in the morning

H6, #2, is for the afternoon

E9,#3, is for the night.

My names for all the partners I have discovered

[some are my friends, some I just left]

bottlenose -Squirt [coral forest or the atoll Hall]

orca -Willow [Ships Rest]

common -Sunshine[Dolphin rock,Sunshine beach]

beluga -Prince[Prince's room, atoll]

rosso's? -Velvet[I forgot, its a random coordinate]

false killer whale -Aurora [White room,Mermaid tunnel]

I don't know the rest, and I don't want to write much

more, so I'll report more later! ;P TTYL!

Emile` 5 years ago

no way! i named my bottlenose dolphin the same thing, & yes, i have found ships rest, but you found out is amazing!!!!! we have spring break now, so i dont have much homework, & will, my brother is a wii hog. he's got a new basketball game, so yeah. i went back to ship's rest, but the orca wasnt there. do you know what that was about? i was all ready to trade in one of my dolphins to get the orca, & now i dont know what to do, but its not really that big of a deal. :D

trident 5 years ago

well, have u found all of the idol?

Well, when u do, you will get a letter later

[ more like info paper] about a meditating place in front

of the three heads at the atoll. there [ of course dive there, what else will u do] will be the bead of life

then you get all this blah blah about the orca

then go to ships rest and the orca will be swimming

around in front of u, and katherine will be like

Blah blah amazing.

read my last few posts once u get where i am.

It will help. read them now acually, because it will help u later

I found the risso's dolphin: get this : In the abyss

go in the morning and in the back [ or front, depending on which way u go in] and swim around a lot u'll find them somewhere

brothers are annoying sometimes!

I know whatcha mean. is yours older or little?

I have an older one

Emile` 5 years ago

Will is older. if u look up ahead alot, u will c sum of his posts he did when we wuz interested in endless ocean. so thnx 4 yer help about the idol & all that junk. speaking of junk, we have a brittish boy in my class & sum1 said sumthing wuz junk & he said, "its not junk! its rubish!" i laughed. anyway. i still haven't played the wii in 4ever. i need 2 start it up again. where are sum places u found the idol & is it possible 2 stop the strong current in the ruins? b/c i can't find any other way through there i just get frusterated, so if u find a way to stop it, plzzzz plzz PLZZZZ tell me.

trident 5 years ago

sorry there isn't a way for u to stop the currents

at least, not yet ;]

in one of the last posts of mine i said something abut them being between two plates of stone. the area is more

specific on the post

hope this helps

Emile` 5 years ago

i click on this thing & it just says, "i wonder what mechanism is behind this wall." do u @ least know how 2 get behind it? what do u mean by 2 plates of stone?

trident 5 years ago

i cant help u with the mechanism, i don't know anything about stopping it.

The 2 plates of stone:

swim around the edge of the atoll as close as u can 2 the ground. I don't mean around the "building" edge,

but the edge. there should be somewhere two large flat rocks. there is a small space in between them. For the best chance of finding the piece, use the first track of music when u dive.Not anything by Hayley, but the original music. at some point the music will stop,

and I found then u can hear a small pinging noise and that means there is an item near by. and u can still see the item, but it helps 2 know that the item is there.it may be in a different place for u, but there is a good chance it is by the 2 plates of rock.

it would have been 2 chalenging 4 the programers 2 have 2 make a different spot 4 each game.

hope this helps u , Emile. ;]

Emile` 5 years ago

ok. i will try that next time i get on. you know that xcharleyx person that i used to talk to on here? well, i went to the endless ocean blue world site, and i was talking to xcharleyx again!! what are the odds of that? she said she was having some trouble with his/her sleep and problems with shadows moving around her/his room. i told him/her there were demonds the devil sent and just tried to encourage his/her, and he/she belived me for a while, then afew posts later, she/ he stopped beliving again. then, he/she stopped posting again. i really want to help him/her. just kinda wanted to tell you.

trident 5 years ago

cool! i havent heard from him/her in a while. that's nice!

Emile` 5 years ago

its kinda weird and i dont know what to do about it

trident 5 years ago

yeah dont worry about it. I havent played vidio games since its nice outside. Other wise im on the internet.

I caught a lizard - a skink- yesterday. his name is Gizmo ;]

Emile` 5 years ago

that is so cool! guess what!! i found the rest of the diety ido. what do i do next again?

trident 5 years ago

well , you'll get a message sooner or later, and it will be like a pamphlet about a peaceful meditating spot in front of the three heads at the moi'a atoll. dive there, swim to the three heads [ do you know where they are] , and there will be an item there.

Emile` 5 years ago

oki doki. now that school is out, i will probably have more time to play the game. thanks for all your help. its been, well, helpful! :)

trident 5 years ago

heyyy sorry that it's been so long since I've been on I hope the tips helped. How r u?

Emile` 5 years ago

i'm doing pretty well. the thing is, every tuesday morning, i have to get up at 7 to go to cheer practice, and i get so tired. i went on a mission trip last week and it was the most fun thing i have ever done. we touched so many people. i had so much fun. what about you?

helpmeplz88 5 years ago

I am trying to get the sonar thingy to work so I can find the white mother and i have already done the first place but i cant work the second place for some reason cz kat is like go near the crack to the deep valley and i get there but i cant plant the sonar thing someone help me!

jeremytorres profile image

jeremytorres 5 years ago

I love to see creatures under the sea. Great hub and gorgeous photos.

Emile` 5 years ago

Helpmeplz, all i have to tell is listen to Kat. You might not be in the right place. go EXACTLY where she tells you. If you try that and it still doesn't work, i don't know what to tell you

Kavik 5 years ago

hi emile my name is Kavik i was wondering if you found magu tapah yet he is awesome

p.s im talking about endless ocean 1

piller 5 years ago

what are the coordinates for the pieces of the pirate compass? there are 4 parts and i have only found one

Emile` 5 years ago

Hi Kavik, no, i haven't found that yet. i haven't even heard of that. fill me in on what that is and where to find it! :)

Kavik 5 years ago

Magu tapah is a giant shark he is at the ships rest at night hes in the big pipe thing to the side of that big shipwreck remember you have to dive at night to see him

Kavik 5 years ago

Emile i forgot to tell you that you need to find the sharktooth neklace at comb reef before you can see magu tapah also read the message above this it has more information

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lorenzo123 5 years ago

Just got a wii for my 55th b-day. Have been enthralled with Endless Ocean. I used to dive a long time ago so naturally I feel in love with this game right from the start. Have found most of everything but still looking for the braclet. Saw some of the hints so will persue that. To Emile: that's my eldest daughter's name, only with a "y" at the end, stay strong in your faith my dear, God works miracles as you probably know. As a matter of fact my dive partner way back when used to make fun of me when I would talk about Christ to him. That man is now the church music leader at his church. So trust in God and it will work out. Thanks to everyone who put in your "helps" it does get frustrating at times to run around and not find what your loking for. God bless. L.

Emile` 5 years ago

Kavik, that is pretty sweet news. is that shark all scary like, and will it chase you? even though i know you can't die on that game, it still creeps me out. and Lorenzo, Emile` is just my nickname. you actually DO spell my name with a "y". thank you so much fot those words of encouragement. i have parents that our solid in their faith, so i think they will keep me on track.:)

Kavik 5 years ago

Hi emile the shark is pretty scary looking if you look up magu tapah on the internet you can see him but maybe you dont want to ruin the surprise when you find him if your interacting and you poke him he'll turn around and bite you let me know when you find the sharktooth necklace at comb reef for more info

Don 5 years ago

My pick-up feature doesn't work. I've made it to the White Room and have been unable to pick up ANYTHING AT ALL IN THE WHOLE GAME! Even squeezing A & Bin all their combinations. Any ideas on this simple but frustrating problem?

Emile` 5 years ago

hey Don. if you are having trouble picking up stuff, you might be pressing B first. an easy way to make sure you pick it up, hit A first. Kavik, my WII is broken so i haven't been able to get on endless ocean recently. as soo as i get it fixed, i will play and find the shark.

trident 5 years ago

hey emile!! glad 2 see you back on. I've been finding a lot of new creatures, and my encyclopedia is almost finished.

Thank you Kavik, I will try that ( sounds scary- im so excited to check it out!). which ship? the navier?

hey Don, don't be discouraged, I have that problem sometimes 2day! like emile said, it is helpful to press B then A, but just keep working on it, i have faith in you.

Hope to talk to you all soon! K.K.

Triple B 5 years ago

You do know that the ship in the graveyard is Titanic right? look at it closely its all the same (except the bow half is slightly different) alos if you follow the pole (leaning over the front of Titanic) up you'll see a sparkle and then you'll have completed the religious figure statue thing....

trident 5 years ago

um i didn't find the magu tapah. where exactly did you find it?

hey triple b, i just found that yesterday! i have never looked up there so i was surprised.

emile, i hope you fix your wii!!

trident 5 years ago

omg I found the magu tapa!!!! it is SCARY!!!! It is so cool ,the cut screen scared me. it is bigger than i thought! i am sooooo happy that i found it, though I wish i could watch the cut scene again........ wouldn't it be cool if you could have a place where you could watch all the cut scenes again?

Emile` 5 years ago

UGH! You people make me want to play sooooo bad but i can't! :) So where is magu tapa again? So what happens when you find it?????? I'm so curious

Emile` 5 years ago

OH MY GOOSHNESS!!!! I just looked up pictures of magu tapa, and he is HUGE and CREEPY!!!! I can't wait to fix my wii!!!!

trident 5 years ago

omg you like need to watch the cut scene emilie!!!!!! it is like so big a scary and your diver goes to the side kind of behind the pipe like your hiding from it!!!!!!

dont give up emilie! you'll get to see him!!

if any one can give me tips ( or even a website) that would help me finish my encycolpedia or help me find all the items, that would be the best! i am stuck on doing nothing. and if any of you need some help i would be glad to give some tips, cause i am almost done with finishing everything, and ive already beat the game.

do any of you know anything about the unnatural currents @ the moia ruins? i want to find out if you can deactivate them.

Happy Thanksgiving! i miss chating with you emilie!!

i can give you my email if you want! TTYL god bless you all!

Emile` 5 years ago

I'm so excited to find it, but we haven't sent my wii in for repairs yet:( I need to know how to finish the encyclopedia, too (when my wii is fixed). I've been trying to figure out the unnatural currents too! When you go up to the mechanism thing, you click on it and Kat says something about it coming from behind the wall, but i don't know how to get behind the stinkin' wall! Hopefuly when my wii is fixed, i will be able to find it out, & if and when i do, i will tell you everything i know, trident. I WOULD give you my email, but i don't think we should do that because anyone can access this page and it would be unsafe to give out personal information like that, but if it were safe, i would:)

trident 5 years ago

oh yeah i didn't think of that! thanks a ton

i havent figured out the mechanism thing yet, but ALL of my research has been put on hold because..... I got blue world!!! im soooo excited, but ive been bogged down with work in da game, and i still have to leave 4 the artic to research polar bears ( in blue world). i found this dog on this island when i waz diving, he's soooo cute!!! he's happy when i play da guitar.

i hope you all had a merry christmas!!!

Emile` 5 years ago

AWESOME!!! Doesn't blue world ROCK!!!????!!?!??!?!! It' so fun. When you get to the part about the Song of Dragons in the Artic Ocean, can you please help me. I can't get passed it

Emile` 5 years ago

Also, Trident, on hub pages, you can type endless ocean blue world in the seach box and there is a site just like this. But the thing is, i'm the only one that uses it

trident 5 years ago

well then it will be u and me then!!!

yeah, blue world is pretty AWESOME!!!!

okay, so what do u mean , the song of dragons in the artic. give me the exact details, but i think i know what u r talking about.

talk to u @ da blue world page!!!

Aaronzz 5 years ago

Can some one tell me where exactly the special shark is in the ship graveyard? I have the necklace but I don't know where to find the shark. Ps. I found the great mother or whatever.

gRaCe 5 years ago

Emile-i need help i cant find anything first of all where in the game is the ruins?ANY THING WOULD HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessi 5 years ago

Where exactly can I find the diety idol pieces? Also, I found the three stone heads but I cannot find the life beads anywhere! I found a sparkle thing and focused on it and found some orange slug but no life beads, any help please?

Aaronzz 5 years ago

I still need help finding this specia shark. I have the tooth and I know I need to be at the ship reck at night. Does any body know where exactly the special shark is? Ps. I foun te mother and all but I'm seriously racking my brain on this. Magna caupa or what ever it's called.

Aaronzz 5 years ago

Could any of u guys PLEEZ HELP ME!!!!! I would like to move onto my next problem I the game. So I need the exact spot where the special shark is found. Pleeez uguys. I need help. Im going insane here!

trident 5 years ago

Hey Aaronzz!

The Magu Tapah is found at the shipwreck at night ( as you know) The trick to finding him is to swim near a(reddish?)pipe on the side of the big shipwreck. Try swimming on top of it , around it, inside it, etc. Don't get frustrated if you can't find him- it took me a while.


I am pretty sure you mean the Moi'a Atoll Ruins. They are located in the southwest region. Search in that area. There should be a whale shark around the entrance to the Atoll and Katherine will want you to grab on to it because of the great current there. The whale shark should carry you to the ruins. Good Luck!


The deity idol pieces take time and patience to find. Search everywhere you can, but don't give up. This also took me a while to find. Which pieces do you have??

Also, the way you find the beads is to complete the idol.

Then, a while later, you will get an email about this meditating place in front of the 3 heads. So go there, and there should be the sparkle with the bead in front of the middle head. Once you obtain it, you can now befriend the orca, which will be swimming at the shipwreck.


Keep searching, and don't give up!!!!

jules;) 5 years ago

i was just wondering how many pieces of the idol thingy there are to find.. and where the locations many be... anyway that information would be really helpful :)

Emilé 4 years ago

Wow it's been a long time since I've been on here. My wii is still broken so I am losing my knowledge of the game. I can still be helpful to anyone that needs it. Trident is very helpful and he knows a lot more than I do at the moment, so it would be smartest if people asked him! Way to got trident! :)

chole 4 years ago

Hey me and my friends where playing endless ocean for wii and we found a floating weird ship it look like it was made out of rock on the map it was around E-5. It was weird our person didn't say anything about it.

Emilé 4 years ago

Chloe, that is the ghost ship. Swim to it and swim around until you see a big hole. Go inside, and Kat will say something, and then, it will take you to a ship graveyard.

min 4 years ago

i'm stuck...it says in my book that there is a dolphin in the depths of the red sea...but i can't find it..does anyone know where to find it???

cade 4 years ago


Emilé 4 years ago

Min, the dolphin is probably in the abyss. Look around the walls of it, and eventually, you will find a cave. The dolphin should be in the cave

ilovemadie1 4 years ago

hi i think i found the 3 heads but i cant find the sparkle? which one of the heads is it at please help

ilovemadie1 4 years ago

i am on endless ocean 1 not blue world or that stuff i cant find the sparkle in front of the middle head of the 3 heads help me please i cant find it want do i have to do to find the sparkle in front of one of the heads which head is it please help me

michael 4 years ago

how do you get to the entrance of the ruins where it pull you away

k.k. 4 years ago

please help!how do I discover the wild channel?HHHHHEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cate 4 years ago

I need help completing the encylopeda, there are 2 fish in the Abyss I cant get any info on the spiney looking one and the big mouth snake looking one, I can find them easy enough, just wondered if it was a glich in the game, thanks

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catlover667 4 years ago

you get them by drawing the yellow lines from the underwater pen and wait and they will be attracted to it and u will get it (wait for sparkles) the spiney one is a (fan fin) the other one is a (pelican eel)

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catlover667 4 years ago

also can someone help me i look every where but i cant find the beluga whale if someone can help me i will relly apriciate it :)

catlover66 4 years ago


She 3 years ago

I found the ancient mother but no beluga. I can't find any more pieces of the deity idol. And I can't find the rest

lololol 3 years ago


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