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Eric Christian Olsen
Eric Christian Olsen | Source

Eric Christian Olsen Trivia

  • Played hockey in high school
  • First acting job - Whitey's Ice Cream commercial
  • His stunt double is brother, David Paul Olsen
  • Studied Child Psychology at Pepperdine University for a short time

Eric Christian Olsen

Born on May 31, 1977 in Eugene, OR, Eric Christian Olsen is a regular on the popular television drama series, NCIS: Los Angeles. Introduced on the show at the end of the first season as a guest, Olsen became part of the regular cast starting with Season 2.

After spending his childhood years attending Bettendorf Middle and High Schools in Bettendorf, IA, he found success on television.

The trained improv actor is the son of Paul V. Olsen, professor and cross country coach at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL, and Jeanne, a non-denominational chaplain. Eric Christian Olsen married Sarah Wright on June 23, 2012. Their first child, Wyatt Oliver, was welcomed on August 16, 2013.

The actress who plays Olsen's love interest on NCIS: Los Angeles is his sister-in-law in real life. Daniela Ruah is married to Eric Christian's brother, David Paul Olsen.

Detective Marty Deeks

Marty Deeks initially crosses paths with the NCIS agents during an investigation near the end of Season 1. He is eventually asked to join NCIS as a Los Angeles Police Department liaison. He partners up with Special Agent Kensi Blye, whom he slowly develops a romantic relationship with as the series unfolds.

Although Deeks is fun-loving and seemingly aloof, he has some superior skills as he works with the team to combat terrorists and solve crimes. He is poised under cover and will do anything to back his partner and teammates.

The scruffy detective has a rather distant relationship with the Special Agent in Charge, G. Callen, but has earned the respect of Special Agent Sam Hanna. After Deeks risked his life to cover for Hanna's wife, a CIA agent, and save her life, Sam has laid off his criticisms of the young detective and cut him some slack.

Detective Marty Deeks
Detective Marty Deeks | Source

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Most Intense Moment for Marty Deeks

At the end of Season 4 and into the beginning of Season 5, Marty Deeks is captured, along with Sam Hanna, by arch enemy, Isaak Sidarov. It is implied that in addition to being beaten to a pulp, Deeks also had his teeth either removed or altered. He stayed strong and didn't give in. He kept Michelle Hanna's cover and essentially saver her life.

The torture he endured leaves a deep psychological scar that will slowly be explored as the series continues. It is clear that although Deeks thinks everything is okay, it will be a long road to recovery, if he ever gets there.

The only positive result from the capture and torture is it has brought Deeks closer to Sam Hanna. Their relationship opens up and trust is built, making it easier for them to work together on the team.

Interview With Eric Christian Olsen

Eric Christian Olsen's TV Series Roles

TV Show
Seasons and Episodes
NCIS: Los Angeles
Detective Marty Deeks
Season 1, 2010 to present
Hero Factory
William Furno (voice)
2010 - 2012 for 7 episodes
Neighbors From Hell
Wayne (voice)
2010 for 3 episodes
Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil
Wade (voice)
2010 for 6 episodes
2009 - 2010 for 4 episodes
Brothers & Sisters
Kyle DeWitt
2008 - 2009 for 6 episodes
The Loop
Sully Sullivan / Sully
2006 - 2007 for 17 episodes
Tru Calling
Jensen Ritchie
2005 for 5 episodes
Get Real
Cameron Green
1999 - 2002 for 22 episodes
John Mason
2002 for 1 episode
Young Harry Bollston
2001 for 1 episode
Travis Williams
1999 for 1 episode
Kevin Williams
1999 for 1 episode
Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction
"The Viewing" Segment
Detective Marty Deeks and Special Agent Kensi Blye at target practice.
Detective Marty Deeks and Special Agent Kensi Blye at target practice. | Source

Eric Christian Olsen Filmography

Celeste and Jesse Forever
LEGO Hero Factory: Savage Planet
William Furno (voice)
The Thing
Adam Finch
The Back-up Plan
The Six Wives of Henry Lefay
Fired Up!
Nick Brady
Eagle Eye
Sunshine Cleaning
The Comebacks
Foreign Exchange Student
License to Wed
Write & Wrong (TV movie)
Jason "Krueger" Langdon
The Last Kiss
Death Valley
Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd
Lloyd Christmas
The Hot Chick
Local Boys
Randy Dobson
Not Another Teen Movie
Pearl Harbor
Ruling Class (TV movie)
Bill Olszewski
Mean People Suck (Short)
Lesson Learned (TV movie)
Arthur's Quest (TV movie)
Artie / King Arthur
Black Cat Run (TV movie)
Gas Station Attendant
Detective Marty Deeks on a case.
Detective Marty Deeks on a case. | Source

Sven: Marty Deeks Under Cover

By far, Marty Deeks' best undercover character is Sven. The "interior decorator of the stars" is superbly played. Sven is very credible, pulling on Deeks' exuberance without going over the top. Sven is a fan favorite, even more so than Homeless Deeks, who is a close second.

What makes Sven? The baby blue sweater draped over his shoulders. It was priceless! There's no telling what the future may bring.

The Kiss

Detective Marty Deeks and Special Agent Kensi Blye finally kiss.
Detective Marty Deeks and Special Agent Kensi Blye finally kiss. | Source

Hidden Talent of Eric Christian Olsen

Eric Christian Olsen is a musician on top of acting. He in fact performed on stage in musicals back when he was in high school.

In his professional life, he performed on television and movie soundtracks.

Local Boys (Movie)

"Surf Bum"

Community (TV Series)

"Getting Rid of Britta" on "Social Psychology" 2009

"Annie's Song" on "Romantic Expressionism" 2010

Olsen has even appeared on a music video -- Marilyn Manson's 2001 single, "Tainted Love."

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