Erik Gronwall - Swedish Idol 2009 Contestant and Rising Rock Star

Can a Swedish Solo Music Act Make It Worldwide?

Erik Gronwall is a contestant in the 2009 season of Swedish Idol. In America, we rarely see music stars from Sweden make it big over here. Although ABBA, Roxette and Ace of Base achieved success as groups, I can't think of a single Swedish solo act emerging in the last 25 or 30 years that is actually famous in the US. I have a hunch that could possibly change in the near future. This guy Erik knocks my socks off. I don't speak Swedish, but I can tell the judges love him from the YouTube videos I have been watching. I also don't know the voting patterns in Sweden, but I sure hope he does well. This kid is the real deal.

You can see Erik's first performances on the videos below on this hub.

Erik is a rocker, and he's not one of these pretend rockers you see popping up on all these Idol shows every year. He plays the guitar good enough, and he sings like a real rocker. I would say he is somewhat similar to Adam Lambert from Season 8 of American Idol, but I think he is like a cross between Bryan Adams and 80s frontmen in rock bands that were popular here in the US.

There are many reasons I think Erik Gronwall is a star in the making:

1. Erik has the awesome power that you would expect from a rocker. And he doesn't just wail away in a high-pitched squeal like some rockers (cough, cough, Adam Lambert, cough). His high-pitched wailing is controlled and sounds good in my opinion. Some people won't like it, but it's solid for his type of high-pitched voice.

2. Unlike many rockers, Erik can also mix in a pop flavor to his vocals and even put in some natural and soulful growling notes into his performances. There is an amazing versatility to his voice. He is similar to Bryan Adams in this respect but appears to have more controlled higher-volume notes in his arsenal. In addition, Erik can sing notes with a pure tone, and singers like Bryan Adams, while good, pretty much always sing with a rougher tone.

Gronwall will most likely brand himself with his high notes, but he can sing soft notes very well. His version of Skid Row's "18 and Life" is a good example of his rock style, but he mixed it up well in his latest performance, a solid version of "Is It True?" ( a song originally performed by Icelandic singer Yohanna for the Eurovision 2009 contest). This latest performance may have been a little sharp in spots but displayed some fantastic, powerful vocals and emotional stage presence.

3. Speaking of emotion, we are all familiar with the use of phrasing to capture the emotion of a song. I think Erik Gronwall is already very good with his phrasing. It is stylish and creates emotion at the same time. In other words, he actually has some musicality, unlike so many of these singing contestants that try to mimic every single thing about the original song. Gronwall's version of "Is It True?" is a totally reworked version of the original from a vocal phrasing and stylistic standpoint. I don't know if he did the arrangement, but the point is he knows himself and how to project that to an audience.

4. Finally, you know music is very subjective, but I can just sense that he is a great live performer. Erik is out there and enjoying himself, and it shows in his performances. This makes it easier to just "get into" the performance and makes his act refreshing.

I will not discuss in detail other purely subjective things like looks and marketability, but Erik looks slightly nerdy but perfectly presentable to me and comfortable on stage. So as long as his singing and music skills continue to develop, I don't see what can stop him from being a star if he can write good sings or hook up with a good writer. I will be looking forward to the rest of his performances on Swedish Idol (which I have to get on YouTube) and hope he continues to pick good songs and display the amazing potential he has shown us so far.

Special thanks go out to Erik himself for linking to this article from the official Swedish Idol blog of Erik Gronwall.

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Tomas 7 years ago

The best idol singer so far!

Minna 7 years ago

The new winner song "Higher" is perfect for Eriks voice! Like its written for him.

Christer 7 years ago

Yes, he won the whole thing =)

Yeaaa 7 years ago

America..... here we come eric gronwall from Sweden idol 2009

love from A.....gnes

jw 7 years ago

faaaan vaa han är UNDERBAR!

I'll see him in Globen on friday ! :D

Andreas 7 years ago

this is his latest songs on idol. hi is in the final now. good luck Erik

Erik Grönwall - Hey Jude

Erik Grönwall - Shout It Out Loud


John 7 years ago

Looking forward to see Erik's version of Bon Jovi's "Always" tomorrow night...

linda 7 years ago



linda 7 years ago



Salsa Dancing 7 years ago

Hi, think the Erik's performance was really good, especially for such a young talent. But obviously he needs to improve if he wants to get a major record label and sing profesiionally for a living. I believe with experience he will only get better

Julia 7 years ago

Erik in Idol 2007

Queen - I want to break free

Kattis 7 years ago

It's when Erik sings Michael Jacksson - Trhiller

Van Halens - Why can't this be love

Michael Jacksson - Beat it

Kattis 7 years ago

It's when Erik sings Michael Jacksson - Trhiller

Lillkrill 7 years ago

Fun that someone watching at him accept for swedish people. It has been going very good for him and I hope that he will win the Swedisch Idol love Erik GrÖnvall

maallaann 7 years ago

han är bääst!!

Hanna 7 years ago

he's probably going to win:) but we have another swedish idol thats doing pretty well in the us. Agnes Carlsson, with release me!

USA 7 years ago

He's better than almost everyone on American Idol ever. Except for MAYBE Kelly Clarkson.

Marielle 7 years ago

He is so goood!

I am proud!

Malin 7 years ago

Agnes who won the Swedish Idols 2005 is slowly rising in US I've heard? Erik have been my favorit since the start! If I was able to decide then he and Mariette would be the ones in the final. n_n

Diana 7 years ago

Erik is the beeeest EVER !

idolgirl 7 years ago

i just luuuv erik, he is so fucking best!

oherrejävlar vad stolt jag är över å vara svensk!

Emmy 7 years ago

If Erik doesnt win the swedish idol Im never watchin the program ever again! Srsly!

Although, I think Robyn is somewhat famous in the US? I have a lot of friends who used to listen to her, and still do I guess..

svenne banan 7 years ago

if u dont speak swedish, how come u write in swenglish?

Mb 7 years ago

Eriks performence yesterday with Show must go on, was the best in Swedish Idols history! So did the judges think :)

Lars B 7 years ago

This is Erik's latest performances. Last night he did Queen - show must go on and it was magical!

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    Erik Gronwall's Version of "18 and Life"

    Erik Gronwall's Version of "Is It True?"

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