Perhaps stating the obvious, it's nice to have a substantial DVD collection that includes various types of movies that amaze as well as entertain. Viewing something really special can restore your faith in the filmmaking process.

But another way to appreciate some of the cinema's finest products is to, every once in a while, expose yourself to something really, really awful. Cool World is definitely that.

While the interaction between real life humans and cartoon characters might seem interesting, Who Framed Roger Rabbit this is not.

For those who know nothing about this, or for those who vaguely remember the film but can't seem to find it (it is currently out of print), the basic premise went like this: a doodle (cartoon) makes it her mission to have sex with the noid (human) who created her, and experience what his world's like.

She lives in an animated underworld that, frankly, looks like Six Flags in hell, sans the creepy dancing old man. And many of her "friends" are demonic criminals, including a baby who has a huge fingernail and pees on cops.

Periodically, random floating heads will appear in the movie, or characters will show up just to do something weird, and then leave.

It's a little bit warped, that's for sure, and I can almost guarantee you that unless you're in the mood for something this experimental, you won't like it. But then again, you'll probably enjoy everything else you have if you do decide to go for it.


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Your Sister 7 years ago

You KNOW how dreadful I think this movie is. I was really unpleasantly surprised at how bad it was after I saw it completely. I love Kim Basinger, but this movie made me want to scream. Besides Bruno, Garfield, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and Watchmen...Cool World is the worst movie I've ever seen.

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