FROM MY OWN PRIVATE COLLECTION "Entourage" (2008, Season Five)

It's a little hard to believe now, but with the first couple of seasons, it wasn't a guarantee that this show would find an audience.

Now, try finding someone who's never heard of it (assuming you can find someone who doesn't watch it).

Ask the majority of people who follow this show, and they'll more than likely tell you its age is starting to show. True, this season, more than any of the first five, is probably not as fresh as its predecessors.

The show only got better and better after its initial season, with the fourth, in my opinion, being the absolute best. Even so, there's still plenty to like here.

Firstly, just because the show doesn't feel as original doesn't it mean it still isn't engaging and funny, because it is. The scenarios are interesting, and the actors are just as fun to watch now as they've ever been.

Jeremy Piven, no surprise, is still the highlight of the show, even if the Emmys seem to have had their fill of him. The way he mocks Babs ("I can't make any promises") is reason enough to keep giving him trophies.

Adrian Grenier also gets some of his best material since the show's been on the air, most notably in the season finale, Return to Queens Blvd., when Vince finally has a slight breakdown.

If there's one thing the show always gets right, its utilizing great guest stars. Seth Green, Paul Ben-Victor, Domenick Lombardozzi and Emmanuelle Chriqui stop by once again and make good use of their time. Jamie Lynn-Sigler does a good job playing against type, and Eric Roberts and Jason Patric are both funny in their respective roles.

But the best thing about season five is Stellan Skarsgard as the director of the firefighter drama Smoke Jumpers. Watch him when he goes on a rampage in the office after things don't go well with Vince, and try not to laugh. If you can.

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