FROM MY OWN PRIVATE COLLECTION "Movies 101: The Essential Interviews" (2005)

It's not as widely known nor as polished as Inside the Actor's Studio, but the interviews contained in this 4-disc set are still very interesting, and that's saying something considering how many of the actors here appeared on the more popular Bravo show.

The 16 total interviews are broken up into 4 different sections. The first is the "Award Winners" group, featuring director Martin Scorsese, Whoopi Goldberg, Cuba Gooding, Jr., and Susan Sarandon. Goldberg talks of her dream project (which, if it ever gets made, sounds extremely promising) and Gooding admits that his resume after Jerry Maguire has been riddled with mistakes. But the best interview on this disc would have to be Sarandon, who came off as 100% open and honest in her appearance, and her resilient personality didn't hurt either.

Not only is Jennifer Aniston the best interview from Disc 2 ("Leading Ladies"), I think she's the best interview from the entire set. She's extremely forthcoming, but more than that, she's incredibly likable. The other ladies are interesting to watch, too, and they include Jennifer Connelly, Julianne Moore and, the second best from this disc, Sigourney Weaver.

"Leading Men" includes interviews with the soft-spoken Daniel Day-Lewis, the not nearly famous enough Josh Lucas, and a personal favorite of mine, Dennis Quaid. But the person who proves the most engaging is definitely George Clooney, who's both funny and endearing, and second only to Aniston in terms of being the best overall interview.

Lastly, there are the "Icons," which are Jon Voight, Jeff Bridges, Willem Dafoe and Kevin Kline. Each is good, though I'd give the edge to Dafoe for his refreshing openness. I didn't hate any of the interviews, but I will say that the least impressive was Voight's. He constantly searched the crowd for reassurance, and he even managed to make himself cry by channeling one of the real life people he played. Give me a break.

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