FROM MY OWN PRIVATE COLLECTION "Schindler's List" (1993)

There are a lot of good movies out there. But very rarely would I go so far as to call any of them perfect. That would suggest literally every scene in the film is absolutely necessary, never dragging the feature down, only adding to it as a whole. Without a doubt, I would call Schindler's List perfect, and that's a pretty great feat, considering it clocks in at over 3 hours.

This is a movie full of bests. It's Steven Spielberg's best film (and he doesn't exactly make bad ones), it's the best thing to date either Liam Neeson or Ralph Fiennes has done, and it's the best film about the Holocaust.

There have been other worthy titles dealing with the subject matter of the Jews living under Hitler (2004's Downfall and 2002's The Pianist immediately come to mind), but nothing comes close to touching this.

The only real hangup I have isn't with the film so much as it is with the DVD. Spielberg's movies of late (notably Munich and War of the Worlds) have been sorely lacking in the area of special features. There aren't too many here, either. There's no commentary, no behind-the-scenes featurette, no deleted or extended scenes. Not that supplementals alone should drive someone to buy something, but they don't hurt.

However, there is one featurette ("Voices from the List") that's worth checking out. Running approximately 77 minutes, this is a pretty insightful, interesting recount of the impact Schindler had on a few people who survived with his help. The stories are quite amazing to hear, going to show (as the film does) what a difference one person can make.

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