This is the first Blu-ray I ever bought. It seemed like a nice deal, seeing as how you got the Blu-ray version of the film AND the regular DVD in one package. Not to mention, online buzz for this movie was that it looked fantastic in high definition.

And it does look quite good. I remember when we were kids, my siblings and I would watch this pretty often. It's interesting to look at it now and pick up certain things that might have escaped you when you were a kid.

For instance, the fact that both Aurora and Phillip are teenagers seems like kind of a tough sale now. Both look and sound like young adults in their mid-twenties at the earliest. Maleficent's whole deal with wanting to kill the princess seems to stem from her not being invited to the baby shower.

And even though the three fairies tell Phillip they can't help him fight the dragon, they do. You have to wonder why, if they had the power to make a sword and then force it through Maleficent, they didn't just do that in the first place.

As is always the case with Disney Blu-rays, this one is filled to the brim with excellent features, among them commentary tracks, a short film ("Grand Canyon"), and a few games. Most family films have pretty lame games, but "Maleficent's Challenge" is actually kind of fun.

You're to think of something (from the categories presented to you), and based on how you answer, Maleficent is supposed to guess what you were thinking. The first time, I thought of a pig (she guessed a sheep). The second time, a penguin (she guessed a mantee). Final time, a snake (she guessed a boa constrictor).

I guess she really does know everything. Well, even if she doesn't, kudos for having the best villain name in a Disney picture.

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